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1. He should ensure that his home town is correctly indicated in his service records. Otherwise he should take action to have his home town entered therein.

2. Whenever he intends to avail of the concession under this scheme, he should inform the Controlling Officer before commencement of the journeys.

3. When he intends to avail of the concession to visit “anywhere in India” by himself or by any member(s) of his family, he should declare the intended place of visit to the Controlling Officer. The official and / or member(s) of the family must visit the place to become eligible for reimbursement of the claim.

4. If there is any change in the intended place of visit, he should intimate the same to the Controlling Officer before the commencement of the journey.

5. He should produce evidence of his having actually performed the journey, for example, serial numbers of Railway tickets, etc.

6. If he takes an advance under this scheme, he should ensure that the outward journey is commenced within 30 days from the date of grant of the advance, or refund the full advance. In case of journeys by rail, advance can be drawn sixty days before the proposed date of outward journey. In all cases, Railway/Bus tickets should be produced within ten days of drawal of the advance.

7. He should see that half the advance is refunded if the period of absence exceeds 90 days.

8. He should prefer the bills adjusting the advance taken within one month from the completion of the return journey. In all cases, the claim will stand forfeited or deemed to have been relinquished if the same is not preferred within three months of the return journey. WHAT THE


1. A record of all assistance granted under the scheme should be maintained. Entries should be made in the service books indicating the dates of commencement of the outward journey.

2. He should maintain, for his own convenience, a register of home town in respect of the staff under his control.

3. Relaxations of a minor nature, viz., waival of prior intimation of journey can be made by the Head of Department in genuine cases.

4. He should keep a watch over the position of outstanding advances paid up to the end of the previous month and issue necessary orders regarding recovery of advances due for adjustment.

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