Monday, June 23, 2014

PHL wins int’l world mail award

The Philippines was honored on the international stage anew after the Philippine Postal Corp. bagged a coveted award in the prestigious World Mail Awards in Germany this week.

PHLPost, which won the People Management category of the World Mail Awards 2014 in Berlin, said it bested two programs from Belgium Post.

"Its wide-ranging employee program aimed at dramatically enhancing this Postal Services credentials as a champion for social inclusion. Faced with the challenge of supporting remote and vulnerable communities, the government turned to this Postal Service to distribute cash payments and emergency aid to individuals and families stricken by poverty and natural disasters," 
the World Mail Awards said of PHLPost.

"Through investment in its people, this Postal Service has been able to achieve a step-change in performance, bringing much needed assistance to the people who need it most," it added.
Postmaster General Josefina dela Cruz said she looks forward to more progressive years for the corporation.

She said PHLPost has been inspired and even more challenged to take bolder steps to become relevant and sustainable.

“We owe it to every employee, especially to the letter carriers, all the triumphs and successes the corporation receives. This only attests that we are heading on the right path. With this award we could only go forward and continue to be of service to our fellow Filipino,” 
she said in a statement.

Earlier, Dela Cruz made a presentation showing the challenges PHLPost faced as well as the innovations it made to become a relevant postal service provider.

“Today, we can say that we were right in taking the path of re-engineering. That we are victorious against a situation where others thought to be improbable to reverse. We are now starting to reap the fruits of our labor,” Dela Cruz had said.

PHLPost said World Mail Award is the postal sector’s most prestigious international award giving body.

Earlier Thursday, it posted on its Twitter account a photo of the World Mail Award for People Management.

"Philippines won the much coveted #WorldMailAward in Berlin Germany," 
it said.

Last May, 
PHLPost said it was chosen as a finalist in the World Mail Awards 2014 organized by Triangle Management Services Ltd. in Berlin, Germany.

"Finalists of this award are judged according to their excellence in people 
management practice in areas such as change management, partnership with unions, motivation, raising performance, training and development," it added.

It also said World Mail Award "recognizes excellence and innovation at all levels and areas of business from successful customer service initiatives to ground-breaking technological advances."

The World Mail Award, which was launched in 2000 to publicize best practices in the 
mail industry, has categories that include Internet Commerce, Innovation, Customer Service, Airline of the Year, Industry Leadership and Technology, Transformation, Quality, Corporate Social Responsibility, People Management and Retail Project Award.

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