Tuesday, June 24, 2014

How to Prepare for Competitive Examinations

Every student will have their own and different pattern to prepare for competitive exams. Most common method is byheart the subject. But it’s not so useful method for further use. So first we have to understand the subject what we are going to prepare. For example when we are preparing for groups at first we should have to know the syllabus. And then get the examination pattern and view the previous exam papers. And then we will get a basic idea about what we have to prepare.
Now in this article you’ll get some basic and most useful tips for preparing competitive exams and how to get success in an easy way. So follow our ultimate tips about competitive exams and get success at first attempt.

Follow Schedule Timings:

Most successful people say’s that they prepared for competitive exams for minimum 12 to 14 hours per a day. But every one doesn’t need that much of time. Because when we do this type of study we can’t understand the content perfectly and there are chances to loss our memory permanently. So we have to give a gap between preparations. For example we have to do study 2 hours and then give half an hour gap and then prepare another 2 hours. This type of study gives you mind relaxation and it gives most strength to prepare for exams.

Important Content Preparing:

Another common mistake every one do’s that they read every lesson page to page, each and every word of the lesson. In this method they will forget the important content of the lesson and they remember only the simple and straight forward method in the lesson. To escape from this type of problem at first once we have to read the lesson and underline the important matter in the lesson. And we have to note down the important content in a separate book. Because, writing is a one of the great methods to remember the important matters in the subject and it is also a helpful technique to improve our writing skills for obtaining good marks in exams.

Reading Books Regularly:

For some examinations we have to do too hard work. Hard work means not to expose physical stamina. That means we have to read number of books and need to gather useful content. For example if we want to know about the topic ‘geography’ we read only one book about the subject. But only one book does not give complete information about the geography. So we should need to read number of alternative books about geography. Like this, when we start reading any particular subject we need to read number of alternative books. So it gives much information about the subject. For useful books we should need to go to library every day.

Conduct Self Examinations:

We have to examine by ourselves it will gives good hand writing, memory and time saving in competitive exam. At first collect previous year examination papers and then conduct exam by yourself. Prepare new question papers by yourself or by your lecturers or experts. It will help to increase student’s mental stamina. Like this we have to self-examine number of times. In many top and successful coaching centers this is a most common method they use to prepare their students properly. For good own preparation there are number of question banks, study materials are published by experts and available in market.

What We Have To Prepare?

Prepare toughest problems at first and apply easy methods to solve the problems. And then go for the easy one. Thus, you can save the time for exam. Read important paragraphs and questions then go for other questions. When you know perfectly about the subject then teach that subject to your friends. That increases your memory power.

Competitive Spirit:

In competitive exams we can’t get success at once. We can able to receive failure and success equally once we failure in the exam it’s not means that we cannot get the success forever. Failure is the first step for success. So that’s why we have to prepare mentally strong to receive the result. We need to know about those people who got success already in previous competitive exams. It is not important to obtain their methods but it gives an inspiration for our career. This is called competitive spirit it’s very important for those who trying for success very hardly.


To prepare competitive exams coaching is a very important thing because we can read number of books for preparation but we cannot understand everything so easily. That’s why we have to approach our lecturers or advisers that who can explain it easily to you. For this, there are so many coaching centers are available. In coaching institutes the faculty is more experienced and they will give correct advice to solve the problems and how to prepare for exams in a simple way.

Discuss The Subject With Friends:

When we know a little about the subject we should need to express the doubts with your friends and core students. And it boost up our eagerness to know more about the subject and you can request your friends to know more about the subject and make a discussion about it at weekly once. And it gives fresh thoughts how to prepare for competitive exams.

Before The Examination:

Before examination we don’t have to read because it makes stress in our mind. Just we have to rewind the whole syllabus what we prepared previously. Some people take books in examination center and then read them so eagerly before the exam. In that time only some answers of questions will keep in our mind that what we read at last. So it’s becomes a big problem in an exam because we can’t get back answers of other questions quickly. So only we can write one question answer perfectly what we read before the exam eagerly. So we have to avoid reading before the examination time.

In Examination Time:

Few minutes before the examination we should have to relax ourselves and then read the question paper first to last and mark the questions what you can answer perfectly. Maintain good hand writing give a space between Para to Para and word to word. Write answers in an order. When you are writing objective type test first mark the answers that you know perfectly. Leave what you don’t know because in competitive exam you can gain negative marks for wrong answers. That’s why carefully answer the question. After marking the well-known answers you go for the next what you don’t know the question answers. But don’t waste the time because time is very important while competitive exams. Five minutes before the exam time coming to over you have to recheck the answer sheet that you can sure you didn’t make any mistake.

So friends follow our tips if useful and get success in competitive exams. God bless you and best of luck.

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