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Disclaimer: -The Postal Assistant/Sorting Assistant Examination Key is prepared by Akula. Praveen Kumar, Sub Postmaster, Papannapet SO-502303 (Medak Division Mob no. 9849636361), Telangana State, in good faith of Postal Assistant exam aspirants. Author of blog does not accepts any responsibility in relation to the accuracy, correctness of answers or otherwise, of the contents.




Question Booklet Series-C

1. How many teams are participating in IPL 2014?
Ans.:B: 8

2. Who is the deputy speaker of Lok Sabha at present?
Ans.:C: Kariya Munda

3. Who is presently the chairman of the finance commission?
Ans.: A : Dr Vijay L Khelkar

Yv Reddy  is the chairman of 14 Finance commission. But now 13th commission is on running .

4. The Vidhan Sabha of Haryana is ___ and comprises ____ members of legsilative Assembly.
Ans: :A: Unicameral, 90

5. What is the motto of ICC
Ans:C:  Great Sport and Great Spirit

6. Open market operations mean:
Ans: B: Purchase and sale of securities by the Central Bank

7. Which of the following does not affect credit creation power of Commericial Bank.
Ans:B: Statutory liquidity ratio

8. How many players are there in each side of a Basketball game:
Ans.:A: 5

9. O2, CO2 and N2 being the life supporting gases are chiefly concentrated in:
Ans. :C: Troposphere

10. The Chipko Andolan is asscociated with:
Ans. B: Trees

11. Instrument for measuring humidity .
Ans:A: Hygrometer

12. Female reproductive part of flower
Ans: A : Pistil

13. A stick immensed in water appears bent due to
Ans:  : C

14. If a question arise whether a bill is money bill or not
Ans: B : speaker of house of people

15. Which article of constitute of India
Ans: A : 122

16. Constitution of Parliament as per article 79 of the
Ans: B : President, council of states and the house of the people

17. In the freedom movement of India the year 1930  is associated with
Ans: A: Dandi March

18. Where is the tomb of Shahjahan is  situated
Ans: B : Tajmahal

19. Balghat mines is famous for
Ans: A: Bauxite deposits

20. Longest day in Southern hemisphere
Ans: C: Dec 21

21.Which of the following extreme locations connected by East West corridor
Ans: C : Silchar and porbandar

22.” Jagannath Pahadia “ is present Governor of
Ans: B: Haryana

23. Next Winter Olympics will be held at
Ans: D : Pyeongchang, south korea

24. Dadashaeb Phalke award for the year 2013 awarded to
Ans: C: Gulzar

25.Who is the Chief Justice of India as on date
Ans: B: Rajendra Mal Lodha


Question Booklet Series-C

26. Arun can build up a structure in 8 days and vinod____
Ans: A: 7 by 1/3 days

27. The average age of a husband and wife who were_____
Ans: B : 2 years

28. Pramod takes twice as much time as alok_____
Ans: B: 6 days

29. A train croses a platform in 30 seconds ______
Ans: B : 300 meters

30. The area of a circle  is 1386 sq cm what is _____
Ans: A : 132 Cm

31. If Rs 500 amount to Rs583.20 in 2 years compounded annually  ___
Ans:B : 8%

32.  The ratio between the present ages of Daisy and Rosy.____
Ans: C : 31 Years

33.In how many years, a sum will  thrice_____
Ans: B: 20 Years

34.Manju saves Rs 200 at the end of each year and ___
Ans: B : Rs 662.02

35. The Simple interest accured on an amount of Rs 25000___
Ans: C : Rs 9012.224

36. The radius of a circular wheel is 1.75 meters___
Ans:D :4000

37. A sum of money divided among 160 males____
Ans:D : 280

38. If A:B= 3:4 and B: C=5:6 then A;b;C=?__
Ans: D :15:20:24

39.43+Suareroot 7+86-158_______
Ans: B : 841

40. 3+1/  ___
Ans: C; 1

41.919.999+25.002X 13.996___
Ans: C : 515

42. Meena bought a mobile set with 20% discount___
Ans: C :Rs 20000

43. Sohan purchased an item for rs 6500 and sold___
Ans: B: loss of Rs 52

44. If (58)2 is added to the square of a number______
Ans: C : 94

45. The product of two consecutive odd numbers_____
Ans: B: 91

46. A numer consists of 3 digits whose sum is 10____
Ans: A:

47. The difference between 88% of a number____
Ans: D: 2025

48. one third of the marks scored by Ram___
Ans: C: 48

49. The length and width of rectangular wall____
Ans: C : Rs 20160

50. The circumstance of a circle is twice the perimeter of a rectangle____
Ans: A : 2625 Sq cm


Question Booklet Series-C

51. Three out of four are collective nouns except one____
Ans: B : Tree

52. Plural of the word die which means stamps for coining
Ans: B : Dies:

53. Identify the wrong pair of singular_____
Ans: D: goose-Gooses

54. those grapes___Sour
Ans: A:  Are lasting

55. Ram___ to Kolkata yesterday______
Ans: A: Went

56. Identify the wrong sentence_____
Ans: D : She is seeming sad

57. Ravi said “ I am fond of tea”
Ans: C;  Ravi said that he was fond of tea

58. the teacher said “ India became free in 1947”
Ans: B: The teacher said that India became free in 1947

59. He said that it might rain that day
Ans: A: He said “It may rain today”

60. Indulge
Ans: A :  Regress

61. Repulsive
Ans: D: Attractive

62. Frivolous
Ans: C:  trivial

63. Uncouth
Ans: A; Unmannerly

64.The tiger  was moving___ the herd of buffaloes
Ans: B: Towards

65. The old man may not live__ the winter
Ans: B : by

66. Butter is made__ milk
Ans: D : From

67. A sub Inspector is two ranks___ a DSP
Ans: A : Below

68.I have not seen Tony lately. He is nearly_____
Ans: D: 6

69. Govind reads quite clearly
Ans: C :Quite

70. Identify the sentence in which word is used as adverb
Ans: A: He spoke in a loud voice

71. _____bold word used as conjunction
Ans: D : 1,2,3 and 4 all

72.  In which of the following option, the conjunction joins two words only
Ans: C :  two and two make four

73. Such an act would not be kind____it were just
Ans:B: Even if

74. point out the sentence with coordinating conjunction _
Ans: A : He ran away because he was afraid

75.  Three have the singular and plural alike exceptone__-
Ans: D: Ox


Question Booklet Series-C

76. In certain code ‘INTERCHANGE” is writtenas_____

77. If “+” means “-“, “-“ means “X”______
Ans: C : 5

78. Hindhi students who study English but not Maths are represented by
A ns: C : 2

79. English students who study_____
Ans: D : 5

80. Which number represent who study Hindi, English___
Ans: B; 3

81. If Praveens mother was Sohans____
Ans; C : Maternal uncle

82. How many female members are there in the family___
Ans: C: Two or three

83. How is A related to D
Ans: C : Grandson/ Granddaughter

84. Which of the following statement is definitely true___
Ans: C : F is father of the engineer

Ans: A : 144516178

86. Odd one out
Ans: D : Parrot

87. Odd one out
Ans: D : Kanpur

88. Odd one out
Ans: D : Female

89. Select the missing number from the given responses____
Ans: D :  None of these

90.3, 15, 35,?, 99
Ans: B : 63

91. Rajeev is twice as old as Sanjeev but twice younger_____
Ans: C : Ramesh and Neeraj

92.  A is b brother, C is D’s father,, E is B’s mother____
Ans: A : Wife

93. Ajeet  is older than Bimal but younger than Saleem____
Ans: B : Jai

94. Lata walks 14 meters towards west, then turns to _____
Ans:C : 24 meters

95. A group of friends are sitting in an arrangement one each_____
Ans: A : Ramesh

96. Which one of the given responses would be______
Ans: B: i,iii,v,ii,iv (Infant,Child,Adolescent,Audlt, Old)

97.rekhas position from the right is
Ans: C : 13

98.After exchange of positions between Bela and Manju____
Ans: B : 12

99. Originally Nitas position from the left is
Ans: D :14

100.  If GUN= 42, MUST= 73, then VEIN =?
Ans: B : 50

-Akula. Praveen Kumar, Sub Postmaster, Papannapet SO-502303 (Medak Division Mob no. 9849636361), Telangana State

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