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Travelling Allowance - Certain Frequently Asked Questions

Charges for transportation of conveyance on transfer is admissible only when the conveyance is owned by the Government Servant.

QOne of the officer, on his permanent transfer from Lucknow to New Missamri preferred in his Transfer TA, claim charges for transporting a Motor Car from old station to new station registered in the name of his wife. However, CDA(O), Pune disallowed the same on the grounds that the car registered in the name of the officer alone is admissible for transportation. Please clarify.
ACharges for transporting the conveyance on transfer are admissible ONLY if it is owned by the Government Servant.

Time-limit for claiming TA is one year

QConsequent upon the transfer of a Govt. Official in the interest of service to a place beyond 150 kms., the official has been granted Transfer TA for an amount equal to one month's basic pay. After expiry of one month from
the date of his joining the new station, he has been directed by the DDO at his new office to deposit the entire amount drawn by him as Transfer TA along with an amount as interest calculated at the rate of 2% over the interest rate as applicable in GPF on the ground that the adjustment bill in respect of the Transfer TA has not been submitted within one month from his joining the new
office. Kindly clarify whether the action of the DDO is in order.
AAs per SR 194-A of "Swamy's Compilation of FR & SR – Part –II – Traveling Allowances Rules" claim for TA is to be preferred within one year. The action taken by your office is therefore, not in order. The one month time limit referred by your office is applicable to LTC claim only.

Production of Railway tickets along with TA claim is not compulsory

QOne of our Sr. Private Secretary who was transferred from Chennai to Mumbai submitted his Transfer TA claim. For his total 3 journeys, he has submitted two original tickets and for bringing family he has mentioned
PNR number and ticket not enclosed as the same was lost. However DDO is insisting to produce the tickets. Kindly clarify whether production of ticket is compulsory ?
AThere is no rule to demand the train tickets as the same are to be surrendered to the Railway Authorities at the destination station. Hence furnishing of PNR/Ticket number will be sufficient.

Option to claim either normal TA or conveyance hire charges for local journey beyond 8 kms, but within municipal limits.

QIn accordance with the earlier orders if a Govt. servant performs journey in the public interest within a radius of 8 kms, from his headquarters, he is entitled to reimbursement of actual conveyance charges in respect of the expenditure incurred by him in hiring taxi/scooter, etc. However, with the deletion of the words "a radius of 8 kms" a doubt has arisen whether a Govt. servant who performs the journey to or/and a place beyond a radius of 8 kms but within the municipal limits of the city in which his Headquarters is situated, will be entitled to Travelling Allowance or reimbursement of conveyance hire charges. While a plain reading of the amended para 1(a) in the said Annexure indicates that he shall be entitled to normal traveling Allowance (as admissible within the municipal limits), a doubt has been raised in certain quarters that even when the local journey is performed beyond a radius of 8 kms, from Headquarters, whether the claim shall be in the form of TA or merely reimbursement of actual conveyance hire charges. To exemplify, Sewa Bhawan in RK Puram is at a distance of about 8 kms from Shram Shakti Bhawan and a specific doubt has been raised whether in such circumstances a Govt. servant shall be entitled to normal TA or reimbursement of conveyance hire charges.
AGovernment Decision: For local journey performed by a Govt. servant in public interest withinmunicipal limits but exceeding 8 kms, Govt. servant can either to claim reimbursement of conveyance hire charges under the D.F.P.Rs or to claim traveling allowance under the normal TA Rules.

Road mileage admissible between residence and Railway Station on both ends while on tour.

QOne of the Government Employee has traveled by his own car on official tour from his residence at New Delhi to Chandigarh and claimed road mileage, i.e., taxi fare from his residence at New Delhi to New Delhi Railway Station and AC-II-tier fare, i.e., entitled class fare from New Delhi Railway Station to Chandigarh Railway Station. The Accounts Section restricted his claim to
New Delhi Railway Station to Chandigarh Railway Station only and denied the road milage he claimed for the travel by his own car from his residence to New Delhi Railway Station. Kindly clarify whether road mileage from residence to Railway Station is admissible or not.
AAs per GID (2) below SR 46, the official is entitled to Road Mileage between residence and Railway Station at both ends.
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