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This model paper prepared and compiled by Akula. Praveen Kumar, SPM, Papannapet Sub Office-502 303, Medak Division, Andhra Pradesh(9849636361,8019549939)

Disclaimer:All questions/Information provided in this post are Compiled by A. Praveen Kumar for in good faith of M.T.S Exam aspirants. The types of questions, number of questions and standard of questions may be vary in actual examination. This is my predictions only. Author of blog does not accepts any responsibility in relation to the accuracy, completeness, usefulness or otherwise, of the contents. Utmost care has been taken to prepare the model cum practice paper as per syllabus prescribed by India Post.

 This is a Model cum Practice paper only.


 PART-A, PART-B, PART-C (i) for all Circles

PART-C (ii) for Andhra Pradesh Circle only (Telugu Language)


                                                          MTS MODEL CUM PRACTICE PAPER

Time: 90 minutes                                                                            



1.      Answer all the Questions. All questions carry equal marks.


2.       Round off the appropriate choice in OMR sheet.


                                     PART-A (GENERAL KNOWLEDGE) 
1.The 2014 football world cup is scheduled to be held in 
A. China                         B. Japan                         C. Australia                 D. Brazil
2. Who among the following got the Bharat Ratna award before becoming the president of India?
A. R. Venkatraman       B. Dr. Rajendra Prasad       C. Dr. Zakir Hussain  D. W. Giri
3.  First University in India was founded at
A. Calcutta       B. Bombay         C. Delhi          D. Madras
4. Which of the following planets rotates clock wise?
A. Pluto           B. Jupiter               C. Venus                    D. Mercury
5. How many times the preamble was amended 
A. Once           B. Twice              C. Thrice                    D. Four times
6. Under which five year plan did agriculture show a negative growth?
A. 1st Plan             B. 2nd Plan      C. 3rd Plan       D. 4th Plan
7. Which of the following involves chemical change?
A. Rusting of iron                      B. Burning of wood -
C. Reduction of wood               D. All the three

8. Which of the following is a submarine of the Indian Navy?
A. INS Virat    B. INS Sindhurakshkr    C. INS Rajali     D. INS Vikr├únt
9. Shivpuri National Park of Madhya Pradesh is important for 
A. Tiger and Elephant                         B.Wild Buffalo
 C. Birds                                                D. Leopard and Chital
10. Which is the International Date Line? 
 A. Equator      B. 0o Longitude    C.90o East Longitude    D. 180o Longitude
11. National Institute of Rural Development is located at
 A. New Delhi     B. Mumbai     C. Hyderabad    D. Kanpur
12. The song ‘Jana-Gana-Mana’ composed by Rabindra nath Tagore was first published in January 1912 under the title of 
A. Rashtra Jagrati        B. Tatva Bodhini     C. Bharat Vidhata  D. None of the above
13. Which of the following sites has been included in UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites?
A. Chilka Lake       B. Dal Lake        C. Nagin Lake    D. Sunderbans National Park
14. Who, out of the following, was the first recipient of Bharat Ratna Award?
A. B.C. Roy        B. S. Chandrashekhar   C. C.V. Raman    D. Gobind Ballabh Pant
15. Who among the following Rajput kings defeated Muhammad Ghori for the first time?
A. Prithviraj III      B .Chalukya Bhim    C. Jaichandra    D. Kumar Pal
16. In how many ways can a batsman be out in cricket?
A. 8                          B. 9                    C.10                     D.11
17. The waterfall Victoria is located in  
A. Canada     B. USA               C. Zimbabwe     D. India
18. Which of the following states receives most of the rainfall during the retreating monsoon season? 
A. Andhra Pradesh     B. Punjab   C. Tamil Nadu    D. Kerala
19. When is the ‘International Women’s Day’ observed?
A. March 8                  B. February 14               C. May 10    D. October 2
20.FFC stands for 
A. Foreign Finance Corporation                      B. Film Finance Corporation
C. Federation of Football Council                    D. None of these
21. India's first fast breeder neutron reactor was 
A. Zerlina       B. Apsara       C. Purnima-1     D. Kamini
22. The title given by the British Government to Mahatma Gandhi which he surrendered during the non-cooperation movement was 
A. Hind Kesari           B.Kaiser-e-hind      C. Raj Bahadur       D. Rt. Honorable
23. An anti British outfit ‘Abhinava Bharat’ was founded by 
 A. R. G.Bhandarkar   B. C.R.Das       C. V.D. Savarkar        D.Sardar Bhagat Singh
24. Which of the following is not a constitutional body?
A. Election Commission                         B. Inter State Council  
C. Finance Commission                          D. National Advisory Council
25. Who invented super Computer? 
A. J.H.van Tassel   B. J.Kurtz    C.Babbage    D.J.G.Kemeny
                    PART-B  ( ARITHMETIC)                     
26. 4.2 x 4.2 - 1.9 x 1.9
2.3 x 6.1
 = ?  
A. 0.5                          B.1                               C.1.9                           D.2.5
27.  3 x 0.3 x 0.03 x 0.003 x 30 = ?
A. 0.0000243              B. 0.00000243             C. 0.00243                  D.0.000243
28. A number when divided by 6 leaves a remainder 3. When the square of the same number is divided by 6, the remainder is:
A.0                              B.1                               C.2                              D.3
29. Ten years ago, A was half of B in age. If the ratio of their present ages is 3:4, what will be the total of their present ages? 
A.25                            B.35                             C.45                            D.55
30. The difference between the length and breadth of a rectangle is 23 m. If its perimeter is 206 m, then its area is:
A.1520 m2                  B.2420 m2                  C. 2480 m2                 D.2520 m2
31. A merchant has 1000 kg of sugar, part of which he sells at 8% profit and the rest at 18% profit. He gains 14% on the whole. The quantity sold at 18% profit is:
A.400Kg                     B.650Kg                     C.600Kg                     D.640Kg
32. A can complete a journey in 10 hours. He travels first half of the journey at the rate of 21 km/hr and second half at the rate of 24 km/hr. Find the total journey in km.
A.220Km                    B.222Km                    C.224Km                    D.226Km
33. If 8 men can reap 80 hectares in 24 days, then how many hectares can 36 men rap in 30 days?
A.350                          B.400                           C.425                          D.450
34. A man borrowed Rs. 3125 for compound interest and it amounted to Rs. 4500 in 2 years. The rate of compound interest per annum is
A. 30%                        B.25%             C.20%                         D.15%
35.  Pointing to a man in a photograph, a woman said, "His brother's father is the only son of my grandfather." How is the woman related to the man in the photograph?  
 A. Sister                    B. Aunt           C. Grandmother                  D. Daughter
 36. A and B invest in a business in the ratio 3 : 2. If 5% of the total profit goes to charity and A’s share is Rs. 855, the total profit is :   
A. Rs1425                   B.Rs1500        C.Rs1537                    D.Rs1576
37. In an examination, 35% of the students passed and 455 failed. How many students appeared for the examination?
A.490                          B.700               C.845                          D.1300
38. A train moves past a telegraph post and a bridge 264 m long in 8 seconds and 20 seconds respectively. What is the speed of the train?
A.69.5Km/hr                        B.70Km/hr                C.79.2 Km/hr         D.79Km/hr
39. The difference between the cost price and sale price of an article is Rs. 240. If the profit is 20%, the selling price is:
A.Rs1200                    B.Rs.1240                   C.Rs.1260                   D.Rs1220
40. A fruit seller sells mangoes at the rate of Rs. 9 per kg and thereby loses 20%. At what price per kg, he should have sold them to make a profit of 5%?
A. Rs11.81                  B.Rs12                        C.Rs.12.25                  D.Rs.12.31
41. If simple interest on a certain sum of money for 4 years at 5% per annum is same as the simple interest on Rs. 560 for 10 years at the rate of 4% per annum then the sum of money is 
A.Rs1190                    B.Rs1120          C.Rs 1210                 D.Rs1160
42. Compound interest of the amount of Rs.7500 /- in two years is Rs. 927 /-.What is the percentage rate of interest per year?
A. 5.4%                       B. 8%              C. 6%              D. 8.4%
43. Some boys are sitting in a row. P is sitting fourteenth from the left and Q is seventh from the right. If there are four boys between P and Q, how many boys are there in the row?
A.22                B.23                 c.24                 D.25
44.  'CIRCLE' is related to 'RICELC' in the same way as 'SQUARE' is related to—
A. UQSERA   B. QUSERA               C. UQSAER               D. QSUERA
45.  How many D's are there in the following letter-series, which are preceded by K and followed by Q ?
A. 4                             B. 2                  C. 1                 D. 3

46. Ravi goes 5 km towards North from a fixed point. Then he goes 3 km after turning to his right. After this he goes 5 km turning to his right. In the end he goes 4 km after turning to his left. How far and in what direction is he now from the fixed point?
A. 4 km, West                       B. 7 km, East             C. 9 km, East             D. 7 km, West

A housewife saved Rs. 2.50 in buying an item on sale. If she spent Rs. 25 for the item, approximately how much percent she saved in the transaction
A. 9%                                      B. 8%                          C. 10%                        D.7%
48. A man bought a number of oranges at 3 for a rupee and an equal number at 2 for a rupee. At what price per dozen should he sell them to make a profit of 20 %
A. Rs.7                                    B. Rs.8                                    C.Rs.6                         D. Rs5
49. The area of a rectangle is 460 square meters. If the length is 15% more than the breadth, what is the breadth of the rectangular field?
A. 23m                                    B.20m                                     C. 25m                        D.26m
50. How long does a train 110 meters long running at the speed of 72 km/hr take to cross a bridge 132 meters in length? 
A. 9•8 sec      B. 12•1 sec                 C.12•42 sec               D. 14•3 sec 

                                                           PART-C (I)
                                                 GENERAL ENGLISH
Directions—(Q. 51-53) In the following questions, groups of four words are given. In each group, one word is wrongly spelt. Find the mis-spelt word and indicate your correct response.

51. A. Unaccompanied    B. Boutique      C.  Budgetting         D. Mosquitoes   
52. A. Physique                   B. Preferring     C. Seize                  D. Brillient       
53. A. Carrier                      B. Carreer          C. Courier              D. Barrier        
    Directions—(Q.54-55) In each of the following questions, out of the given alternative, choose the one which best expresses the meaning of the given word.
54.Government by a single person 
A. Monarchy     B.  Plutocracy   C. Autocracy      D. Aristocracy
55.A person who has no money to pay off his debts 
A. Debtor       B. Beggar       C. Pauper      D. Insolvent
Directions (Q 56-57) In the following the questions choose the word which best expresses the meaning of the given word.
56. BARE  
A. Uncovered            B. Tolerate              C. Clear      D. Neat
57. BROWSE   
A. Heal            B. Deceive              C. Examine      D. Strike
Directions (Q 58-59) In the following the questions choose the word which best expresses opposite meaning of the given word.
A. Denied      B. Concealed      C. Ignored         D. Overlooked
A. Property    B. Debt       C. Treasure    D. Assets
Directions (Q 60-62)  Fill in the blanks with correct Prepositions
60. I met him ______ the afternoon. 
A. by     B. in         C. on      D. to
61. Can you agree_____my proposal?
A. to    B. too        C. with            D. into 
62. The servant is attending.... him?
A.  on        B. with      C. for        D. upon 
Directions (Q 63-64)  Fill in the blanks with correct  articles
63. I am going to _________market to by vegetables.  
 A. a                      B. an               C. the            D. none
64. India will become__ super power shortly
A. a      B. an      C. the            D. No article
Directions : Select the correct Question Tags.
65. I am honest  
A. didn’t I?     B. am I?      C. am not I?       D. aren’t I?
Directions: Select the proper suffix.
66. Look  
A. ably      B. able      C. ing               D. eri
Directions: Identify the type of sentence
67. Shakespeare has written dramas appealing to all people of all ages 
A. simple present                  B. present continuous
C. past perfect                        D. present perfect
Directions:  Select the correct plural forms.
68. Fiction 
A. fiction    B. fictions     C. fictionia       D. fictionese
69. Belief  
A. beliefs     B. believes    C. belives    D. beliefings
70. Choose the sentence with correct Punctuation
A. Mr. Raju could you meet me tomorrow?
B. Mr. Raju , could you meet me tomorrow.
C. Mr. Raju could you meet me tomorrow.
D. Mr. Raju, could you meet me tomorrow?
Directions : Identify the Part of speech of the underlined word in the following sentence
71. John, as well as his wife, has come
A. Conjunction                     B. Preposition   C. Adverb   D. Adjective
72. We grew up together
A. Adverb                  B. Adjective     C. Preposition     D. Noun
73. Choose the set of words which are in the alphabetical order 
1) Celebration, celebrity, center centimeter
2) Celebration, celebrity centimeter, center
3) Celebrity, centimeter celebration, center
4) Center, centimeter, celebrity celebration
Directions: In each of the following questions, a sentence has been given in Direct/Indirect Speech. Out of the four alternatives suggested select the one which best expresses the same sentence in Indirect/Direct Speech.
74. He said to her, "May you succeed !" 
 A. He told her that she might succeed.
B. He prayed to god that she may succeed
C. He Wished her success
D. He said to her that she might succeed.
In each of the following questions, a sentence has been given in Active(or passive) Voice. Out of the four alternatives suggested select the one which best expresses the same sentence in Passive(or Active) Voice
75. He was arrested on a charge of theft, but for lack of evidence he was released.
A. He was arrested on a charge of theft, but was released for lack of evidence
B. The police arrested him on a charge of theft, but for lack of evidence he was released.
C. The police arrested him on a charge of theft, but for lack of evidence released him.
D. None of these.


1-      D , 2-C   , 3-A  ,  4- C , 5- A  , 6-C  , 7- D , 8- B , 9- C , 10-D  , 11-C, 12-C, 13-D  ,14-C   ,15- B  , 16-C, 17-C, 18-C, 19-A, 20-B, 21-D, 22-B,23- C , 24-D ,25-A, 26-B  , 27-C  , 28- D  , 29- B , 30-D  , 31-C  , 32-C  , 33-D  , 34-C  , 35-A  , 36-B  ,  37-B  , 38- C , 39-A  , 40-A  , 41-B  , 42-C  ,  43-D  , 44-A  , 45- B , 46-B  , 47-A  , 48-C  , 49- B , 50-B  , 51-C  , 52- D , 53- B , 54-C  , 55-C  , 56-A  , 57-C  , 58-B  , 59-D  , 60-B  , 61-B  , 62-D  , 63-C  , 64- D , 65- B , 66-B  , 67-D  , 68- A , 69- A ,70- D , 71-B  , 72- A , 73-A  , 74-C  , 75-C , 

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