Saturday, April 6, 2013

Dress Code for Andhra Pradesh teachers : No Jeans, T shirts or mobile
Teachers in more than two lakh schools in Andhra Pradesh have been told to follow a dress code “appropriate to the profession” and not carry cellphones to class. The new dress code bans teachers from wearing jeans and T-shirts in school.
School education minister Sake Sailajanath said the “glittering and glamorous dress” material worn by teachers were disturbing the concentration of students.

However, the Andhra Pradesh government order issued earlier this week spares the dress material and limits the ban to the type of clothes worn. It said teachers would have to be dressed to school “appropriate to the profession”. It bans teachers from being dressed in “jean pants, 8 pocket/4pocket pants, T-shirts, round neck T-shirts, flip-flop shoes etc”.
The instructions apply to teachers in state schools and those affiliated to the state government.
Sailajanath said headmasters should ensure that teachers do not carry cellphones to classrooms. “In a 50-minute period, a teacher spoke for about 30 minutes on mobile phone without conducting the class,” the minister said recalling a past experience.
On an inspection of schools last month, minister Shailajanath observed that teachers were dressed in jeans and round-neck T-shirts which “do not look professional” and so, the new set of guidelines that has already come into effect.
He also said “glittering and glamorous dress material” was disturbing the concentration of students and definitely influenced adolescent minds. He added that he preferred male teachers to wear black trousers and white shirts. Women, he said, should wear traditional plain cotton sari or churidars.
Source : The Telegraph

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