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Do’s & Don’ts for Postal Assistant:  


Postal Assistant should keep the handset at the counter during the working hours.

Postal Assistant should charge the handset whenever required.

If a transaction fails two times by a Postal assistant then PA shall call to the DOP Help line for assistance.

Postal Assistant shall verify the filled details when presented to him by mobile application and make sure that the details are correct. (, Mobile number, etc).

While doing the Cash out, Postal Assistant shall hand over the money only after the authorization transaction is done by the system.

If either secret code or transaction ID is wrong, the authorization for service will fail. In this case Postal Assistant shall again ask the claimant to give Tx id/Secret Code correctly and further see/verify identification of Recipient

Once transaction is done and the pop up of successful/failed transaction notification is displayed on the handset, Postal Assistant should remove the popup by pressing OK and start with another transaction.

Maximum time that the application will wait for a response from the server is 5 minutes, once the Postal Assistant confirms the transaction.

The application will have an inactivity timeout (1 hour).When there won’t be any activity within the application for this pre-defined timeout, the application should be closed automatically without displaying any message to the user.

Postal Assistant shall report a lost or stolen mobile handset immediately to his HO and DOP Help line to avoid unlawful activities.


 Postal Assistant should never disclose the application PIN to any unauthorized person.

Don’t give your handset to unauthorized person.

Postal Assistant should never disclose Customer Transaction ID to another person.

Never make payment without authorization from the system. It will be illegal.

Do not try the same transaction again and again if it is failing every time. Check the parameters and retry.

 Procedure for handling MMTS Device

Switch on the mobile, by pressing the power on key. On the left side you will see the “BSNLDOP” shortcut. This is the main application and in general you will only be using this.

Mobile Money Remittance screen will open and ask for 4 digit PIN number/Login ID, which is the same number that was told to you during the training and is available in the SMS Inbox of your phone.

After putting PIN, wait for 3 to 4 min. and do not press any other button. Menu Screen will open and you can start the Transactions. If failure message comes, try again or contact customer care.

After Login, Mobile Screen will display Menu

a.    Cash In :(for booking money order)

b.    Cash Out :(for giving the payment to Recipient)

c.    Recall : ( Cancellation of Money order)

d.    Cash in Reversal: (Automatic reversal after the time elapsed (14 days)

Cash In:

 Click on “Cash In” button for money transfer/book money order. 6(six) parameters will open and will ask for the following;

Remitter Mobile: No.(10 Digit Mobile No. of sender)

Remitter Name: (Name of the Money Sender)

Recipient Mobile No.:(10 Digit)

Recipient Name :( Name of the Payee)

Recipient PO PIN Code: (PIN Code of a covered PO, near to the address of the recipient)

Amount :( Total Amount for Money Order with Commission)

After filling the details, click on OK.

 It will show you a screen with all the entries. Verify the entries and if any problem, press Cancel otherwise OK.

 If there is any problem with your entries, it will give you an error message. Check the entries and reconfirm.

 Never resubmit the entries if you have already sent and there has been no response. In case of any doubt, call Customer Care.

Cash Out

To give money out to the recipient (withdrawal) Click on ‘cash out’ and attached menu will open.

Transaction ID (This is the ID available on the SMS of the recipient)

Secret Code (This is the 6 digit code that recipient tells you verbally).It will show you a screen with all the entries. Reverify  the entries and if any problem, press Cancel otherwise OK.

 Again press OK and only when you get “Transaction Verification give the money to the recipient”. If no message comes, or any other message comes, check the message and accordingly call the Customer Care if required.


 If sender wants to recall his money (cancel the Money Order) after sending it, then click on Recall button and fill the entries as shown on the screen.

This can only be done from the PO, where the Money Order was originally booked.

Cash In Reversal

If the money is not taken out by the recipient or sender within 14 days, it will get reversed to the sender and he will get a new transaction ID called “ Reversal Transaction ID”.

To pay the sender, Open “ Cash In Reversal” and fill the details.

This can only be done from the Original Booking PO.

Once you fill the details, press OK

Re-verify the details and if it is correct, press “OK” or otherwise press “Cancel”.

Only when you get the “Transaction Verified” message, pay to the sender, otherwise in case of any other message, either take the corrective action or contact the customer care.

Locate Post office

This application is located either at the right hand side of the handset as the shortcut or you have to go to Home Screen>OK Button>Java(3rd icon on the middle line)-Locate PO. Just press OK to open the application.

This is useful when you do not know the PIN code of the post office where the sender wants to send the Money.

 Also not all the Post Offices are covered by this Service initially. Hence also to find out if the service is available in a Post Office or not, you can use this application.

This gets automatically updated as new post offices are added.

Latest information is also available at the website

 To use this application, press the button. It will open the menu where you put the initial letters of the name of the Post Office that you want to search.

 Once the name matches, you can click on this and it will show you the details of that Post Office including the address and PIN code.

 You have Four Options. Quick search will search by PO, City search by covered city and so on.

Query: (To find out various details of the transactions during the day and for that particular Transaction)

To help you with your daily requirements, you can get following information from the query menu:-

 Daily Cash In Transaction (This will give you the total number and amount of Cash In Transactions)

Daily Cash Out Transaction (This will give you the total number and amount of Cash Out Transactions)

Daily Balance in Hand (This will give you the balance in hand after all the “Cash In” and “Cash Out”) transactions

Particular Transaction Details (This gives you the status of a particular transaction, after putting the Transaction ID)

Resend Notification

If for some reason the recipient or sender does not get the notification SMS, Postal Assistant can resend the Notification. For this he/she needs to put the details as shown on the “Menu”. In case of multiple transactions, it will send the last transaction only.

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