Thursday, July 7, 2011


Faith (on TRUTH) has the power to change even hopeless situations into hopeful ones.

There is so much power in having faith that even in the most hopeless situations we can keep ourselves peaceful and happy. When we are able to maintain this stage we find that things change for the better too. Faith works to change the situation.

Let me think of one situation that I am not happy with. Let me then accept the situation as it is without expecting it to change. This acceptance will give the faith that things are happening for the best. With this faith even the most hopeless situation will turn positive.

Anger Management and prevention

Step One – Never struggle with your anger. Don't fight it, or resist it, in any way. That only either strengthens it, or suppresses it until it emerges another day. So face it and accept its presence.

Step Two – As soon as possible, simply observe it. In the act of observation all emotion must die. Why? Because you are standing back from it within your consciousness in order to observe it. And as you stand back within your consciousness you are withdrawing (removing) your life giving energy from it.

Step Three – Through the practice of meditation, return to your centre, that means the centre of your consciousness, the centre of your self. At the centre you will find inner peace, and that peace is your power. At the centre of yourself you will find your love, and that love, when you give it to yourself and others, is the healing balm of forgiveness.
Courtesy : In Spiritual Service,Brahma Kumaris

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