Monday, February 29, 2016


1. The Economic Survey, prepared by:
a) Arvind Subramanian
b) Arun jaitely
c) Jayant Sinha
d) All of these
Answer a) Arvind Subramanian. The Economic Survey, prepared by Chief Economic Adviser Arvind Subramanian
2. It said the benefits were given to the well-off on small savings schemes and tax or subsidy policies on six commodities. Which one is not under those:
a) Aviation Fuel
b) Kerosene
c) Petrol
d) Gold
Answer c) Petrol
3. Economic Survey 2015-16 projects that the real GDP growth for the current financial year and for 2016-17 will be in the range of ………..
a) 7 – 8 %
b) 7.5 – 8 %
c) No Change
d) 7 – 7.5 %
Answer d) 7 – 7.5 %
4. The Economic Survey enumerated three downside risks. Which one is not among them
a) oil prices rise would increase the drag from consumption
b) options a) and c)
c) turmoil in global could worsen the outlook of exports.
d) Subsidy in LPG will hampered the Growth
Answer d) Subsidy in LPG will hampered the Growth.
5. CPI inflation seen around 4.5 to ……. in 2016/17
a) 5%
b) 6%
c) 7%
d) 6.5%
Answer a) 5%.
6. 2016 – 17 current account deficit seen around …….. of/in GDP
a) 1-2%
b) 1-1.5%
c) 1.5-2%
d) No change
Answer b) 1-1.5%.
7. Estimated capital requirement for banks likely around Rs …… trillion by 2018/19
a) 1.9
b) 2.2
c) 2.0
d) 1.8
Answer d) 1.8
8. To infuse capital in state-run banks what Government is planning to do?
a) To sell off Non Financial Companies
b) To reduce its shares from Banks
c) To sell Government Securities
d) All of the above
Answer a) To sell off Non Financial Companies.
9. The Ministry of Finance is an important ministry within the Government of India. It concerns itself with
a) taxation
b) financial legislation
c) financial institutions
d) All of the above
Answer d) All of the above.
10. Who was the first Finance Minister of India?
a) John Mathai
b) C.D. Deshmukh
c) Moraji Desai
d) Liaquat Ali Khan
Answer d) Liaquat Ali Khan widely known as Shaheed-e-Millat. He was one of the leading Founding Fathers of modern Pakistan, statesman, lawyer, and political theorist who became and served as the first Prime Minister of Pakistan; in addition, he was also the first Defence Minister of Pakistan, the first Finance Minister of  India, and the minister of Commonwealth and Kashmir Affairs from 1947 until his assassination in 1951.

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