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General Reasoning Part is classified in two Parts
1.    Verbal Reasoning
2.    Non Verbal Reasoning

  Mainly the questions framed from the following chapters

1.       Alphabet Test 

2.      Logical Sequence of words

3.      Analogy

4.      Series completion

5.      Coding-Decoding

6.      Blood Relations

7.      Direction Sense Test

8.      Alpha Numeric Sequence Test

9.       Number, Ranking and Time sequence Test

10.  Logical Venn diagram



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A person who is related to another by birth rather than by marriage.

                BLOOD RELATIONS of a group of persons is given in jumbled form. In the exams, the success of a candidate in the questions on blood relationships depends upon his/her knowledge about the blood relationships. The candidate should be able to work out a relationship between two people from the information given in the question. If the data is tabulated, it can help you in working out the relationship.
               The easiest and non-confusing way to solve these types of problems would be to draw a tree diagram and increase the levels in the hierarchy according to the relation: Grandfather & grandmother will come in the first stage; mother, father, uncle and aunt will come in the second stage; sister, brother and cousin will come at the third stage; niece and nephew will come in the fourth stage and finally, granddaughters and grandsons will come. The above stages are made from the point of view of an individual.
               We have to go through the series of relationships and finally determine the relationship between the two people in the question. The relationship can just be given as a simple statement or as a statement made by a person
First of all choose the two persons between whom the relation is to be established

Next pinpoint the intermediate relationship through which long relationships can be established between the requires persons

Finally conclude the relationship directly between the two persons as required in the question



Grandmother’s son

Father or Uncle

Grandfather’s only son


Mother’s or father’s mother


Daughter’s husband


Husband’s or wife’s sister


Brother’s son


Brother’s daughter


Uncle or aunt’s son or daughter


Sister’s husband


Brother’s wife


Granson’s or granddaughter’s daughter

Great grand daughter
Mother or father's son                          Brother

Mother's of father's daughter                        Sister
Mother or father's brother                            Uncle

Mothers or fathers sister                               Aunt

Mothers or fathers father                              Grandfather

Mothers or fathers mother                            Grandmother

Son's wife                                                        Daughter-in-law

Husbands or wifes brother                             Brother-in-law

Grandsons or geand daughter                                   Great grand daughter
Children’s of same parents                            Siblings
In addition, remember the word SPOUSE which can mean HUSBAND or WIFE.
To develop a blood relation tree, some standard symbols are used to indicate the relationships among the family members. It is not compulsory to follow them; You can design your own symbols to draw the family tree quickly and accurately.

To draw a family tree, first of all identify the males and the females and then try to put each member at the appropriate position in the tree.

P is male = P,   P is female = P
P and Q are married to each other P  Q
P and Q are sibling = P ↔ Q
      P and Q are R’s children = R

Approach to draw the family relations diagram

1) Identify the persons who are in the given information.

2) Identify who are male and who are female.

3) Determine the generations of family.

4) Identify the positions and generation of the family members and draw the diagram with
   relationships among family members using notations.

5) Once the diagram is filled you can Solution the given question.


If the question is "How is A related to B". Then you must know the gender of A to answer the question. Without knowing A's gender, you cannot determine the relation from A to B

If a person is Uncle or Aunt to "A", A is that person's nephew (if A is Male) or niece (if A is female)
Cousin is a common Gender (I mean, you can use this word for both Male and Female)

Ex : A says to B, "you are the son of my grandfather’s only son".
How is B related to A?
How is A related to B?

Ans :      B is Brother of A.
My grandfather’s only son = A's father (grandfather's only son means only ONE  son.. No other son and no daughter also)
                 A is either brother or sister to B
A and B are siblings. B is brother to A as we know the Gender of B. But we don’t              know the Gender of A. So we can’t say whether A is Brother or Sister to B.

Generations : 

-2 Generation : Grand father and Grand Mother (Maternal & Paternal)
-1 Generation : Mother, Father, Brother, Sister, Brother-in-Law, Sister-in-Law, Cousin
+1 Generation : Son, Daughter, Son-in-Law, Daughter-in-Law, Nephew, Niece
+2 Generation : Grand Sons and Grand Daughters

1. Pointing to a photograph, Rajesh said, “She is the mother of my mother’s mother’s daughter”. How is Rajesh related to the woman in the photograph?

Solution: My mother’s mother’s daughter means either my mother or my mother’s sister. Mother of my mother or my mother’s sister means my maternal grandmother. Therefore the man is the maternal grandson of the woman in the photograph.

2. Pointing to a boy in the photograph, Minakshi said, “His sister is the only daughter of my father”. How is the boy related to Minakshi’s father?

Solution: My father’s only daughter means Minakshi herself. She is the sister of the boy in the photograph. This means the boy is the brother of Minakshi. Therefore he is the son of Minakshi’s father.

3. Introducing Madhuri, Anil said, “She is the wife of my mother’s only son”. How is Madhuri related to Anil?

Solution: My mother’s only son means Anil himself. Now Madhuri is the wife of that person, means she is the wife of Anil.  

4. Pointing to Kajol, Ajay said, “Her mother’s only daughter is my mother”. How is Ajay related to Kajol?

Solution: Here in this statement Ajay’s mother is the only daughter of his maternal grandmother.

His maternal grandmother is the mother of Kajol (because Ajay points to Kajol and says her mother - means Kajol is Ajay’s mother.

5. Rahul said to Raveena,“Your only brother’s sister is my mother”. How Raveena is related to Rahul’s maternal grandmother?

Solution: Here the statement ends with my mother, means Rahul’s mother and she is the sister of Rahul’s maternal uncle (mama) and he is the only brother of Raveena, means either Raveena is Rahul’s mother or maternal aunt (maasi).Now the question is how Raveena is related to Rahul’s maternal grandmother. It can be clearly identified that she is the daughter of Rahul’s maternal grandmother.

         1.      A is the mother of B and C. If D is the husband of C. What is A to D.

            A.     Mother             B.  Sister                      C. Aunt                        D. Mother-in-Law

Answer: D.

A is the mother of C and C is the wife of D.
So, A is the mother-in-law of D, or D is the son-in-law of A.

2. A man said to a lady, "Your mother's husband's sister is my aunt." How is the lady related to the man?

             A.     Sister                B.  Daughter                C.  Mother                   D. Granddaughter

Answer: A.
Lady’s mother husband – Lady’s father;
Lady’s father’s sister – Lady’s aunt.
So, lady’s aunt is man’s aunt and therefore lady is man’s sister

3.  A told B that C is his father's nephew. D is A's cousin but not the brother of C. What relationship is there between D and C ?
              A.     Father              B. Sister                       C. Aunt                        D. Mother

     Answer: B.
     A has two cousins C and D. Since C is male, D must be female.
    And, both are the nephew and niece of A's father.

4. Pointing towards a person, a man said to a woman, “His mother is the only daughter of your father.” How is the woman related to that person?

        A.     Sister                B. Daughter                 C. Mother                    D.  Wife

Answer: C.
The only daughter of woman’s father is herself.
So, the person is woman's son.
i.e., the woman is the person’s mother.

5. Pointing out to a girl a man said "My uncle is the uncle of this girl's uncle". How is the man related to that girl

       A.     Cousin             B. Brother                    C. Father-in-law                       D. Father

Answer: D.
The man's uncle and the uncle of girls uncle is the same person.
So he may be the father or uncle of the girl.

6.  Pointing to a man in a photograph, a woman said, "His brother's father is the only son of my grandfather." How is the woman related to the man in the photograph   Ans: A

        A.     Sister                B. Aunt                        C. Grandmother           D.Daughter
  Answer : A
Only son of woman’s grandfather – Woman’s father;
Man’s brother father – Man’s father.
So, the woman is man’s sister.

7.  A told B, "The girl I met yesterday was the youngest daughter of the brother–in–law of my friend’s mother." How is the girl related to A's friend?

       A.     Niece               B. Cousin                     C. Friend          D. Daughter

Answer: B
Daughter of brother–in–law –-> Niece;
Mother’s niece –-> Cousin.
So, the girl is the cousin of A's friend.

8.  A and B are young ones of C. If C is the father of A but B is not the son of C. How are B and C Related?

A.     Niece and Uncle    B. Daughter and Father    C. Niece and Uncle D. Daughter and Mother

Answer: B.    C has two children A and B, if A is his son, B must be his daughter.

9 A man pointing to a photograph says. "The lady in the photograph is my nephew’s maternal grandmother." How is the lady in the photograph related to the man’s sister who has no other sister?

A.     Mother–in–law      B. Cousin          C. Sister–in–law          D. Mother

Answer: D.
The lady is the grandmother of man’s sister’s son
i.e., the mother of the mother of man’s sister’s son.
i.e., the mother of man’s sister.

10. The mother of Ranbir is the only daughter of  Neetu's  father. How Neetu is related to Ranbir?   
A.      Sister                   B. Mother                 C. Aunt                        D. Can’t determine

           Answer: Mother       
          Explanation: Only daughter of Neetu's father = Neetu only.
           The mother of Ranbir is Neetu, so Neetu is the mother of Ranbir :D

  11. Amit is the son of Ajit's grandfather’s only daughter. How is Ajit's father related to Amit?
    1. Grand Father    B. Uncle          C. Father          D. Data Inadequate
             Answer: Father

Explanation: Ajit's grandfathers only daughter means Ajit's mother. Amit is the son of Ajit's mother. So, Amit and Ajit are Siblings. Ajit's father is Amith's father too

12.  Pointing to a boy Rekha said, "He is the son of my mother-in-law's only Child". How is the boy related to Rekha?

a.       Son                     B. Grand Son               C. Nephew                   D. Brother

         Ans: Son
Explanation: My mother-in-law's only child = Rekha's mother-in-law's only child = Rekha's husband. The boy is the son of the Rekha's Husband. So obviuosly Rekha is the mother to that  boy and that boy is the Son of Rekha.

13.  B is the husband of C. A is the sister of B. D is the sister of C. How is D related to B?
a.       Son                     B. Uncle          C. Sister-in-Law           D. Can’t be determined
               Ans: Sister-in-Law
                Explanation:  B is Husband and C is his Wife. 
A is the sister of B, so A is the Sister-in-Law of C (Husband’s sister)
D is the sister of C so; D is the Sister-in-Law of B (Wife's Sister)

14.  Pointing towards a girl, a Person said, "She is the only daughter of the only son of the wife of the father-in-law of my wife". How is the girl related to the Person?
a.       Niece                  B. Daughter                 C. Sister           D. Daughter-in-Law
             Ans : Daughter
 Explanation: Father-in-Law of my wife = Father in Law of the Person's Wife = Person’s Father.
Wife of the Father-in-law of my wife = Wife of the Person's Father = Person's Mother.
Only son of Person's Mother = That Person only (because Person's parents don’t have any other child)
So, she is the only daughter of Person as the Person does not have any other Children.

15  In a family, there are six members A, B, C, D, E and F. A and B are a married couple, A being the male member. D is the only son of C, who is the brother of A. E is the sister of D. B is the daughter-in-law of F, whose husband has died. How is E related to C ?

               A.     Nephew           B. Daughter                 C. Sister           D. Son-in-Law

Answer : B.

A is a male and married to B.
So, A is the husband and B is the wife.
C is the brother of A. D is the son of C.
E, who is the sister of D will be the daughter of C.
B is the daughter-in-law of F whose husband has died means F is the mother of A.
Hence, E is the daughter of C.

 16. There are six persons A, B, C, D , E and F. C is the sister of F. B is the brother of E's husband. D is the father of A and grandfather of F. There are two fathers, three brothers and a mother in the group. Who is the mother ?
A.     E                B. D                 C. B                 D.A

Answer : A.

D is father of A and grandfather of F.
So, A is father of F. Thus, D and A are the two fathers.
C is the sister of F. So, C is the daughter of A.
Since there is only one mother, it is evident that E is the wife of A and hence the mother of C and C and F.
So, B is brother of A. There are three brothers. So, F is the brother of C.
Hence, E is the mother.

17 . There are six persons A, B, C, D , E and F. C is the sister of F. B is the brother of E's husband. D is the father of A and grandfather of F. There are two fathers, three brothers and a mother in the group. Who is E's husband ?

A.     A                     B. B                 C. C                 D.F

Answer : A.

D is father of A and grandfather of F.
So, A is father of F.
Thus, D and A are the two fathers.
C is the sister of F. So, C is the daughter of A.
Since there is only one mother, it is evident that E is the wife of A and hence the mother of C and C and F.
So, B is brother of A. There are three brothers.
So, F is the brother of C.
Hence, A is E's husband.

18.Six members of a family ABCDE and F are travelling together. B is the son of C but C is not the mother of B. A and C are married couple. E is the brother of C. D is the daughter of A. F is the brother of B. How many male members are there in the family ?

             A.     4                      B.3                   C.2                   D.1
Answer : A.

E (Brother) C (Husband) A (Wife)
F and B (Sons) D (Daughter)
A is the wife of C and their daughter is D. The ramaining members are male members.


1. A man pointing to a photographer says "the lady in the photograph is my nephew's maternal grandmother" .How is the lady in the photograph related to the man's sister who has no other sister ?

      A.    Cousin             B. Sister-in -law          C. Mother        D. Mother-in-law

Solution: Clearly the lady is the grandmother of man's sister's son that is the mother of the mother of man's sister's son that is the mother of man's sister. Hence the answer is C

2. A woman going with a boy is asked by another woman about the relationship between them .The women replied,"My maternal uncle and the uncle of his maternal uncle is the same". How is the lady related with that boy?

      A.    grandmother and Grandson                                        B. Mother and son

       B.     Aunt and nephew                                           D. None of these

Solution: Clearly the brother of woman's mother is the same as the brother of the father of boys maternal uncle .So, the women’s mother's brother is the boy's maternal uncle's father ,Thus the woman's mother's brother's son is boy's maternal uncle that is ,woman's mother's brother's daughter is boy's mother .So the woman and boy's mother are cousins. Thus the woman is boys aunt .Hence the answer is C

3. Pointing out to a lady, Rajan said,"she is the daughter of the woman who is the mother of the husband of my mother ."Who is the lady to Rajan ?

      A.    Aunt                B. Granddaughter       C.  Daughter               D. Sister

Sol: The relation may be analysed as follows

Mother's husband --Father; Father’s mother --Grandmother ; Grandmother's daughter -- Father's sister, Father's sister --Aunt

Hence, the answer is A

4. Pointing towards a person a man said to a woman "His mother is the only daughter of your father . How is the woman related to that person?

       A.    Daughter                     B. Sister                      C. Mother                    D. wife

sol: The only daughter of woman's father is she herself ,so the person is woman's son that is the woman is the person's mother .Hence the answer is C

5. Pointing to a lady in a photograph, Shaloo said, "Her sons father is the son-in-law of my mother," How is shaloo related to the lady ?

A.Aunt                        B. Sister          C. Mother                    D. Cousin

sol: Lady's son's father is lady's husband .So the lady's husband is the son -in law of shaloo's mother that is the lady is the daughter of shaloo's mother .Thus Shaloo is the lady's sister . Hence the answer is B

6. Anil introduces Rohit as the son of the only brother of his father's wife. How is Rohit related to Anil

A.    Cousin                   B. Son             C. Uncle                      D. Son-in-law

sol: The relation may be analysed as follow

Father's wife --Mother, Mother’s brother --Uncle, Uncle’s son --Cousin

So , Rohit is Anils Cousin .Hence answer is A

7. Pointing towards a person in the photograph Anjali said "He is the only son of the father of my sister's brother” . How is that person related to Anjali?

A. Mother                   B. Father         C. Maternal uncle        D. Brother

sol: Relation may be analysed as follow

Sisters brother -- Brother, Brother’s father -Father, Father's son -Brother

So the person in the photograph is Anjali's brother .Hence the answer is D

8. Rita told Mani,"The girl i met yesterday at the beach was the youngest daughter of the brother-in-law of my freind's mother” How is the girl related to Rita's friend ?

A. Cousin        B. Daughter                C. Nice            D. Friend

sol: The relation may be analysed as follow

Daughter of brother -in-law --Niece: Mother niece --Cousin: so the girl is the cousin of Rita's freind . Hence the answer is A

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