Friday, February 21, 2014

DA Merger & 7th CPC Terms of Refrence News

Merger of D.A., granting interim relief and enhancing superannuation age are definitely being actively considered by the Govt.  Hindu Business lines and Vijaya Karnataka News papers has published it was discussed in the union Cabinet meeting & same has been approved. As per news paper reports the decisions taken are to refer to 7th CPC regarding DA merger &  IR. If these reports are true then we have to wait for next week for notification orders. 


The  Government has not issued any statement so far on this issue Finance Minister Shri P Chidambaramwill visit Australia as per the schedule he will attend the G20 meeting on February 22 and 23, followed by investor conferences on February 24 and 25. and if the above reports are not correct then it is most likely that cabinet will take any decision only after his return from abroad. So good news may be expected in the next weekend. 

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