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1) For writing entries in Postman Book, Pl follow the prescribed procedure under P&T Manual / Volume VI, Rule -696

2) Pl doesn’t make Corrections / overwriting in the Postman Book prescribed form. Otherwise you will get less mark for correct entries. Take proper care while making entries.

3) All entries are compulsory. Entries may be made either in English or in Regional language of the state but only international numerals should be used. The entries must be made in the prescribed form only.

4) First of all write the transaction date as “Heading”, if the date of the transactions is prescribed in the question paper. Otherwise it is not compulsory to write transactions date as Heading.

5) The Postman Book is as follows.

6) The Postman should not enter any information under the column of (3) and (6). Hence the candidate should leave the column (3) and column (6) as blank.

7) Under the Column (1), the entries should be in the following manner.

a) e-MO or TMO or MO- Money order number, issue date, office of issue and amount must be noted.
b) For RL, only RL number should be noted. If it contains Acknowledgement, AD should be noted along with RL number.
c) In r/o VPP, VPL, RP, Insured Letter, first write the number of the article. Under the number of article, note the type of the article i.e. VPP, VPL, RP, IL. For Insured articles, it is compulsory to note the Insured amount.
d) For foreign Parcels, it is compulsory to write as “C.D” under the number and CD amount should be noted.

8) Under Column (2)

a) In r/o Money Orders, write name and full address of Payee
b) For other articles only name of the addressee of the article may be noted.

9) Under column (4)

In question paper, if it contains as “Intimation Given”
In such cases, write as “Intimation Served” or “Intimation Delivered”.

In case of TMOs paid, write the time of the TMO Paid (If the time of Payment is prescribed in question paper only)

10) Under column (5)

Write details of unpaid Money Orders, undelivered articles with their reasons for unpaid / undelivered.

11. No entries should be noted in r/o unpaid and ordinary articles.

12. In Postman book the entries should be in the following order.

a) e-M.O ( e-Money Order)
b) T.M.O (Telegraphic Money Order)
c) Ordinary M.O
d) Insured Articles
e) Speed Post Articles
f) Register Letters
g) Register Parcels
h) Foreign Register Parcels
i) Value Payable Letters
j) Value Payable Parcels