Thursday, August 8, 2013


The ‘My Stamp’ scheme was inaugurated by Honorable Sri.B.V. Sudhakar Garu, Chief Post Postmaster General, Andhra Pradesh Circle  at Medak Head Post office on 06/08/2013. 

As per the scheme, the user can use his or her photograph as a stamp and send out their mail. 

Sri. S. Kanka Malleshwar Rao, Supdt of Pos, Sri. Y. Venkateshwarlu, ASPOs Siddipet, Sri. B.Srinivas, ASP (Hqrs), Sri. K. Ananth Ramkishan Rao, IPO (North), Sri. A. Ramulu, Postmaster, Medak HO, Sri. B. Harshvardhan, System Administrator, Medak HO, Sri. M.Sandeep Kumar, Marketing Executive, Sri. J.Dilip Kumar, Sri. N. Santhosh, Sri. L.Dakya, Sri. Ch. Harish were part of the opening function.

Logos of institutions, designs of heritage buildings and any other photos of the people’s choice could also be personalized in the stamps. The price for a ‘My Stamp’ sheet containing 12 personalized stamps will be Rs 300. Identity proof such as ration cards and voter’s id should be produced along with photocopies to apply for the scheme. School students can produce their school identity cards along with photocopies,

Salient Features:

"My Stamp" is the brand name for personalized sheets of Commemorative Postage Stamps of India Post.

The personalization is achieved by printing a thumb nail photograph of the customers' images and logos of Institutions or images of artwork, heritage buildings famous tourist places, historical cities, wildlife or other animals and birds, etc. alongside the selected Commemorative Postage Stamps.

Customer will be fully responsible for his/her Soft Copy/Hard Copy photograph quality. The customer will also be responsible for any issues of propriety of the image brought by him for printing on "My Stamp" sheets, including copy right issues. The customer is required to be present in person with his/her subjects, Photograph in hard/soft copy.

Note: For issue of "My Stamp" and individual, the photograph of any one not present personally will not be entertained for "My Stamp".

To get personalized "My Stamp", the customers will have to fill in the form indicating choice of stamps from the available stamp sheet lets and to deposit Rs. 300/- along with his/her colour photo (with white background) clicked or provide the same in hard/soft copy.

My Stamp requires only ID proofs issued by any State or Central Govt. Departments. A sheet of 'My stamp' contains 12 Postage Stamps.

Applications for 'My Stamp' from corporate customers will also be considered. The application along with Order Form needs to be submitted by an authorized signatory. A minimum quality of 500 sheets will be mandatory for corporate customers. Images or Logo of the corporate organizations can be printed alongside the stamp.

The customer may request for "Mt Stamp" to be delivered by post.

 It may be delivered by Registered post or Speed post. The delivery charges will be borne by the customer.

Note: The Department of Post is not responsible for any technical fault and delivery delay due to technical fault or shortage of stock.

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