Wednesday, June 22, 2011

EXPECTED DA FROM JULY 2011 is 6% or 7%

The most eagerly awaited payment for a central government employee is his DEARNESS ALLOWANCE.We know that the Dearness Allowance which is announced twice in a year (ie: in the month of January and July.) is being calculated on the basis of AICPIN(IW).Of all the allowances begetted by a central govt employee, it is only the DA that holds a special place.The AICPIN for the month of January,February,March and April have been published.Based on these presently the percentage of DA is 56 %.The AICPIN for the month of May and June have to be still announced.Then only the exact percentage of DA can be calculated.For reducing inflation Reserve Bank of India often increasing the interest rates .As a results the inflation is controlled but not reduced.Hence chances for reduction of numbers in AICPIN for the month of May and June are not visible.At the same time increase in numbers are also not there immediately.If the same condition pervades for longer times there would be no doubt that the percentage of dearness Allowance July 2011 would be 57 or 58%.

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