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Type -1:      Direct/Simple Analogy

      1.       Apparel   is related to cloth   the   same way  as  Footwear  is  related  to  …………………….?

(a)Material         (b) Leather         (c) Cobbler         (d) Shoes

      (b) : First is made from the second.

2.  Shoes is related to Cobbler in the same way as Eyeglasses is related to…….?....

     (a) Oculist      (b) Ophthalmologist          (c) Optometrist      (d) Optician

(b) : Second specialises in making the first.

3.  Major is related to Lieutenant in the same way as Squadron Leader is related to….?....

     (a) Group Captain                                               (b) Flying Attendant
     (c) Flying Officer                                                 (d) Pilot Officer
(c) : Major and Squadron Leader are equivalent ranks in Army and Air force respectively, and so are Lieutenant and Flying Officer.

4.  Tennis is related to court in the same way as Boxing is related to…..?.....

     (a) Pool          (b) Ring        (c) Arena           (d) Course
(b) : Second is the place where the game / sport denoted by the first is held.

5.  Necklace is related to jewellery in the same way as Shirt is related to…..?.....

     (a) Thread       (b) Cloth         (c) Cotton             (d) Apparel
(d): Second denotes the group to which the first belongs

6.  Doctor is related to patient in the same way as Lawyer is related to…..?....

     (a) Customer      (b) Accused        (c) magistrate           (d) Client
(d) : First work for and earns from the second

7.  Happiness is related to Sorrow in the same way as Comfort is related to……?....

     (a) Hardship       (b) Rest        (c) Poverty         (d) Difficulty
(a) : The words in each pair are antonyms of each pair

8.  Needle is related to Thread in the same way as Pen is related to …..?...

     (a) Ink          (b) Cap             (c) paper       (d) Word           (e) Stationery
(a) : Second is required by the first to function.

9.  Chef is related to Restaurant in the same way as Druggist is related to ……?....

      (a) Medicine          (b) Pharmacy         (c) Store         (d) Chemist
(b) : Second is the working place of the first.
10.  Gents is related to Cap in the same way as Ladies is related to…..?....

       (a) Scarf         (b) Hat         (c) Handkerchief           (d) Hairband
(a) : Second is worn by the first on the head.

11.  Engineer is related to Machine in the same way as Doctor is related to …..?.....

      (a) Hospital      (b) Body       (c) Disease       (d) Medicine
(c) : First tackles the second.

12.  Rhythm is related to Music in the same way as Design is related to …..?....

       (a) Symmetry      (b) Architect        (c) Beauty         (d) Building
d) : Second is made according to the first

13.  Drama is related to Director in the same way as Magazine is related to….?....

       (a) Story       (b) Editor           (c) Reader         (d) Printer
(b) : First is prepared as per the directions of the second

14.  Joule is related to Energy in the same way as Pascal is related to…..?....

       (a) Volume        (b) Pressure       (c) Density          (d) Purity
14. (b) : First is a unit to measure the second.

15.  Dancer is related to Stage in the same way as Minister is related to……?....

       (a) Pulpit       (b) Assembly         (c) parliament         (d) State
(a) : Second is the place for the first to perform on.

16.  Ecology is related to Environment in the same way as Histology is related to…..?.....

(a)   Fossils           (b) History         (c) Tissues             (d) Hormones
(c) : Ecology deals with the study of environment. Similarly, Histology deals with the study of tissues

17.  Wax is related to Grease in the same way as Milk is related to…..?.....

(a)   Drink             (b) Ghee         (c) Curd                      (d) Protein
(c) : First is used to prepare the second.

18.  Horse is related to Hay in the same way as Cow is related to……?....

       (a) Leaves           (b) Fodder     (c) Milk                      (d) Straw
(b) : Second is the food for the first.

19.  Flower is related to Essence in the same way as Oven is related to…..?....

       (a) Vapour          (b) Fire           (c) Heat                      (d) Steam
(c) : Second denotes the trait for which the first is used

20.  Impossible is related to Feasible in the same way as Theoretical is related to….?....

       (a) Radical          (b) Usable      (c) Practical                (d) Workable
c) : The words in each pair are antonyms of each other

21.  Soap is related to Soap in the same way as Broom is related to ….?....

      (a) Clean              (b) Dust          (c) Sweep                   (d) Floor
(c) : Second denotes the function of the first.

22.  Wood is related to Charcoal in the same way as Coal is related to……?...

       (a) Fire                 (b) Smoke      (c) Coke                      (d) Ash
c) : Second is obtained from the first.

23.  Drama is related to Scene in the same way as Book is related to…..?......

(a)   Story              (b) Page          (c) Chapter                 (d) Author
(b)   (c) : Second is a unit of the first.

24.  Betel is related to Chew in the same way as Football is related to…?....

(a)   Play   (b) Run           c) Roll             (d) Kick
d) : First is the object and second is the action to be performed on it.

25.  Cyclone is related to Anticyclone in the same way as Flood is related to….?...

(a)   Devastation   (b) Havoc       (c) River         (d) Drought
(d) : The words in each pair represent opposite conditions.

26.  Gravity is related to Pull in the same way as …..?....

(a)   Repulsion      (b) Separation           (c) Attraction             d) push

(c) : First draws things nearer through second.
27.  Cat is related to Kitten in the same way as …?...

      (a) Fry       (b) Fawn         (c) Fin            (d) Foal
 (a) : Second is the young one of the second.

28.  Earth is related to Axis in the same as Wheel is related to….?....

(a)   Type              b) Car             (c) Road         (d) Hub
(d) : First rotates about the second

29.  Auther is related to Book in the same way as Choreographer is related to….?....

(a)   Drama           (b) Ballet        (c) Masque     (d) Opera
(b)   (b) : First composes the second.

30.  Sword is related to Slaughter in the same way as Scalpel is related to…?...

       (a) Murder          (b) Stab           (c) Surgery     (d) Chopping
(c) : Second denotes the purpose for which the first is used

31.  Abduction is related to Kidnapping in the same way as Larceny is related to….?....
(a) Theft                     (b) Crime       (c) Blackmail             (d) Sin
(a) : The words in each pair are synonyms of each other.

32.  Leaf is related to Sap in the same way as Bone is related to….?...

       ( a) Fluid             (b) Blood        (c) Marrow                 (d) Calcium
(c)    : Second is the fluid contained in the first.

33.  Town is related to Village in the same way as Urban is related to….?....
  (a) City                     (b) Metropolis           (c) Rural         (d) Semi-urban
(c) : The words in each pair are antonyms of each other

34.  Sugar is related to Molasses in the same way as Gasoline is related to…?...
   (a) Mine                  (b) Quarry                 (c) Drill           (d) Petroleum
(d) : First is obtained from the second

35.  Starvation is related to Nutrition in the same way as Exhaustion is related to …?..
 (a) Energy                 (b) Bravery               (c) Freshness     (d) Courage….?....
(a) :  First denotes the lack of second.
36.  Estonia is related to Nutrition in the same way as Exhaustion is related to …?...
      (a) Dinar               (b) Peso                      (c) Peseta                   (d) Franc
(b) : Rouble is the currency of Estonia and peso is the currency of Chile

37.  Science is related to Laboratory in the same way as Astronomy is related to…?...
  (a) Observatory      (b) Telescope            (c) Space                    (d) Station
(a) : Scientific experiments  are conducted in a laboratory. Similarly, astronomical observations are made in a observatory

38.  Lion is related to Ferocious  in the same way as Dog is related to ….?....

      (a) Mischievous              (b) Faithfull               (c) Timid        (d) Industrious
(b) : Second denotes a striking characteristic of the first

39.  Bibliophile is related to Books in the same way as Patriot is related to…?...
  (a) Defence              (b) Country                (c) Mankind               (d) Society
(b) : Bibliophile is a lover of books. Similarly, patriot is a lover of one’s country

40.  Ancestor is related to Descendant in the same way as Beautiful is related to…?....
  (a) Gloomy              (b Handsome )          (c) Girl                        (d) Ugly
(d) : The words in each pair are antonyms of each other.

41.  Vessel is related to Empty  in the same way as Seat is related to…..?....
     (a) Vehicle            (b) Passenger            (c) Vacant                   (d) Blank
(c) : A vessel containing  nothing is said to be empty. Similarly, a seat with no one sitting on it is said to be vacant

42.  Glutton is related to Eat in the same way as Garrulous is related to…?...
    (a) Talk                   (b) Walk                     (c) Laugh                   (d) Travel
(a) : Glutton is one who eats too much. Garrulous is one who talks too much.

43.  Hare is related to Burrow in the same way as Owl is related to…?...
(a) Nest                      (b) Hive                      (c) Hole                      (d) Barn
(d) : Second is the dwelling place of the first

44.  Income is related to Profit in the same way as Expenditure is related to….?....
   (a) Balance              (b) Loss                      c) Sale             (d) Receipts
(b) : ‘Expenditure’ is the antonym of ‘Income’. Similarly the antonym of ‘Profit’ is ‘Loss’.

45.  Vitro is related to Glass in the same way as Lingo is related to….?...
(a) Marble                  (b) Metal                    (c) Rock          (d) Wood
(d) : Vitro means ‘related to glass’ and Lingo means ‘related to wood’

46.  Clue is related to Mystery in the same way as Warning is related to….?....
    (a) Disaster            (b) Precaution           (c) Risk           (d) Danger
(d) : A clue can help to solve a mystery. Similarly, a warming can help prevent danger.

47.  Kilogram is related to Quintal in the same way as Paisa is related to….?....

        (a) Rupee           (b) Coin          (c) Wealth                  d) Money
(a) : Second is bigger unit than the first, though both are used to measure the same quantity. 100 kilograms= 1 quintal and 100 paise = 1 rupee

48.  Condolence is related to Loss in the same way as Congratulation is related to…?...
  (a) Praise                  (b) Achievement       (c) Accusation           (d) Reward
(b) : Other offer condolence in a state of loss and congratulations when one makes an achievement .

49.  Konkani is related to Goa in the same way as Dogri is related to…?....
   (a) Himachal Pradesh       (b) Sikkim      (c) Jammu                  (d) Assam
(c) : Konkani is a language of Goa and Dogri is a language of jammu

50.  Diploma is related to Education in the same way as Trophy is related to….?....
  (a) Price        (b) Winning               (c) Sports        (d) Athlete
(c) : First is awarded for excellence in the second

51.  Blood is related to Circulation in the same way as Hormone is related to…?...
   (a) Excretion           (b) Control     (c) Coordination       (d) Digestion
(c) : Second is the function of the first.

52.  Trigonometry is related toTriangles in the same way as Mensuration is related to…?....
   (a) Geometry          (b)  Circles     (c) Areas          (d)   Polygons
(c) : Trigonometry is the study of triangles. Similarly, mensuration is the study of areas.

53.  Land is related to Cape in the same way as Water is related to….?...

       (a)  Strait             (b)  Lagoon    (c)  Bay           (d)  Island
(c) : Cape  is the land projected into water and bay is the portion of water body projected into land.

54.  Umbrella is related to Rain in the same way as Goggles is related to….?....

       (a)  Light             (b)  Glare         (c)  Stare        (d)  Sight
b) : First provides protection from the second.

55. Face is related to Expression in the same way as Hand is related to….?....
     (a)  Waving           (b)  Handshake         (c)  Work         (d)  Gesture
(d) : Second is the way of expressing an idea with the first.

56.  Pride is related to Humility in the same way as Desire is related to…?...

      (a)  Wish              (b)  Hate                     (c)  Suppress             (d)  Indifference
(b) : The words in each pair are antonyms of each other.

57. Labourer is related to Wages in the same way as Entrepreneur is related to…?..

      (a)  Loan               (b)  Interest                (c)  Taxes                     (d)  Profit
d) : First earns in the form of second

58.  Kindle is related to Burn in the same way as Angry is related to …..?...

      (a)  Annoyed       (b)  Determind          (c)  Resentful             (d)  Furious
 (d) : Second is of higher intensity than the first.

59.  Boat is related to Sails in the same way as Balloon is related to….?...
     (a)  Hot air            (b)  Rope         (c)  Nylon      (d)  Rubber
a) : A boat floats because of the sails and a balloon rises because of hot air.

60.  Lotus is related to Cuticle in the same way as Fish is related to….?...
       (a)  Scales            (b)  Gills          (c)  Tail          (d)  Fins
(a) : Second protects the body of the first from damage by water

61.  Jade is related to Green in the same way as Garnet is related to….?....

      (a) Scales               (b) Gills                     (c)  Tail                       (d)  Fine
(c) : Jade is a green precious stone and garnet is a red precious stone.

62.  Atom is related to Molecule in the same way as Cell is related to….?....
    (a)  Matter              (b)  Nucleus              (c)  Organism            (d)  Battery
(c) : First constitutes the second

63.  Water is related to Ocean in the same way as Snow is related to…..?....

       (a)  Peaks            (b)  Hail                      (c)  Glacier                  (d)  Mountain
(c) : Ocean is a moving body of water. Similarly, glacier is a moving body of snow.

64.  Taj Mahal is related to Love in the same way as Jallianwala Baghh is related to….?....
    (a) Amritsar            (b)  Martyrdom         (c)  War                     (d) Punjab
(b) : First reminds us of the second.

65.  Cobra is related to Snake in the same way as Leopard is related to….?....
    (a)  Tiger                (b)  Lion                     (c)  Cat                         (d) Zebra
(c) : Second denotes the family to which the first belongs.

66.  Noise is related to Din in the same way as Quiet is related to…..?....

       (a)  Hush              (b)  Dumb                 (c)  Gag                       (d)  Mouth
(a) : Second is a more intense form of the first.

67.  Roentgen is related to X-rays in the same way as Becquerel is related to….?...

       (a)  Uranium                                      (b)  Radioactivity
       (c)  Fission                                          (d)  Superconductivity
(b) : Roentgen discovered X-rays. Similarly, Becquerel discovered radioactivity

68.  Flower is related to Petal in the same way as Book is related to……?....

     (a)  Page    (b)  Content               (c) Author      (d)  Library    (e)  Catalogue
a) : Numbers of petals constitute a flower. Similarly, number of pages constitute a book.

69.  Distil is related to Whiskey in the same way as Brew is related to……?.....

       (a)  Ferment        (b)  Gin           (c)  Beer          (d)  Sugar
(c) : First is a process of preparing the second.

70.  Annotate is related to Text in the same way as Caption is related to…..?....
    (a)  Novel               (b)  Law          (c)  Film          (d)  Photograph
(d) : First is a comment on the second.

71.  Physiology is related to Biology in the same way as Metaphysics is related to …..?....
       (a)  Physics         (b)  Statistics  (c)  Mathematics   (d)  Philosophy
(d) : Physiology is a branch of Biology. Similarly, Metaphysics is a branch of Philosophy.

72.  Highbrow is related to Cultivated in the same way as Suave is related to …..?....
   (a) Elegant              (b) Urbane     (c)  Stylish      (d)  Broad-minded

(b) : The words in each pair are synonyms of each other

73.  Affirm is related to Hint in the same way as Charge is related to …..?....
     (a)  Insinuate        (b)  Reject       (c)  Convince             (d)  Deny

(a) : Affirm is ‘to confirm a charge’ and Hint is ‘to point at something’. Similarly, Charge means ‘to blame’ and Insinuate means ‘to suggest indirectly’.

74.  Friend is related to Foe in the same way as Union is related to …?...
     (a)  Separate         (b)  Different              (c)  Discord    (d)  Divorce

75.  College is related to Student in the same way as Hospital is related to ….?...

       (a)  Doctor           (b)  Nurse       (c)  Treatment           (d)  Patient
   Ans:  (d)

76.  Concert is related to Theatre in the same way as Banquet is related to …?....

       (a)  Hotel             (b)  Party        (c)  Feast         (d)  Supper
(a) : Second is the place where the first is held

77.  Statue is related to Shape in the same way as Song is related to …?....

       (a)  Poetry           (b) Sing           (c)  Tune         (d) Compose
(c) : Second is the criteria by which the quality of the first is determin

78.  Teeth is related to Grit in the same way as Fist is related to….?...
     (a)  Blow               (b) Hand        (c) Open         (d)  Clench
(d) :  Hold of teeth is called grit and hold of  first is called clench.

79.  Charminar is related to India in the same way as Sphinx is related to….?....
    (a)  England           (b)  Canada    (c)  Egypt       (d) Vatican
(c) : Charminar is situated in India. Similarly, sphinx is a monument of Egypt

80.  Mirror is related to Reflection in the same way as Water is related to …?...
    (a)  Conduction     (           b)  Dispersion           (c)  Immersion           (d) Refraction
d) : Light rays falling on a mirror undergo reflection and those falling on water undergo refraction

81.  Neck is related to Tie in the same way as Waist is related to …?...

      (a)  Watch            (b)  Belt          (c)  Ribbon      (d)  Shirt
b) : Tie is worn in the neck and belt is worn on the waist.

82.  Mathematics is related to Numbers in the same way as History is related to….?....

        (a)  People         (b)  Events     (c)  Dates          (d)  Wars
(b) : Mathematics is the theory of numbers and History is the theory of past events.

83.  Bag is related to Luggage in the same way as Ship is related to….?....

       (a)  Coal              (b)  Stock                    (c)  Cargo                   (d)  Weight
(c) : Second is the load carried by the first.

84.  Gill is related to Lamellae in the same way as Lung is related to….?....
     (a) Ribs                  (b)  Trachea               (c)  Alveoli                 (d)  Pharynx
c) : Second is the oxygen absorbing part of the first.

85.  Dwell is related to Denizen in the same way as Inherit is related to….?....

       (a)  Acquire        (b)  Successor            (c)  Outcast                (d)  Heir
(d) : When denizen dwells, he occupies the place. When heir inherits, he occupies the throne

86.  Writer is related to Reader in the same way as Producer is related to …?...
(a)  Seller                    (b)  Consumer           (c)  Creator                 (d)  Contractor
(b) : A writer writes for the reader. Similarly, a producer produces articles for the consumer

87.  Afghanistan is related to Kabul in the same way as Austria is related to …..?....
     (a)  Airana             (b)  Tirana                  (c)  Vienna                 (d)  None of these
(c) : Kabul is a capital of Afghanistan and Vienna is a capital of Austria

88.  Much is related to Many in the same way as Measure is related to …?....
   (a) Weigh                (b)  Measures            (c)  Calculate             (d) count
(d) : Much corresponds to measuring and Many corresponds to counting.

89.  Thick is related to Thin in the same way as Idle is related to …?....
  (a)  Virtuous            (b)  Business              (c)  Industrious         (d)  Activity
(c) : The words in each pair are antonyms of each other

90.  Bull is related to Draught in the same way as Cow is related to…..?....
         (a)  Livestock  (b)  Milch                   c)  Farm                      (d)  Fodder
(b) : Bull is a draught animal (beast of burden) and cow is a milch animal (milk yielding
Type 2: Completing The Analogues pair

In each of the following questions, there is a certain relationship between two given words on one side of : : and one word is given on another side of : :while another word is to be found from the given alternatives, having the same relation with this word as the words of the given pair bear. Choose the correct alternative
1 .  Good : Bad : : Roof : ?
     (a) Window      (b) Floor       (c)Walls         (d) Pillars
2.   Man : Biography : : Nation : ?                                                         
     (a)Leader     (b) People        (c) Geography        (d) history
3.  Fog : Visibility : : AIDS : ?
     (a) Health       (b) Resistance        (c) Virus         (d) Death
4.  Porcupine : Rodent : : Mildew : ?
     (a) Fungus      (b) Germ           (c) Insect            (d) Pathogen
5.  Reading : knowledge : : Work : ?
    (a) Experience        (b) Engagement       (c) Employment            (d) Experiment
6.  White : Peace : : Red : ?
    (a) Violence       (b) Roses         (c) Hatred         (d) Cleanlines
7.  Ottawa : Canada : : Canberra : ?
   (a) Argentina      (b) Switzerland           (c) Sri lanka             (d) Australia
8.  Victory : Encouragement : : Failure : ?
    (a) Sadness             (b) Defeat               (c) Anger                 (d) Frustration
9.  Igloo : Ice : : Marquee : ?
    (a) Canvas           (b) Silk           (c) Buckram            (d) Satin
10.  Dilatory : Expenditious :  : Direct : ?
      (a) Tortuous     (b) Circumlocutory           (c) Straight          (d) curved
11.  Cunning : Fox : : Timid : ?
       (a) Horse             (b) Ant           (c) Ass             (d) Rabbit
12.  Street : Lane : : Road : ?
       (a) Avenue         (b) Highway        (c) Foothpath         (d) Junction
13.  Hair : Bald : : Crop : ?
      (a) Field          (b)  Farmer             (c) Rain            (d) Barren
14.  Foundation : Edifice : : Constitution : ?
      (a) Government           (b) State         (c) Nation         (d) Cabinet
15.  Taxonomy : Classification : : Pedology : ?
      (a) Nature           (b) Farming          (c) Soil             (d) Mountain
16.  Montony : Variety : : Crudness : ?
     (a) Refinement         (b) Raw            (c) Sobriety         (d) Simplicity
17.  Hour : Second : : Tertiary : ?
     (a) Intermediary        (b) Primary           (c) Ordinary            (d) Secondary
18.  Painting : Artist : : Symphony : ?
     (a) Novelist          (b) Poet            (c) Essayist             (d)Composer
19.  Pongee : Silk : : Shallot : ?
     (a) Boat           (b) Building            (c) Ship           (d) Stream
20.  Dawn : Dusk : : Inauguration : ?
     (a) Invitation        (b) Valediction         (c) Repetition       (d) Organisation
21.  Tectonics : Building : : Taxidermy : ?
    (a) Classification        (b) Conserving         (c) Stuffing       (d) Collecting
22.  South : North-west : : West : ?
     (a) South-west        (b) North-east          (c) East              (d) South
23. Radical : Moderate : : Revolution : ?
      (a) Reforming        (b) Peace          (c) Chaos           (d) Change
24.  Hong Kong : china : : Vatican : ?
      (a) Rome         (b) Mexico            (c) Canada            (d) Christianity
25.  Steel : Rails : : Alnico : ?
      (a) Aircraft     (b) Machinery         (c) Silver ware         (d) Magnets
26.  Summit : Apex : :Summon : ?
      (a) Judge         (b) Court          (c) Beckon          (d) Witness
27.  Monarchy : King : : Aristocracy : ?
      (a) Nobles      (b) Wealthy         (c) People        (d) God
28.  Cardiology : Heart : : Zoology : ?
      (a) Insects      (b) Animals          (c) Plants          (d) Germs
29.  Interview : Job : : Armistice : ?
      (a) War        (b) Treaty             (c) Amnesty        (d) Agreement
30.  Equine : Horse : : Vulpine : ?
      (a) Dog        (b) cat             (c) Wolf              (d) Eagle
31.  Time : Waste : : Money : ?
      (a) Spend           (b) Earn           (c) Lose         (d) Squander
32.  Fire : Extinguish : : Thirst : ?
      (a) Quench        (b) Satiate         (c) Mitigate             (d) Drink
33.  Rice : Cook : : Fish : ?
       (a) Bake         (b) Fry            (c) Sizzle              (d) Roast
34.  Car : Polish : : Floor : ?
      (a) Wipe             (b) Wash              (c) Clean           (d) Scrub
35.  Nails : Pare : : Moustache : ?
       (a) Clip          (b) Cut               (c) Shave              (d) Blow
36.  Head : Shake : : Shoulders : ?
      (a) Shrug          (b) Hunch          (c) Shiver         (d) Turn
37.  Wizard : Witch : :Monk : ?
      (a) Madam       (b) Widow        (c) Nun           (d) Virgin
38.  Horse : Gallop : : Duck : ?
      (a) Strut          (b) Waddle         (c) Prowl         (d) Trot
39.  Cricket : pitch : : Skating : ?
       (a) Arena         (b) Course          (c) Court          (d) Rink
40.  Cup : Saucer : : Knife : ?
       (a) Kitchen        (b) Tray             (c) Fork             (d) Vegetable
41.  Connoisseur : Art : : Gourmet : ?
       (a) Food         (b) Money              (c) Drink             (d) Flesh
42.  January : November : : Sunday : ?
      (a) Monday       (b) Tuesday            (c) Friday            (d) Saturday
43.  Burglar : : House : : Pirate : ?
       (a) Sea           (b) Ship           (c) Sailor         (d) Crew
44.  Bird : Chirp : : Horse : ?
       (a) Bray       (b) Neigh         (c) Race            (d) Stable
45.  Quail : Partridge : : Yak : ?
       (a) Cows       (b) Dear           (c) Oxen          (d) Antelopes
46.  Engineer : Map : : Bricklayer : ?
       (a) Design        (b) Templet             (c) Mould          (d) Cement
47.  Hill : Mountain : : ? : Pain
       (a) Fear            (b) Headache            (c) Discomfort             (d) Distress
48.  Heart : Pericardium : : Brain : ?
        (a)Bones        (b) Head              (c) Skull                (d) Cranium
49.  Crow : Carrion : : Leech : ?
        (a) Bugs        (b) Blood            (c) Meat         (d) Bones
50.  Insert : Extract : :Mighty : ?
       (a) Thin        (b) Strong             (c) Frail         (d) Feeble
51.  Perch : Fresh water : : ? : Salt water
       (a) Crocodile        (b) Frog        (c) Cod           (d) Snake
52.  Ornithologist : Birds : : Anthropologist : ?
        (a) Plants        (b) Animals         (c) Mankind          (d) Environment
53.  Mother : Child : : Cloud : ?
        (a) Weather       (b) Rain        (c) Thunder            (d) Water
54.  Venerate : Worship : : Extol : ?
        (a) Glorify         (b) Homage            (c) Compliment            (d) Recommend
55.  Water : Convection : : Space : ?
       (a) Conduction           (b) Transference          (c) Vaccum         (d) Radiation
56.  Growth : Death : : Increase : ?
      (a) Ease          (b) Decrease               (c) Tease               (d) Cease
57.  Oxygen : Burn : : Carbon dioxide : ?
        (a) Isolate         (b) Foam             (c) Extinguish            (d) Explode
58.  Mathematics : Logic : : Science : ?
       (a) Facts           (b) Scientist             (c) Experiment         (d) Laboratory
59.  Matricide : Mother : : Homocide : ?
       (a) Human             (b) Children              (c) Father              (d) apes
60.  Pigeon : Peace : : White Flag : ?
       (a) Friendship      (b) Victory         (c) Surrender             (d) War
61.  Teheran : Iran : : Beijing : ?
       (a) China           (b) Japan             (c) Turkey          (d) Malaysia
62.  Enough : Excess : : Sufficiency : ?
       (a) Adequacy        (b) Surplus         (c) Competency         (d) Import
63.  Dark : Fear : : Honesty : ?
       (a) Personality      (b) Money         (c) Treachery              (d) Trust
64.  Convoy : Ships : : Deputaton : ?
      (a) Voters         (b) Rerpresentatives          (c) Politicians         (d) Writers
65.  Tanning : Leather : : Pyrotechnics : ?
      (a) Wool         (b) Fireworks               (c) Bombs            (d) Machinery
66.  Shark : Fish : : Lavender : ?
       (a) Shrub       (b) Tree          (c) Herb               (d) Climber
67.  Butter : Milk : : Book : ?
       (a) Author         (b) Printing           (c) Chapter             (d) Paper
68.  Car : Petrol : : Television : ?
       (a) Electricity           (b) Transmission        (c) Entertainment           (d)  Antenna
69.  Pig : Farrow : : Dog : ?
       (a) Mare         (b) Puppy              (c) Bitch             (d) Colt
70.  Mattock : Dig : : Shovel : ?
       (a) Break         (b) Push               (c) Scoop              (d) Whittle
71.  Knoll : Hill : : Eclogue : ?
      (a) poam              (b) Music              (c) Drama             (d) Ballad
72.  Receptionist : Office : : Hostess : ?
       (a) Aircraft        (b) Crew            (c) Hospital            (d) Airport
73.  Denigrate : Devalue : : Upgrade : ?
       (a) Revalue      (b) Praise          (c) Demote            (d) Promote
74.   Seismograph : Earthquakes : : Tascometer : ?
       (a) Volcanoes         (b) Resistances          (c) Landslides          (d) Strains
75.  Dum Dum : Kolkata : : Palam : ?
      (a) Kerala          (b) Delhi             (c) Chennai           (d) Mumbai
76.  Foresight : Anticipation : : Insomnia : ?
      (a) Treatment         (b) Disease            (c) Sleeplessness          (d) Unrest
77.  USA : Congress : : Iran : ?
      (a) Althing             (b) Storting               (c) Majlis            (d) Cortes
78.  Karnataka : Gold : : Madhya Pradesh : ?
      (a) Diamond          (b) Iron             (c) Copper          (d) Gems
79.  Carbon : Diamond : : Corundum : ?
       (a) Pearl               (b) Pukhraj         (c) Garnet          (d) Ruby
80.  Funk : Vitamins : :Curei : ?
       (a) Uranium        (b) Radium           (c) Radioactivity      (d) Photography
81.  Virology : Virus : : Semantics  : ?
        (a) Amoeba       (b) Language          (c) Nature           (d) Society
82.   Pituitary : Brain : : Thymus : ?
        (a) Larynx         (b) Spinal Cord             (c) Throat           (d) Chest
83.  Novelty : Oldness : : Newness : ?
       (a) Culture             (b) Discovery             (c) Model             (d) Antiquity
84.  Blunt : Sharp : : Sow : ?
      (a) Water           (b) Crow             (c) Farm             (d) Reap
85.  Pyrophobia : Fire : : Ochlophobia : ?
       (a) Horses         (b) Crowd           (c) Light              (d) Foreigners
86.  Wealth : Amass : : Grains : ?
       (a) Pool          (b) Collect            (c) Hoard               (d) Squander
87.  Legend : Story : : Merlin : ?
       (a) Hawk          (b) Eagle             (c) Crow            (d) Parakeet
88.  Annihilation : Fire : : Cataclysm : ?
       (a) Earthquake        (b) Flood             (c) Emergency           (d) Steam
89.  Lemur : Monkey : : Rook : ?
       (a) Cat         (b) Crow           (c) Vulture             (d) Owl
90.  Vestry : Church : : Dispensary : ?
       (a) Laboratory           (b) Hospital             (c) School         (d) Monastery
91.  Visitor : Invitation : : Witness : ?
       (a) Subpoena            (b) permission            (c) Assent            (d) Document
92.  Oasis : Sand : : Island : ?
       (a) River           (b) Sea                (c) Water               (d) Waves
93.  Anatomy : Zoology :  : Paediatrics : ?
       (a) Chemistry           (b) Medicine             (c) Palaeontology         (d) Mechanics
94.  Rill : Stream : : Pony : ?
       (a) Mare        (b) Mule            (c) Donkey            (d) Horse
95.  Roster : Duty : : Inventory : ?
       (a) Furnace         (b) Exports             (c) Goods          (d) Produce
96.  Wine : Grapes : : Vodka : ?
       (a) Potatoes        (b) Apples           (c) Oranges        (d) Flour
97.  Jungle : Zoo : : Sea : ?
       (a) Aquarium      (b) Harbour       (c) Water          (d) Fishery
98.  Origami : Paper : : Ikebana : ?
       (a) Trees        (b) Theatre            (c) Flowers         (d) Tapestry
99.  Entrepreneur : Profit : : Scholar : ?
        (a) Income      (b) Knowledge        (c) Service        (d) Business
100.  Igloos : Canada : : Rondavels : ?
          (a) Africa      (b) Rangoon         (c) Russia          (d) Indonesia
1.       (b) : The words in each pair are  antonyms of each other.
2.       (d) : Second contains the story of the first.
3.       (b) : First impairs the second.
4.       (a) : Porcupine is a rodent and mildew is a Fungus.
5.       (a) : Second is acquired from the first.
6.        (a) : First is a symbol of the second.
7.       (d) : Ottawa is the capital of Canada and Canberra is the capital of Austrila.
8.       (d) : First causes the second.
9.       (a) : First is made up of the second.
10.   (b) : The words in each pair  are antonyms of each other.
11.   (c) : Fox is the cunning animal and ass is a timid animal.
12.    (a) : Second is the smaller form the first.
13.    (d) : A head without hair is called bald and a land without  crop is called barren.
14.    (c) : First forms the basis of the second.
15.    (c) : Taxonmy is the science dealing with classification. Similarly, pedology deals with study of soils.
16.    (a) : The words in each pair are antonyms of each other.
17.    (b) : Seconds, mintues and hours are the three units of time –second is the smallest unit and hour is the third unit in succession. Similarly , ‘primary’ represents initial stage and ‘tertiary’ represents the third stage in a process.
18.   (d) : First is prepared by the second.
19.   (a) : First is the type of the second.
20.   (b) : One is followed by other.
21.   (c) : Tectonics is the science dealing with the art of building . similarly, taxidermy is the art of stuffing animals.
22.   (b) :The direction indicated by the second word in each pair lies 135” clockwise to that indicated by the first word.
23.   (b) : The words in each pair are antonyms of each other.
24.   (a) : Hong Kong is a city in China. Similarly, Vatican is a city in Rome.
25.   (d) : First is an alloy used to make the second.
26.   (c) : The words in each pair are synonyms of each other.
27.   (a) : Monarchy is a rule by a King. Similarly, aristocracy is government by the nobles.
28.   (b) : Cardiology is the branch of science  which deals with the study of heart. Similarly , zoology is the branch of science which deals with the study of animals.
29.   (b) : First is followed by the second.
30.   (c) : Equine is horselike and vulpine is wolklike.
31.   (d) : Second is the name given to the act of wasting the first.
32.   (d) : Second is the name given to the act of doing away with the first.
33.   (b) : Second is the method of making the first eatable.
34.   (d) : Second is the best method of cleaning of first.
35.   (a) : Second is the name given to the act of shaping up the first by trimming.
36.   (a) : Second is the name given to the act of expressing an opinion by moving the first.
37.   (c) : Second is the feminine gender of the first.
38.   (b) : Second is the movement of the first.
39.   (d) : Second is the place where the first is played/performed.
40.   (c) : The items in each pair generally go together.
41.   (a) : First has a good taste for second.
42.   (c) November and January are alternate months of the year, in order. Similarly , Friday and Sunday are alternate days of the week, in order.
43.   (b) : First robs the second.
44.   (b) : Second is the sound produced by the first.
45.   (c) : First belong to the family of second.
46.   (b) : Second gives the pattern  to be followed by the first.
47.   (d) : Second is a bigger form the first.
48.   (d) : Second is a bony protective covering of the first.
49.   (b) : First feeds on the second.
50.   (d) : The words in each pair are antonyms of each other.
51.   (c) : A perch ia a fresh water fish. Similarly,  cod is a salt water fish.
52.   (b) : Ornithologist specializes in the study of birds. Similarly, anthropologist specializes in the study of mankind.
53.   (b) : First gives  birth to the second.
54.   (a) : The words in each pair are synonyms of each other.
55.   (d) : Second is the mode of transfer of heat through the first.
56.   (d) : second puts an end to the activity denoted by the first.
57.   (c) : Oxygen supports burning while carbon dioxide extinguishes fire.
58.   (a) : Second denotes the principle on which the irst is based.
59.   (a) : First is the name given to the act of killing the second.
60.   (c) : Pigeon is a symbol of peace and white flag is a symbol of surrender.
61.   (a) : Teheran is the capital of Iran and Beijing is the capital of China.
62.   (b) ‘Enough’ indicates sufficiency and ‘Excess’ indicates surplus.
63.   (d) : First leads to the second.
64.   (b) : First is a group of second, deployed for a certain purpose.
65.   (b) : First is the process of manufacturing the second.
66.   (a) : Shark is a fish and Lavender is a shrub.
67.   (d) : Second is used to prepare the first.
68.   (a) : First needs the second to work.
69.   (b) : Second is the young one of the first.
70.   (c) : Mattock is a tool to dig hard ground. Similarly, shovel is a tool to scoop.
71.   (a) : Knoll is a small hill and eclogue is a short poem.
72.   (a) : First attends the clients in the second.
73.   (d) : The words in each pair are synonyms of each other.
74.   (d) : Seismograph is an instrument to measure the intensity of earthquakes. Similarly, taseometer is an instrument to measure strains.
75.   (b) : Dum Dum is an airport in Kolkata and Palam is an airport in Delhi.
76.   (c) : The words in each pair are synonyms of each other.
77.   (c) : The parliament of U.S.A is called Congress and that of Iran is called Majlis.
78.   (a) Gold is mind in Karnataka. Likewise, diamonds are mined in Madhya Pradesh.
79.   (d) : Second is a form of the first.
80.   (b) : Funk discoverd vitamins and Curie discovered radium.
81.   (b) : Virlogy deals with the effects of  virus. Similarly, semantics deals with the effects of language.
82.   (d) : Pituitary  is a gland in the brain. Similarly, thymus  is a gland of the chest.
83.   (d) : The words in each pair are antonyms of each other.
84.   (d) : The words in each pair are antonyms of each other.
85.   (b) : Pyrophobia is a morbid fear of fire. Similarly, ochlophobia is a morbid fear of crowds.
86.   (c) : Second is the name given to the act of accumulating the first.
87.   (a) : First is a type of second.
88.   (b) : First is the result of second.
89.   (b) : Second denotes the family to which the first belongs.
90.   (b) : Second is the higher institution than the first.
91.   (a) : A visitor is given an invitation to attend a occasion. Similarly, the witness is delivered a subpoena  providing for attendance at the court.
92.   (c) : Oasis is a water pool amidst sand. Similarly, island is a piece of land amidst water.                
      Note : ‘Sea’ would have been the answer if we had ‘desert’ in place of ‘sand’.                                                 
93.   (b) : Anatomy is a branch of zoology. Similarly, Pediatrics is a branch of medicine.
94.   (d) : Rill is a small stream and pony is a small horse.
95.   (c) : Roster is a list of duties and inventory is a list of goods.
96.   (d) : First  is prepared from the second.
97.   (a) : The organisms living in a jungle are artificially reared in a zoo. Similarly, the organisms living in the sea artificially reared in an aquarium.
98.   (c) : First is an art associated with the second.
99.   (b) : First strives to acquire the second.
100.   (a) : First is the type of houses commonly found in the country denoted by the second.

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