Saturday, June 13, 2015

Important tips for preparation of SSC-Combined Higher Secondary Level (10+2) Examination (PA/SA Exam)

1. Collect the syllabus of the ssc exam. You can download it from the official website of SSC.

2. Get the ssc exam books of a better publication and also get the separate books for each of the section of ssc exam paper.

3. Make a time table of your study. 

4. Study for at least 4 hrs a day for a year.

5. Study with full concentration and try to clear your basics of the topics.

6. Remember shortcuts of doing the questions and also create your own shortcuts to solve the problems faster.

7. You can also buy various books for learning shortcuts for solving problems for ssc exam.

8. Remember the shortcut techniques to solve the problem given the ssc exam paper faster. It will help solve the ssc exam paper quickly and you can solve more questions as it will improve your speed.

9. You need to work on your speed of solving problems. For that practice one previous year question paper daily to improve your speed putting yourself in the time limit.

10. Work more on your weaker sections and make them stronger with practice. Practice more and more because practice make a men perfect.

11. In the ssc paper, solve as many questions as you can but only do those which you know well. Don’t do those question which you are not sure about. Remember there is negative marking in the ssc exams.

12. If you got stuck on a particular question then move on to next one but don’t waste your precious time on particular question.

13. Always wear a watch while giving any type of paper as it will keep you updated with time.

14. Work on your quickness to solve problems and build speed of solving problem. Most of the aspirants fails in these tests because of the time limit.

15. Work harder with consistency will lead you to qualify this exam

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