Sunday, January 25, 2015

Is Republic Day of significance to the younger generation of Indians?

This Monday, January 26, the nation will celebrate Republic Day -- it will have been 66 years since India became a sovereign state and our Constitution was first implemented.

Unfortunately, today's youth doesn't seem to take much interest in the significance of Republic Day other than to rejoice at the fact that it is a holiday. The channel is switched when a live broadcast of the President addressing the nation is beamed on television and most youngsters are discussing how best they can take advantage of a bonus day off from work.

Do you believe that young citizens of the nation take pride in their country on Republic Day?

Is the occasion one of national significance to them?

The young citizens Of India observe the Day as holiday or a day of amusement. Even few of my friends are planning where to party in day. They are very busy with their money making policies. They don`t bother about the significance and sacrifice of the freedom fighters. Most of the people of India have to earn to meet their day to day expenses-- So, They are less interested to know the importance or significance of Republic day.

People have become more money minded. They have less respect for the country and its martyrs.

I receive plenty of emails wishing me on the Republic day. I ask them what a Republic is; none of them are able to answer. Some of these people are M.Techs, and yet none of them answer. Some of them say it is Democracy. I say no, there are many Republics that are not Democracies and many Democracies (such as UK) that are not Republics. Most of these people work in the IT sector. They all have an education to be proud of, yet are not able to define or explain the word Republic.

This is the fact.

Let me clear one thing ALL YOUNGSTER (including me) love our country just as we love our respective mother. We do celebrate 15th August with TRI COLORS and FLAG CEREMONIES with full spirit and faith, Distributing Foods & Cloths to poor and do something for the society around you, work more for social activities like Sramadhan, Swach Bharath, awareness on literacy at slum areas, work for the needy people. BUT As our former president of INDIA, Mr. APJ Abdul Kalam has said, LOOK INTO MIRROR and ask yourself before pointing out fingers on others, WHAT HAVE YOU DONE FOR YOUR OWN COUNTRY?

I am also celebrating this republic day with some social activities. I expect from you also.

Pl tell the importance of Republic day and Independence day to your child and let them to be participate some things for the society on these days.

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