Sunday, August 18, 2013

Never give up-There is Strength in Numbers

సంఘటితం గ పోరాడితేనే విజయాన్ని సాధించగలం.
బలహీనులను అణచివేసే గుణం మానవులకు మాత్రమె కాదు జంతువులలో కూడా ఉంది . కాని  సంఘటితంగా పోరాడితే ఎంతటి సమస్యనైన ఎదుర్కోవచ్చు అని తెలియ చెప్పే ఈ వీడియో ను  చివరివరకు  తిలకించండి . ఒకే గుంపు లోని చిన్న గీదే ను సింహాల సమూహం వేట ఆడి పట్టుకుంటే వాటి బారి నుంచి  దాన్ని కాపాడిన గేదల ధైర్యాన్ని చుడండి.  సంఘటితం గ పోరాడితేనే విజయాన్ని సాధించగలం. 

Mankind has always looked to animals for answers regarding our own survival. 

The comparison of the butterfly emerging from the cocoon teaches us that the struggle is necessary to survive. The butterfly must struggle to break free from the cocoon. In doing so, it forces the fluid from the body into the wings. Without the struggle the butterfly would never fly and therefore die.

 Here, we learn another lesson – “There is Strength in Numbers”. 



In this video (filmed at Kruger National Park in South Africa) we get to see rare footage of a pack of wild buffalos taking a stance for one of their babies against a pack of wild lions.  

We should always remember that, yes, there is strength in numbers and sometimes all that is needed is for two or three to be in unison in order to take on the enemy.

characters from the video here… 

1. Lions: The Rulers or the power house. Go and get it character 

2. Buffalo cub: The Struggler or the weaker individual. 

3. Alligator: The Opportunistic individual.   

4. Buffalo herd: Weak individuals but strong and united as a team   

5. Cameraman: The Independent and unbiased author  

So what else can we take personally from this unique video from the web. There is a lot that can be taken from this video. One of the things that I felt was that this video was a great example of the power of perseverance. 

At any moment that calf could have given up his fight for life, just laid down and not resisted the frontal attacks by the lions or the crocodiles. If so, he may have been dead even before the herd had a chance to even attempt a rescue. Do we at the first sign of any resistance find ourselves giving in to heavy pressures? Or are we similar to this calf and fighting fully for our dreams and in all actuality, our life?

Or how about the power in numbers? Just the sheer numbers of that herd was enough to scare off a pack of lions. In our Online pursuits, the power of numbers can never be under estimated! Could you use the support of others giving you much needed encouragement whenever times seem to be at their roughest? Who couldn’t?! How about others pushing you to chase your pursuits and accomplish your goals?

From the baby buffalo:

  • There is always hope.   I thought the baby buffalo was a goner, but he might just make it

  • Keep your friends and family close.  You just never know when you’re going to need them

From the lions:

  • Don’t rest on your laurels.  From the lions perspective, they thought they had lunch made in the shade.  They shouldn’t have been so sure of themselves

From the buffalo herd:

  • Take care of the ones you love, especially the young ones

  • If you can get the support of your friends and family, you can accomplish just about anything, including taking on a pride of lions.

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