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Postal Assistant Exam Typing & Computer test information

Disclaimer: - All the Information provided in this post are Compiled by A. Praveen Kumar, SPM, Papannapet SO-502303 Medak Division, Telangana State for in good faith of Postal Assistant exam aspirants.  Author of blog does not accepts any responsibility in relation to the accuracy, completeness, usefulness or otherwise, of the contents.

Postal Assistant Exam Typing & Computer test information 

Part-II will be of 100 marks. Time duration is of 30 minutes (15 minutes each for computer typing test and Date entry test respectively)

Part-II will be of qualifying nature with minimum of 40% for OC, 37% for BC and 33% for SC /ST candidates.

The final merit shall be prepared on the basis of the aggregate marks obtained by the Applicants in the Aptitude Test (Paper I) only subject to their qualifying in Computer/Typing test (Paper II). i.e., there will be no marks for Typing/Data entry test. You have to just qualify the minimum criteria in Paper-2 and final merit list shall be prepared on the basis of marks of Paper-I only.
Typing Test Pattern: -

Typing test will be divided in to two sections:

1) Computer typing Test:

This test will evaluate Candidate’s Computer typing efficiency. Candidates are required to type a passage in English/Hindi (450 words passage for English& 375 words passage for Hindi) within the duration of 15 minutes.

Typing Speed: - Recommended typing speed for selection is 25-30 words per minute (WPM).

Only candidates opting for Hindi script test will have to give Hindi typing test. It’s upon your personal preference. English typing is considered easier to learn and pass. You can choose either English or Hindi for typing test.

The typing test and test of data entry operations will be conducted on Computer key board but not on type writer.

2) Data-Entry test:

This test will evaluate Candidates data-entry efficiency. Candidates are required to type figures, letters and manuscript data within the duration of 15 minutes.

Typing Speed and Accuracy tests allow you to check a candidate's typing speed and accuracy automatically based on existing documents or documents you create.

Data Entry Speed and Accuracy tests allow you to check a candidate's alphanumeric or numeric data entry speed and accuracy automatically; based on existing forms

Qualifying Criterion & Evaluation Criterion for Paper II:

There were two Tests running on personal computer i.e. Typing and Data Entry test each is of 15 minutes duration.  Marks obtained in Typing and Data Entry test have been added and the minimum qualifying criterion is applied i.e. 40% (40Marks) marks for OC, 37% (37 Marks) for OBC and 33% (33 Marks) for SC / ST for "Qualifying" the computer typing / data entry test.

Example: If an OC candidate scores 23 Marks in Typing Test and scores 18 Marks in Data Entry "Qualifies" with Total Score as 41.
Evaluation Criterion:-

For Typing Test (in English) Net Speed 30 WPM = 20 Marks. Application software evaluates the Typing test for correctness and speed.

For Typing Test (in Hindi) Net Speed 25 WPM = 20 Marks. Application software evaluates the Typing test for correctness and speed.

For Data Entry Test (English) Applicant is given 50 Alphanumeric Forms each of 50 characters (7 fields) to do the data entry in 15 Mts. Application software evaluates the forms for correctness and speed. Each completely Correct Form scores 1 mark. Twenty Correct Data Entered Forms = 20 Marks. Form’s mark (1) has been equally divided into number of field in that record. i.e. if 3 fields are correct in a Form of 7 fields then the candidate gets 1*3/7=.43 for that Form.
For Data Entry Test (Hindi): Applicant is given printed hard copy to do the data entry using computer in 15 Mts. Correctness and speed has been evaluated manually similar to Data Entry Test (English). 

The passage may contain many difficult words, punctuations, capital words etc. So be very careful while typing.Each word carries equal marks. So if you type 200 words (Every five correct key strokes consist a word) but all correctly then you are considered qualified. Suppose if anybody types with a speed of 30 wpm and completes the entire paragraph but makes lots of mistakes his true speed would not be 30 wpm. It would be the time taken to write the correct words not the wrong words. Hence the speed would drop. Similarly if you only type 200 words (all correct) and leave the remaining, then the remaining would be considered negative. It is my guess and believe it is so. Otherwise how they would judge the speed and accuracy

The below formula is my guess only and not officially announced by India Post. India post not mentioned, how they would judge the speed and accuracy.

1. For typing test, calculation will be like 
net typing speed * 2/3 (or)
net typing speed / 30 (qualification marks decided by examiners) * 20 (minimum cut off).

Net speed in type*2/3= type marks...

Example if net type speed is 36...the 

marks will be 36*2/3=24....and D.E 

marks will be added.

Backspace is allowed until you press space bar.. be 

concentrated.. maintain accuracy.You cannot do 

backspace once you press space bar. so practice 

good and type well.

It will be conducted on some software’s like Typing Master etc...and not on word or excel.

So be very careful while typing. Soon after the computer typing exam your result will be displayed on the computer monitor like your average speed, errors you have done while typing etc.

You can practice computer typing please visit the following web sites

2. For Data Entry, twenty Correct Data Entered Forms = 20 Marks. Form’s mark (1) has been equally divided into number of field in that record. i.e. if 3 fields are correct in a Form of 7 fields then the candidate gets 1*3/7=.43 for that Form.

In data entry exam you will be given data like address, phone numbers etc. Here also the cut off may be around 2500 keystrokes per minute. This test is much easier than the above one. This test mainly concentrates on the speed of number entering without error. After the completion of exam the result will be appeared on the screen.

You can practice data entry please visit the following web sites

Typing tests measure two things, speed and mistakes, so when you take typing speed test, do not look only at your speed, look also at the number of your mistakes and concentrate on reducing your mistakes rather than increasing your typing speed. The end result will be increased productivity.

WPM is an abbreviation of Words-Per-Minute. Confusingly this does not literally mean whole words, as one might find in a dictionary, but rather word-units.
For speed to be comparable, it must be measured in standard units. In the case of typing speed if we used actual words for the WPM measurement then typing speed test results would not be comparable unless everyone used the same texts for their respective typing speed tests - which would give us the additional factor of memorisation so, the word-units we use are artificial.
One word-unit is five keystrokes. Thus, "typed" is one word-unit, "type on it" is two word-units (spaces count as keystrokes too).
 Typing technique
Make sure you feel comfortable at your computer. Adjust your chair so your arms comfortably reach the table at a 90-degree angle. Make sure your wrists are straight. Sit up straight in your chair with your back resting against the chair. Place both feet on the ground.
Whether you’re taking a typing test, preparation is an important factor in the outcome. The best way to prepare is to work on your technique; sit comfortably and practice tests that are similar to the one you’ll have to take.

 Use All Your Fingers

 Learn how to type using all your fingers – not just your two pointer fingers. Even though you may be able to type quickly with two fingers, you can type even faster with practice if you use all your fingers to do the work. Typing lessons can help you learn which finger to use to type each letter. This memorization can help your brain direct your fingers to the letters you need without requiring you to look at the keys. As you teach your fingers to find the keys, you can look at the screen to see what you’re typing instead of watching your fingers, which will further increase your typing speed.

Avoid Seeing:
Yes, you should not see the keyboard while you type. You should have military level of discipline. Look at the screen or the source paper. After you are familiar with the finger placements you can try this. While riding bicycle, what will you see? The road or the pedals

 Practice a Similar Test

Not all typing tests are the same. You might take a three- or five-minute typing test, or it may be longer. The test might not allow you to press the backspace key. It might be in the form of a game, or it might be a simple paragraph you must read and copy. If you can, find out the format of the timed typing test you’ll be taking. Look on-line for free on-line typing tests that are similar to what you might encounter during your test.

 Keep Corrections to a Minimum

While it’s important to type quickly with as much accuracy as possible, going back to correct mistakes can slow down your typing speed considerably. Practice finding the correct keys the first time so you don’t have to worry about errors. Use discretion when choosing which errors to go back and correct.
The material you are tested on will most likely be something you’ve never seen before. Chances are you won’t have an opportunity to read over the material beforehand. To prepare for your test, practice typing things with which you’re not familiar. Don’t worry about whether you understand what you’re typing; just focus on typing it correctly.
Also, be aware that not all computer keyboards feel the same way. Although it will still be a QWERTY keyboard, which is the standard computer keyboard, the keys may feel a little different when you type on it. They might stick a little more or be a little touchier than the ones on the keyboard you use to practice. Another thing to consider is your surroundings. If you’re not used to typing in different surroundings, it may be a good idea to try out a new location. Doing these things might help you feel more relaxed when you take your typing test.

 Touch Typing

Touch typing is typing without looking at the keyboard. The idea is to teach your fingers the location of each keys. Typing Speed is measured in Words Per Minute (WPM), commonly used in typing test examination and recruitment. For the purposes of WPM measurement a word is standardized to five characters or keystrokes. Therefore, “write” counts as one word, but “understand” counts as two words and blank space also count as one character.

Key ideas
1) Place your indexes on 'F' and 'J'.
2) Use same finger all time to type each key.
3) Don't look at the keyboard, your eyes should always look at the screen

A. Full Mistakes: The following errors are treated as full mistakes:--
-- For every omission of word/ figure.
-- For every substitution of a wrong word /figure.
-- For every addition of a word / figure not found in the passage.

B. Half Mistakes: The following errors are treated as half mistakes:--
(i) Spacing Errors: Where no space is provided between two words, e.g. ‘Ihope’ or undesired space is provided between the words or letters of a word e.g. hope I have, ‘I hxxave’.

(ii) For every spelling error committed by way of repetition, or addition or transposition or omission or substitution of a letter/letters, e.g. the word
‘spelling’ typed as ‘seeplings’ etc.

(iii) Wrong Capitalisation: Wrong use of capital letter for small letter and vice-versa. (This does not apply to Hindi typewriting scripts).

-A. Praveen Kumar, SPM, Papannapet SO-502303 Medak Division, Telangana State

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