Thursday, October 8, 2009

Sanction of Advance to GDS employees

Order will be issued today or tomorrow to pay the 40% before Deepavali , If not the advance will be granted. Finance Minister has not conceded any one of the recommendations of Gopinath committee. However it is reliable learnt that the"Pay fixation formula" suggested by Gopinath committee for induding the 5% TRCA increase granted to GDS in lieu of 50% Merger of DA granted for CG employees from 01-01-2004 has been approved for pay fixation.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009




It is confirmed that the cabinet has accorded approval of the cabinet note submitted by the department with regard to implementation of GDS committee recommendations.

(i) The Finance Ministry has not conceded any one of the recommendations of the Gopinath committee and treated the Nataraja Murthy Committee as an expert Committee in respect of GDS.
(ii) However, it is reliably learnt that the 'Pay Fixation Formula' suggested by Gopinath Committee for including the 5% TRCA increase granted to GDS in lieu of 50% Merger of DA granted for CG Employees from 01.01.2004 has been approved for pay fixation.

The following, may be the cabinet decision on the issue of GDS committee report because these were the issues on which Cabinet Note was submitted for approval.

1. TRCA to GDS various categories: -
(i) GDS SPM - : Rs.4575-85-7125 (Annual increase Rs.85/-)
(ii) GDS BPM –
Up to 3 hours work (75 points) : Rs.2745-50 (increment)-4245
Up to 3 hours 30 Min(87.5 points) : Rs.3200-60 (increment)-5000
Up to 4 hours (100 points) : Rs.3660-70 (increment)-5760
Up to 5 hours (125 points) : Rs.4575-85 (increment)-7125

(iii) GDS MD/SV
Up to 3 hours work load : Rs.2665-50 (increment)-4165
(For Future appointments only. For
existing GDS, it will be paid for a
minimum of 3 hours. 45 minutes)

Up to 3 hours 45 Minutes : Rs.3330-60 (increment)-5130
3.45 hours to 5 hours : Rs.4220-75 (increment)-6470

(iv) GDS MC/Packer/Mailman
Up to 3 hours work load : Rs.2295-45 (increment)-3695
(only for new recruits) for existing
GDS minimum 3 hours 45 minutes)

Up to 3 hours 45 minutes : Rs.2870-50 (increment)-4370
More than 3.45 minutes to 5 hours : Rs.3635-65 (increment)-5585

2. Fixation of TRCA w.e.f. 01.01.2006
TRCA as on 1.1.2006 + plus
74% DA as on 31.12.2005 + plus
5% TRCA granted in lieu of DA merger as on 01.01.2004 + Plus
the following amount shown inside the box in respect of each cadre separately.

After adding all the above three elements, the pay shall be fixed at a stage in the TRCA next above the amount arrived.

NB: - For C.G. Employees, it was 1.86 times of basic pay as on 01.01.2006. It is stated that the increase for GDS will arrive at 1.827 times as per the above fixation formula.

For GDS SPMs : Rs.1250/-
For BPMs up to 3 hours work : Rs.792/-
For BPMs up to 4 hours work : Rs.960/-
For GDS MD/SV up to 3 hrs. 45 mts. work : Rs.750/-
For GDS MD/SV above 3hrs 45 mts. work : Rs.936/-
For GDS MC/PKR/MM – up to 3 hrs 45 mts work : Rs. 640/-
For GDS MC/PKR/MM – above 3 hrs 45 mts. work : Rs. 808/-

3. Office Maintenance Allowance : Rs.100/- per month
4. F. S. C. to Branch office : Rs.25/- Per month
5. Combined Duty Allowance : Rs.500/- per month
6. Severance Amount : Rs.60000/- Maximum
6. Gratuity : Rs.60000/-
7. Group Insurance Scheme : Rs.50000/-
(Monthly subscription will be Rs.50/- per month)
8. Allowance for remitting cash : Rs.50/- (for remittance exceeds Rs.30000/-)
(iii) For escorts : Rs.20/- (remittance above Rs.6000/-)

9. Allowance for detention beyond duty : Minimum Rs.6/- per day (maximum Rs.12/-)
10. Retirement age will continue to be 65 instead of 62 suggested by Nataraja Murti Committee.

Further it is learnt that the Finance Minister has rejected the claim of enhancement of Bonus ceiling to GDS to Rs.3500/- and confirmed that it should be Rs,.2500/- only.

The other Features: -
(i) The Department may process the insurance coverage for medical treatment to GDS with the maximum coverage of Rs.30000/- per year.
(ii) No pension scheme was formulated in this approval.
(iii) Now 40% arrears alone will be paid as first instalment out of the total arrears for 45 months. The balance will be paid in the next financial year.
(iv) The Department may cause orders to implement the revised norms recommended by the GDS committee in cash handling (i.e) 1 point for Rs.20000/- which will certainly affect the interest of BPMS. Gopinath Committee's recommendations were not considered on this issue.
(v) The orders on the above are expected in the next week probably after 13.10.09.

Saturday, October 3, 2009


It is learnt that the Cabinet has approved the GDS committee recommendations w.e.f.01-01-2006.


On the occassion of Mahtma Gandhi Birth Day i.e. 2nd October, the Central Govt. has decided to rename NREGS As "M.R.E.G.S"( " Mahtma Gandhi Rural Employment Guarentee Scheme")

Thursday, October 1, 2009


Congratulations to all GDS Staff

The Cabinet had approved the GDS Committe recommendations today. Most probably only
Natraj Murthi committe recommendations may be implemented. The minutes of the cabinet is yet to be received from the Cabinet Secretary. Hence the details will be known in next week.