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1. Any SAS/MPKBY/PPF agent cannot act as an agent or messenger of a depositor for the purpose of withdrawal from his/her saving bank account.

The Above-mentioned statement is

a. True b. . False

Q2 A pensioner can now open pension account either individually or jointly

a. True b. False

Q3 Retired employee of any govt. department can draw pension through
pension account.

a. True b. False

Q4 MIS account in multiple of Rs. 1500/- can be made instead of Rs. 1000/- MIS and the maximum limit of investment in a single account has been raised from Rs. 3 lakh to Rs. 4.5 lakh and in joint account opened by two or three adults; the maximum limit has been raised from Rs. 6 lakh to Rs. 9 Lakh.


a 1.8.2007 b. 12.5.2008 c.30.08.2009

Q5 . of admissibility of 5% bonus on maturity amount of MIS accounts opened on or after

a. 28.12.2008 b. 25.12.2007 c. 08.12.2007

Q6 With effect from------------------, all Single/Double handed Sub Post Offices, at the time of closure/premature closure of RD/MIS/SCSS accounts will collect closed passbook from the depositor and attach the same with account closure form and send in a manner as prescribed for dispatch of vouchers and LOT to HO.

a. 15.2.2008 b, 11.06.2010 c. 23.06.2010

Q7. As per provisions of Section 269-T of Income Tax Act, amount of any repayment of deposit or loan together with interest made with Department of Posts if becomes Rs. 20,000/- or more, it can only be made by account payee cheque or account payee bank draft or by crediting into Savings Bank Account if standing at the same post office.

The above said statement is

a. True b. False
Q8.The reinvestment of matured certificates / deposits either in the same scheme or in any other schemes through the Post Office authorized Agents is admissible except in case of redeposit made in ----------account under Sub Rule (3) of Rule 6 of POTD Rules 1981 in which redeposit is made retrospectively from the date of maturity

a. TD b. MIS c. RD

Q9. NRIs cannot invest in any of the Small Savings Schemes and Power of Attorney cannot open any account in any of the Small Savings Schemes.

The above said statement is

a. True b. False

Q10 A blind/visually-impaired person can open and operate Savings, RD, MIS, TD, SCSS, PPF accounts and also purchase NSC VIIIth Issue or KVPs in his/her name independently.

The above said statement is

a. True b. False

Q11. NREG accounts will be ----------------------and also cannot be converted into single or joint at a latter stage

a.. Non-transferable b. Transferable

Q12. From -------------, the transferring Head Post offices will dispatch Advice of Transfer (AT) by Service Insured Post for Rs.100/- duly sealed instead of Service Registered Post.

a. 16.03.2009 b. 12.06.2010 c.15.05.2008

Q13. present the Counter Assistant is authorized to receive deposits and allow withdrawals up to Rs.--------------/- in savings accounts only under his own power without showing the documents to the Ledger Assistant and the Supervisor.

a. 5000 b. 2000 c .4000

Q14 The date of credit of cheque in case of RD/PPF account will be the date of
a. Date of Clearing b. Date of Presentation of the cheque

Q15 Postmaster includes Sub-Postmaster, Branch Postmaster, Dy. Postmaster, A.P.M and SPMs in charge of SB Branch should not act as an agent or messenger of a depositor for the purpose of withdrawal from a saving bank account standing open in his office

The above said statement is

a. True b. False

General Knowledge of Postal Activities

Q1,Maximum preservation period of SO Daily account

a. 1 year b. 2 year c.18 months

Q2. Claim application form for settlement of Savings Certificates of the deceased holder where no nomination is registered or no legal evidence is produced

a. NC14 b. NC15 c. NC16

2. Maxi,mum amount handed over to Postman to MO payment is Rs --------------- For Urban Area.

a. 20000. b. 30000. c. 50000

Q3 Fee for Issue of Duplicate Passbook is Rs

a. 10 b. 15 c. 50

Q4 Physically handicapped persons can also eligible to take PLI policies for sum of Rs---------
a 100000 b 20000 c 300000

Q5 Certificates, Rules ---------1960 and Post Office Savings Bank Rules, _____________

a 1960, 1981 b 1981,1965 c 1963.1983

Q6 India Post provides various types of through its network of 1,55,516 post offices

A 155516 b 155515 c 150000

Q7 All complaints pending over 1 month will be brought to the notice of circle office for seeking guidance for their settlement.

The above said statement is

a. True b. False

Q8 Heads of the Grievance Cell is

a Deputy Director General (Public Grievances & Quality Assurance b Director (PublicGrievances and Work Study) c Postal Directorate

Q9 Post Forum was introduced on

A 12 03.1962 b 15.03 2000 c 10.9.90.

Q10 The Indian Post Office Act -------------

A 1885 b 1896 c 1898

Q11 The maximum value of stamps to be kept in stock will be fixed by Divisional Head for Non-Gazetted Postmasters.

The above said statement is

a. True b. False
Q12 Unclassified receipts -----------------

A Form ACG.6 b Form ACG 6(a) c ACG

Q13 Prevention of Money Laundering (PML) Act -------------

A 2002 b 2007 c 2008

Q14 The entire country has been divided into ==========circles

a 15 b 16 c 22

Q15 No registered articles of any kind will be delivered to the addressee unless and until he or his agent authorized in writing has signed a receipt for it, in the prescribed form which will be presented to him for signature by the postman who delivers the registered article

The above said statement is

a. True b. False

Based on conduct rules, Citizen chart .Consumer Fourm.Products of Indian Postal Department

Q1 Central Civil Services (Conduct) Rule 1964

Q2 The CCC rules shall not apply to any extra departmental Agent in the Posts and Telegraphs Department who does not hold any other post in connection with the affairs of the Union.

Q3 Time frame for closure /premature of accounts at sub office

a. same Day b. within 2 working day c within 3 working day

Q4 Time frame for Issue of duplicate passbook

a. same Day b. within 5 working day c within 7 working day

Q5 There is three-tier system of consumer forum.

The above said statement is

a. True b. False

Q6 For complaints up to Rs.20 lakhs will be handled by

a. District Consumer Forum b. State commission c. National Commission

Q7 Norms for Mail Delivery Standards in Inter State is

a. 2-3 days b Same day c. 3-5 days

Q8 . Citizen Charter includes -----------

a. Grievance Redress b. Details of customer . C. Charter of Duty

Q9. ------------ was the first commemorative post mark of Independent India

a. Jai Hind B. Jai javan C Jai Kisan

Q10. The First digit in Pin code denotes the ------------

a. District b . Circle c .Division

Q11 Direct Post means

a. Distribution of advertising materials directly to prospective customers. b. sending parcels weighing up to 35 kg across the country. C. pre-mailing solutions including collection/printing, inserting, and addressing

Q12 The postal service comes under the Department of Posts which is a part of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology .

The above said statement is

a. True b. False
Q13 . Ordinary post cards and competition post cards differ with respect to ________.
a. Colour and price b. Weight and price c. Size and price
Q14 i. Aerogram is used to send written message to __________. i.
a. Selected Foreign countries. B. Foreign countries c. Within India
Q15 Postal charges on ordinary inland parcels vary according to _______.
a Weight b. Size c. Content
Q16. The postage on Book Post mail is _______ than that on sealed envelopes.
a. more b. higher c. Less
Q17 . Inland letter cards should be used instead of post cards when the sender of a message
wants to convey any ________ message.
A Secret b. open c. urgent
Q18 . Speed post service is available in all post offices.

The above said statement is

a. True b. False
Q20 Advertisement of products and services can be done through post office by using the
facility of _____ post.
a. Business b. Media C. Direct
Q21 To ensure payment to the right person we can _________ the postal order
a. Cross b. Mark c. strike out
Q22 Post office offers Rural Post Life Insurance facility for the benefit of weaker sections
of our society .
The above said statement is

a. True b. False
Q23 Speed post service was introduced on
a. 1st August 1986 b. 2nd April 2002 c. 3rd April 1991
Q24 Allowing transfer of huge amount of money through
a. Bulk Money Order b Instant Money Order C. Corporate Money Order

Q25 . A Government employee who is 52 years of age can insure his life at post office.
The above said statement is

a. True b. False

Q1 India Post’s products and services will be the customer’s first choice.
The above said statement is

a. True b. False
Q2 Minister of Communications and Information Technology
a. Shri. Gurudas Kamat b. Shri Kapil Sibal C. Ms. Radhika Doraiswamy
Q3 The transaction not included in primary service of Indian Postal Department
a. Sale of stamps and Stationery b. Western Union Money Transfer c. Booking Registered Article
Q4 The Post Office Savings bank Scheme is an -------- function performed by the Department of Posts on behalf of the Ministry of Finance, Government of India.
a. Primary b. Secondary c. Agency
Q5 Interest rate of 3 Year TD Account
a. 7.25% b . 7.50 c. 6.25
Q6. Rate of interest ------% for Kisan Vikas Patra (compounded yearly)
a. 5.8 b. 8.2 c. 8.4
Q7 Electronic Money Order (eMO) launched on 10.10.2008
a. 10.10.2009 b. 10.10.2008 c.11.05.2009
Q8. Instant Money Order (iMO) introduced on
a. 01.01.2010 b. 25.03.2011 c.20.01.2006

Q9 Rural Postal Life Insurance (RPLI) scheme was also introduced in ----- for the benefit of the entire rural people.
a. 1986 b. 1985 c. 1995

Q10 The Department also provides the facility of online registration and response to complaints at its website
Q11. Kerala Circle includes the Union Territory Pondicherry
The above said statement is

a. True b. False
Q12. Right to Information Act was formed
a.2005 b .2006 c. 2007

13. The word CPIO relates with
a. RTI Act b . Customer Care C RPLI
14. An ACG-67 receipt should be issued for collecting fee of Rs 100 in connection with submission of RTI application .

The above said statement is

a. True b. False

15 Appeals against the decisions of the Superintendent of Post for RTI Application is

a. Director Postal Services B. CPMG C Secretary,Department of Posts

Q1 The system was reorganized and the service opened to the general public by Warren Hastings first governor general of Bengal with supervisory powers overBombay and Madras, in ------------.
a. 1874 b . 1898 c. 1774
Q2 EMS means
a. Express Mail Service b. Electronic Mail Service c. E enabled Mail Service
Q3 ------------------- service for sending parcels and large consignments across the nation and around the world.
a. Parcel b Media Post c . Logistic Post
Q4 . Money Order Videsh is a new offering of India Post to facilitate remittances to -----------
a. Foreign Countries b. within India c Both
Q5 The e-IOD service would be offered initially with ------
A Business Post b. Logistic Post c. Bill Mail Service
Q6 The bar code would contain 13 characters
The above said statement is

a. True b. False
Q7 For transfer of accounts- the depositor should apply in the prescribed form---------------
a. SB10(b) b. SB3 c .SB10(c)

Q8. When there is no transaction in an SB account continuously for -- financial years, the account will be treated as silent account.
a. 3 b. 2 c. 4
Q9 LSG/HSG offices can revive the accounts independently
The above said statement is

a. True b. False

Q10 In case of bouncing of cheque INR. ----/- is charges as service charge
a. 25 b.35 c.50
Q11 Premature closure after ----- year is allowed in SCSS
a. 1 b. 2. c. 5
Q12 India Post allows free transmission of blind literature packets up to ----- kilograms
a.8 b.7 c.9
Q13 Any parcel exceeding 4 kilograms in weight then registration is
a. Compulsory b . Not compulsory
Q14 All articles superscribed C/O POSTMASTER or in any other similar way are called ------------articles.
a. Postal b . poste restante c. priority

15 . The world’s first stamps were called the---------
a. Penny Blacks b Penny red c. Blacks Penny .
Model Question For Departmental Examination
Q1 Savings Bank Act -------------
a. 1874 b. 1888 c. 1873
Q2. Post office Savings Bank Mannuals – Volume I containing ----------------
a. Act and statutory rules b. procedural Rules on PO certificate c. Procedural Rules on Post office Savings bank
Q3 5 year Indira Vikas Patra Discontinued from-----------
a. 15.07.99 b. 15.05.2010 c. 16.03.99

Q4. Certificate of all types and denominations are printed at the Government of India security Press ----------------
a. Goa b. Delhi c. Nasik
Q5 Work of stocking and supply of certificates entrusted with -------------------
a. Postal stores depot b. Circle Stamp Depot .b Circle office
Q6 In Post office working on SB (LAN) the stock of certificate will remain with Postmaster and no working stock will be issued to counter .
The above said statement is
a. True �� b. False
Q7. Yearly Lists of Unsold certificates may be prepared on
a. 31st Dec of each year b. 31st March of each year c. 1st April of each year
Q8 A Minor can purchase the certificate through an adult ( any Person) or direct in his name
The above said statement is
a. True b. False
Q9 Fee for certificate of commission earned by agent
a. 5/- b. 10/- c. 1/-
Q10 The word “ negative List “ is related with
a. Time Deposit b. Certificates C. Saving Bank Account

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