Friday, August 5, 2011



1. On what grounds Indian Movement started ?Dint British government develop India ? Dint they introduce railways and established trade and commerce , dint they unite all princely states for developing a unified nation of British Raj ? Then why did Indians oppose , where our Leaders , So called Freedom fighters Were Poltically Unemployed that they raised question of Freedom or a Republic independant nation ?? PLUNDER AND SELF RESPECT was the reasons which gave birth to Aspirations of freedom . So is Telangana , If a MLA or MP is won , its will and wish of people , TRS TDP INC TVS TPF , whatever the agendas are , They are PEOPLES REPRESENTATIVES not Unemployed politicians . If they are political Unemployed so were freedom fighters !!!!!

2. Did Students Take part in Indian Freedom struggle ?Leaders those days travelling villages to inspire young lads to be part of the agitations to form guerrela groups and attack the govt offices and trouble the British govt , Students were motivated and they were enlightened about the benefits of independent India and the atrocities faced by the British, They were trained to attack the govt , Literally kill the officials , We Telangana students have burned ourselves but haven't touched any person till date . Are political parties using students as bait ?? did INC use our grandfathers as bait for freedom ???

3. Who Developed whom ? Who's the lord of the land ?British raj developed India , No doubts about it !!! For instance even if Andhra govt has developed Hyderabad and Telangana ? Who benefited ? Britishers developed railways , education , medical and infrastructure but on whos money ?They Plundered our resources ... exploited to the optimum level . So are these , Used our money , Used our coal , Used our water , Used " Us " to win in elections and Build Tycoon Empires which can last for generations as did East India Company ! Now whos the lord of the land ? British said i developed India so i wanna keep it myself ? did it happen ... so is with andhrites , you have done nothing , if u think u have done something and you need to be paid for that , Be our guest enjoy safe haven in Hyderabad .You are always a " TENANT "

4. Do you affirm that only Gandhi Ji got us Independence ?Can you ignore Bhagat singh , Chandhrashekar Azad , Subash Chandhrabose ?? we are sons of Father of nations , but dont forget we are brothers of azad ,bhagat & bose also .

One Demand one in Union. Prepare yourself for the Sakala Jana Samme. Be Ready lets make a it a success. Let our Voice be louder than any fake Samikyandhra movement. Dont Give up but Gear up.

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