Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Great Works of Famous Persons


Foundation of Red Cross
Henery Dunant
Foundation of Scout
Baden Powell
Foundation of Red Gaurds
Founder of Socialism
Archarya Narendra Dev
Father of Sanskrit Grammer
Founder of Anand Van
Babe Amte
Founder of 'Auroville Ashram'
Aurobindo Ghosh
Founder of Shantiniketan
Rabindra Nath Tagore
Founder of Vishwabharati
Rabindra Nath Tagore
Founder of Pawnar Ashram
Vinoba Bhave
Founder of Bhudan Movement
Vinoba Bhave
Founder of League of Nations
Wooden Willson
Founder of Golden Temple
Guru Arjun Dev
Founder of Khalsa (Panth)
Guru Gobind Singh

First in Awards and Titles

First Miss World
Reita Faria in 1966

First Miss Universe
Susmita Sen in 1994

First Booker Prize
Arundhati Roy for The God of Small Things in 1997

First Bharat Ratna
Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishan, C. Rajagopalachari, and Dr. C.V. Raman in 1954

First Foreigner to receive Bharat Ratna

Khan Abdul Ghaffar
First Person to receive Stalin Prize
Saifuddin Kitchlu

First Chevalier
Sivaji Ganesan

First Person to receive Jnapith Award
Shri Shankar Kurup

First Dadasaheb Phalke Award
Devika Rani in 1969

First Ashoka Chakra Award to a civilian (posthumous)
D.K. Jatar, captain of the sabotaged plane Kashmir Princess, for "most conspicuous bravery, daring and self-sacrifice."

First Magsaysay Award
Vinoba Bhave

First Winner of a major literary award in the United States

Dhan Gopal Mukerji
First Ford Supermodel of the World(contest)

Bipasha Basu, 1996
First Indian recipient of 'Oscar Award'
Bhanu Athaiya


Ministry of Communications & I T
Department of Posts

New Delhi-110001.
Dated 25.9.20L4
         All Chief Post Masters General 

Subject:- Appointment of Postal Assistants/Sorting Assistants by direct recruitment. 


I am directed to refer to this Directorate's letter of even No.60-9/2009-SPB-| dated 08.05.2012 on the above mentioned subject and to say that earlier, after the completion of pre-appointment formalities the candidates selected for appointment of PA/SA were required to undergo training in PTCs before they could be appointed. It often caused delay in making the offer of appointments because of non-availability of seats with the PTCs with the result that the selected candidates found opportunities elsewhere and ultimately a good percentage of them did not become available for appointment and thet vacancies remained unfilled. Therefore, in the above cited letter dated 08.05.20L2 there is no such condition that the candidates selected for appointment of PA/SA are required to undergo training in PTCs before they could be appointed. 

2.         In view of the above, the Circles should take immediate action to ensure that the pre-appointment formalities of the selected candidates are completed at the earliest. For that matter, the Circles should liaison with the concerned authorities in the States so that the pre-appointment formalities are completed at the earliest. lf need be, CPMsG may use their good offices to expedite the completion of formalities. 

3.         On completion of the pre-appointment formalities, the candidates may straightaway be issued offer of appointment by the Circles. This would motivate them to join as PA/SA immediately. Thereafter, when they join, they may be deputed for training as soon as the slots become available in the PTCs. Pending their training in PTCs, the Circles shall issue their posting orders and commence their in-house training chalking out course, as far as possible, based on the PTC syllabus depending on the resources available with them. The in house training that may be imparted to the candidates by the Circles shall in no way be treated as substitute for the formal training to be imparted by PTCs. Till they are trained by PTCs, they may not be detailed on sensitive seats nor deputed to man the counters and may be posted in back office etc. under effective supervision.

Yours faithfully,

(Alka Tewari)

Assistant  Director General (SPN)


25th   NOVEMBER   

The United Nations General Assembly has designated

 November 25 as the International Day for 

the Eliminaton of  Violence  Against  Women .

 …  "the urgent need for the universal application to

 women of the rights and principles

with regards to  equality, security, liberty, integrity 

and dignity of all human beings¨.

     The international recognition that women have a

 right to a life free from violence is a recent one. 

Historically, their struggles with violence, and with 

the impunity that oftenprotects the perpetrators, is 

linked with their fight to overcome discrimination .

Monday, November 24, 2014

Physics Facts

Major branches of Physics

It is the study of production and properties of sound
Atomic Physics
It is the study of structure and properties of an atom.
It applies tools of physics to life processes
It is the study of low-temperature
It is the analysis of relationship between electrostatic and magnetic fields.
Fluid Physics
It deals with movement of liquid and gases
It deals with behaviour of object and system to various forces.
Nuclear/Modem Physics
It is concerned with structure and properties of atomic nucleus and their reactions.

Famous Scientists And Their Contributions

Scientific Principal(s)
Steam engine
Laws of thermodynamics
Nuclear reactor
Nuclear fission
Radio and television
Propagation of electromagnetic waves
Distal logic
Light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation (population inversion)
Production of ultra-magnetic fields
Rocket propulsion
Newton's law of motion
Electric generator
Farday's Laws of electromagnetic induction
Hydroelectric power
Conversion of gravitational potential energy into electric energy
Bernoull's principle in fluid dynamics
Particle accelerator
Motion of charged articles in electromagnetic fields
Reflection of ultrasonic waves

Four Fundamental Forces In Nature 

There are four fundamental forces in nature that govern the diverse phenomena of the macroscopic and microscopic world. These different type of forces are:
  • Gravitational force
  • Electromagnetic force
  • Strong nuclear force
  • Weak nuclear force
The unification of different forces/domains in nature is a basic quest in physics, the gravitational force is the force of mutual attraction between any two object's by virtue of their masses. It is a universal force. The electromagnetic force is the force between charged particles. The strong nuclear force is the force between protons and neutrons. The weak nuclear force appears only in certain nuclear processes such as beta-decay of nucleus.