Friday, August 16, 2013

India at 66

Our country celebrated its 66th Independence Day. In this connection list of  what was & wasn't achieved during this long journey.


In India, 42.5% children under 5 are underweight and 69.5% are anaemic. The world average for underweight children (under 5) is 16%. (LSQ)

Mortality Rate

Under MDG, India has to reduce Under Five Mortality Rate (U5MR) to less than 39 per 1000 live births by 2015. U5MR in 2011 was 55. At the current progress rate, India is expected to reach the MDG target. (Source: PIB)

Housing Shortage

Housing shortage in urban areas estimated at 18.78 m units at the beginning of 12th Five Year Plan (2012). (LSQ)

Poverty Level

From 2004-05 to 2011-12 poverty fell by 2.24% annually. In absolute figures, the number of poor fell by 138 million during that period. But as per Millennium Development Goals, India is required to halve the percentage of population below the national poverty line by 2015... (Source: Newspaper reports)

Maternal Mortality

Target 150 per lakh live births in 2015. During 2007-2009, MMR was 212. At current rate of progress, MMR likely to reduce to 139 per lakh live births in 2015. (Source: PIB)

Power Access

More than 400 million people in India are still without access to electricity. (Source: World Bank)

Health Expenditure

India's total health expenditure per capita (2009) is $44, lower than China's $191, Bhutan's $91 and S Lanka's $65. (Source: WHO)

Use of drinking water sources

Only a fourth of India's population (2011) has access to piped water in their homes. However, 92% of the people have access to improved water sources. (Source: Unicef, 2013)

Sanitation facilities

Use of sanitation facilities: Half the population defecates in the open (2011). Only 35% have access to proper facilities. (Source: Unicef, 2013)

Milk, fruit and vegetables

Per capita availability of milk, fruit and vegetables in the country is 290 gram, 200 gram and 401 gram, respectively, which is comparable to the World average, according to information furnished by the government in the Lok Sabha.

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