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The Postal Assistant/Sorting Assistant Examination Key is prepared by Akula. Praveen Kumar, Sub Postmaster, Papannapet SO-502303(Medak division Mob no. 9849636361, 8019549939) in good faith of Postal Assistant exam aspirants. Author of blog does not accepts any responsibility in relation to the accuracy, correctness of answers or otherwise, of the contents.

The Key Published by India Post is final.

If anyone uploads / mail the Part-B (Mathematics) and Part-D (Reasoning) questions of PA exam held on 5/5/2013, I will provide the Key. The above parts received form a candiate is not in visible condition. Pl upload or email the same.
1. Which is the host country for the inaugural T-20 World Cricket Cup for the blind?

(a) Pakistan               (b) India                     (c) Sri-Lanka              (d) West Indies


2. 2012 Champions Trophy Hockey Tournament was won by?

(a) Pakistan               (b) India                     (c) Australia              (d) Netherlands


3. International Olympic Committee decided to remove two games from the Olympics starting with 2020 Olympic Games. Find out these two from the options.

(a) Free Style Wrestling and 200m free style swimming

(b) Free Style Wrestling and Greco-Roman

(c) Free Style Wrestling and equestrian show jumping

(d) Free Style Wrestling and 3-K cross country foot race

4. Mr. Cyrus Pallonji Mistry took over as the chairman of which industrial group recently?

(a) Tata Group          (b) Reliance Group  (c) Aditaya Vikram Birla Group

(d) GMR Group


5. Which launch vehicle is expected to be used by ISRO for its 2013 Mars Mission?

(a) Satellite Launch Vehicle                        (b) Augmented Satellite Launch Vehicle

(c) Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle             (d) Geo-synchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle


6. Who is chosen by the members of RajyaSabha?

(a) Chair Person        (b) Deputy Chairman          (c) President   (d) Vice-President


7. Who is the leader of the house in 15th LokSabha?

(a) Meira Kumar       (b) Sonia Gandhi      (c) Sushil Kumar Shinde     (d) None of these


8. Barack H. Obama has been recently reelected as President of USA, defeating Republican Challenger?

(a) Joe Bide    (b) Mitt Romney                   (c) Jesse Kelly           (d) Kelving Mc Carthy


9. Russia is expected to supply Admiral Gorshkov by 2013 end. What is ‘Admiral Gorshkov’:
(a) Aircraft Carrier  (b) Tank    (c) Rifles   (d) Space Craft
Ans. (a)

10. Which Indian State has the lowest record of Population density having just 17 per square kilometer?

(a) Arunachal Pradesh     (b) Misoram    (c) Nagaland   (d) Sikikim


11. Which state has emerged as the best performing state in terms of Environmental  Performance Index released by Planning Commission in 2012

A. Kerala  B. Himachal Pradesh    C. Sikkim   D. Uttarakhand
Ans : D  

12. What there the Tenth Schedule of the Constitution of India  Contain

A. Languages   B. Procedure relating to disqualification on ground of Defection

C.  The three list Union, State and Concurent

D. Allocation of seats in State Councils
Ans : B

 13. What is the cap of minimum votes  a political party must  secure in election to get the status of  a state party as decided by the  election commission of india

A.8 per cent of total valid votes polled in State Assembly or Lok Sabha polls.

B. 9 per cent of total valid votes polled in State Assembly or Lok Sabha polls

C. 7 per cent of total valid votes polled in State Assembly or Lok Sabha polls

D. 6 per cent of total valid votes polled in State Assembly or Lok Sabha polls

Ans : A

14. In which organistaion headed by Chittranjan Das, Subash Chandra Bose  worked as chief Executive  officer

A. Calcutta Transport  B. Calcutta Municipality Corporation  C.Bengal Railways  D. Calcutta University


 15. Curie Point is temperature at which

 A. Matter becomes Radio Activity

 B. A magnetic material undergo a sharp change in their magnetic properties

 C. A metal becomes Conductivity

 D.  Transmission of metal occurs
Ans : B  

16.  Match list-1 with List –II

    1. Jawahr Lal Nehru Port                                     A.  Tamilnadu 

   2. Paradeep Port                                        B. Maharashtra 

   3.Kandla port                                             C. Odissa

   4. Egmore Port                                           D. Gujarat

A.    1-D, 2-A,3-B,4-C                                    B. 1-B, 2-C,3-D,4-A

C . 1-D, 2-C,3-B,4-A                                    D. 1-B, 2-A,3-D,4-C

    Ans: B    

 17. Identify the illiterate among the following

A. Jahangir   B. Shajahan    C. Akbar   D. Aurangajabe

Ans: C

18. Gross National Product is Sum of the market value of all goods and services  produced in a year

  A. Plus total exports earnings   B. plus Market Value of imports C.   Market D. Plus net income from abroad

Ans: D 

19. LIBOR, a term used in Banking and financial Sector

A.  Local Indian Bank offered rate  B. London Inter-Bank Offer Rate.

C. London India Bureau of Registrations

D. Liberal International Bank Official Rate
Ans: B 

20. In India Proclamation of Emergency is made under

A. Article 352    B. Article 356    C. Article 350    D. Article 350


 21. Sound travels faster in solids than gases, because:
A. Density of solids is more.

B. Modules of elasticity is more then that of gases
C. Sound can not travel through gases
D.  Sound is an electromagnetic wave

 22. Branch of Biology that deals with the study of fungi is called?

(a) Algology    (b) Phycology   (c) Mycology   (d) Microbiology


23. The Earth is spherical in shape except for some flattening on some portion. This Flattening is at the: 
A)Equator            B)Tropics      c)66 1/2 north & South   D)Poles

 Ans: D  

24. Which of the following fundamental rights was recently included  as per the 93th amendment  of the Constitution


B.     Right to free  and compulsory education  for all the Children 6 to 14 age group

C.     Right to equality

D.    Right to freedom of migrate

  Ans : B
25. What is the latitude difference between India and Pakistan for their Standard time?
A. 7 degree                B. 7.5 degree             C. 8 degree    D. 8.5 degree

Ans: C

                                           GENERAL ENGLISH (PART-C) 

51. Fill the correct word in the given Sentence

 All..........Shashi were present

A.    Accept    B. Except    C. Expect     D.Aspect

Ans: B

52. Identify the correct sentence among the following
A. Two and two makes four.    B. Our hen has given two eggs
C. He talks as if he is mad.       D.I do not know how to cycle

Ans: D
Directions: (Q 53 & 54) : Choose the correct article to complete the sentence
53. Shusil is...........N.C.C. Officer

A.  An       B. The     C. Some    D. A
Ans: A
54. The rose is ......... sweetest of all flowers 

A.  A       B. An     C. the     D. One
Ans: C

55. Mohit had a short sleep after lunch. Give one word for the underlined phrase

A. Nap     B. Dream                  C. Laugh                 D. Game
Ans: A

56. Give the adverb form of the verb "GO”
A. Going     B. Ago     C. Goes     D. Gone

Ans : B
57. The tree lost ......... leaves
A. its               B. their       C. they      D. Our
Ans: A

Directions (58 to 60) : In the following questions, out of four alternatives choose the one which best express the meaning of given word and answer accordingly
58. Successive

A. Consecutive   B. Victonous   C. Rapid   D. Beneficient
Ans: A

59. Fidelity
A. Allegiance    B. Accuracy   C. Affection   D. Loyalty
Ans: D

A. Unnecessary    B. Redundant    C. Meaningless   D. Fruitless
Ans: D

Directions (61 to 62) : In the following questions, out of four alternatives choose the one opposite meaning of given word and answer accordingly

A.  Home Coming    B. Return    C. Influx   D. Restoration
Ans: C

A. Deviation    B. Distraction    C. Dilutions   D. Diversion
Ans: A

63. The adverb which corresponds to the adjective” Good”
A. Better    B. Best    C. Well   D. Worth
Ans: C

64. In the given alternatives there are four sentences with underlined word. Identify the sentence with underlined word which not an adverb
A. He gave me a lovely present       B.  He hardly works

C. He is neatly body                            D. Suzy is quite beautiful
Ans; D
Directions (65 to 67) : Fill-in the blanks with correct Prepositions

65. Attach this rope........the back of the crane to
A. to                B. in                C. with        D. by

Ans: A
66. Butter is made.......milk.

A. by               B. from                       C. of         D. through
Ans: C

67. Shivansh is good........studies
A. in                B. towards     C. at        D. by
Ans: C

68. Given below is the sentence in active voice. Choose the correct sentence in Passive voice among the alternatives
Could they not have helped the needy?
      A.    Could the needy had not been helped by them?

B.     Had the needy been not helped by them?

C.     Could the needy not have been helped by them?

D.    Would the needy not have been helped by them?

Ans:  C
69. Choose the incorrect among the following
A.  I would rather drink coffee than tea.
B. I would buy a car if i won a lottery.
C. We should obey our parents.
D. Work hard, lest you should not fail

Ans: D
70. I get up at five (A) /and studied for two hours. (B) /After taking bath, I took breakfast. Then I went to my school on my bike (C) / No error (D)
Ans: A

71. You need (A) /not have wasted (B) /Your time in this useless activity (C) / No error (D)
Ans: C

72. I dare (A) / not to (B) /go to my father (C) / No error (D)
Ans: B

73. What shall be correct combination of two Simple sentence into a complex sentence by using an adverb clause?
The chief guest entered the hall. The audience clapped.

A.    The audience clapped upon the chief guest entering the hall

B.     The audience was clapping when the chief guest entered the hall

C.      The audience clapped as the chief guest entered the hall

D.    The audience had to clap when the chief guest enter the hall

Ans: C
Directions (74 to 75):- In the following sentences, identify the correct reported Speech from the given alternatives.

74. He said to his wife “How many people coming to dinner tonight”
A. He asked his wife how many people were coming to dinner that night

B. He called his wife how many people were coming to dinner that night

C. He asked his wife how many people were coming to dinner tonight

D. He narrated his wife how many people were coming to dinner that night
Ans: A

75. He said “please give me another choice”

A. He suggested them to give him another chance.

B. He pleased them that he must be given another chance

C. He asked them that he must be given another chance

D. He requested them to give him another choice.

Ans: D


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