Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Your face is now on a stamp-“MY STAMP’’

A postage stamp on Sachin Tendulkar was released soon after his retirement to celebrate his contribution. Many such legends have been immortalized through stamps issued by India Post. Imagine being able to find a place among these stars, to have a stamp that features yourself. Now, your picture could also be a stamp on the letter you send to your dear one. 

Under My Stamp, an individual can get their or their loved one's (including animals) photo printed alongside a designated stamp print and use the combination as a postage stamp.Logos of institutions, designs of heritage buildings and any other photos of the people’s choice could also be personalized in the stamps. 

To get personalized "My Stamp", the customers will have to fill in the form indicating choice of stamps from the available stamp sheet lets and to deposit Rs. 300/- along with his/her colour photo (with white background) clicked or provide the same in hard/soft copy. On payment of Rs. 300, customers will be given 12 personalised stamps in a sheet and each stamp would be worth of Rs. 5.

For Details : Contact at Your nearest Post Office

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