Thursday, January 7, 2016

on 4/1/2016 CS and SG Sri Thegarajan, submitted a memorandum to Member Tec. Through CPMG on CBS problems

Sri B.V.Sudhakur
Member Technology,
Postal Services Board,
Dak Bhavan,
NEW DELHI – 110001.

            Sub:- Problems related to Core Banking Solutions –Reg.
My Federation bring the following difficulties  faced in implementing the CBS project  and propose following suggestions for immediate action. 

1.    Slow and disturbed access of Finacle due to technical problems at CPC Level and SO/HO Level
2.    CPC is instructing to place EDO mandatorily by 3pm or 4pm.
3.    Heavy Work load at SOs attached with BOs : Consequent on implementation of CBS at SOs including BOs the work load of the SOs have drastically increased because of the following reasons.
a.    During the financial years 2012-2013, 2013-2014, 2014-2015(500 accounts target in each financial year) huge number of accounts have been opened at BOs in connection with targets fixed to the BPMs. 
b.    On an average there are 1500 accounts per BOs.
c.    On an average every SO will have 11 BOs, i.e., minimum of 16500 transactions including the accounts opened previous years. That means per day 660 BO transactions have to be entered at SO level.  Thereby to be verified by the SPM.
d.    At all levels of offices including C Class (single handed) and LSG(running with insufficient staff strength toward working strength) it is becoming an unbearable work load to feed these vouchers in Finacle.
e.    As this situation is not feasible to enter these transaction in Finacle, the works related to preventive vigilance with regard to work of BOs are completely paralysed thereby opening the gates for every possibility frauds at BOs
f.     Mean while the Divisional Heads not interested in providing sufficient number of PAs to Post migrated CBS offices or means through which works have to be carried.  They are simply fixing the responsibility on the Postmasters that they have to manage the work with the available staff only. 
g.    Till now the accounts have been managed with the single payslip in respect of multiple accounts(noting account numbers 1 to 100) with same name paid on same date with oral permission of concerned Sub Divisional Heads and Divisional Heads.  Some Divisional and Sub Divisional Head have advised orally to issue single pass book to such accounts previously.  But consequent on migration to Finacle the account numbers are changed randomly with 10 digits.
h.    There is no provision or option or possibility to process these accounts in Finalce.  Each and every account has to be fed and to be verified.

4.    Issues related to Migration to BOs :  In many office the works related to Pre migration have been completed in casual manner without giving any importance to the accuracy of the data. The agreement of Balances of SB, RD, TD and MIS with SBCO has become least bothered aspect.  Finally signature of the SPMs/HPMs only have been taken forcible before GO Live Dates fixing the responsibility of accuracy of data which has been maintained from decades together either in Manually or in Sanchaya Post.  Mean while the Divisional He

Surprisingly it has come to know that some of the Divisional Heads have transferred the official to a remote place on the plea that they have not made the office ready for CBS GO Live, but without assessing the work load in this connection and without providing any extra man power to get the works done.

Example : The Incident happened in Adilabad Division.

5.    Other problems related to connectivity, functioning of Generator and UPS have become a fuel to fire.

Request or Solution :

1.    Provide required staff strength to the offices which were already migrated multiple handed offices.
2.    Finding out a possible solution for C Clsass offices.
3.    To stop the GO Live of offices proposed for migration until Hand Held Devices are provided to the BPMs to deal the accounts related to their BO.

With a hope of immediate action and a reply


                                                                               Secretary General

on 4/1/2016 CS met PMG hyderabad along with Sri Theagarajan SG FNPO and discussed about irregular transfers issued by SP Adilabad Dn and demanded for cancellation. PMG assured for it.

The Postmaster General,
Hyderabad Region,
Hyderabad – 500001.

            Sub:- Request for cancellation of irregular transfer orders issued by SP Adilabad.

  The administration is putting lot of pressure to complete the data migration work      without giving sufficient time and without hearing the ground level difficulties. They are giving date and to complete the work, that's all the Sanchaya post module was not installed earlier. If it was installed at least six months before data migration the work would have completed. In fact the data could be transferred easily if the SO SB work is done on sanchaya post. But that was not done. There is heavy work due to SSP and NREGS work. The staff busy in that work itself. Permission is being given to get the work done by outsourcing but there are no spare systems. In many offices UPS is not working.

   Recently in ADILABAD division two B class SOs, ECHODA and BOATH were identified for migration. In Boath s.o there is no regular SPM. The officiating SPM deputation was terminated and one Sri P SAIKUMAR went on deputation. He worked as SPM.As it is not being completed he asked SPOs to return the official who was on deputation regularly and he will exclusively attend to the migration work. The SPOs returned that official and SAIKUMAR was attending to this work. He worked for this only hardly ten days and completed more than 50 percent work. Just because he has not completed the work by the fixed date of migration he was transferred as SPM TANDU S.O which is more than 200kms and was relieved immediately at BOATH S.O itself not even allowed to join at Adilabad HO.
   Similar is the case of one Sri GANGADHAR, PA ECHODA S.O. The regular SPM was on deputation at RO HYDERABAD for the last three years he managed the office single handedly but without taking into consideration his services he was transferred as PA SIRPUR T S.O which is more than 200 kms and was relieved immediately.

     Both the SOs are having 16 BOs and huge SSP and EGS payments. Due to opening of ten rupees denomination RD accounts every Suboffice is having thousands of accounts. Maximum SB accounts are having balance differences. Settling them is an uphill task.

    Another 20 C Class SOs are identified for migration by the end of January.     Administration has created panic in the ground level working staff and they are seeking the help of unions.
        It is also requested to see that both these two officials transfer orders are cancelled. These are issued without constituting the transfers committee which is against to the Directorate orders dated 31.1.2014.
.          Kindly do the needful Sir.
                                                                                                            (SIVAJI VASIREDDY)
                                                                                                                 Circle Secretary