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Disclaimer: -The Postal Assistant/Sorting Assistant Examination Key is prepared by Akula. Praveen Kumar, Sub Postmaster, Papannapet SO-502303 (Medak Division Mob no. 9849636361), Telangana State, in good faith of Postal Assistant exam aspirants. Author of blog does not accepts any responsibility in relation to the accuracy, correctness of answers or otherwise, of the contents.




1. Which of the following state does not have legislative council?
Ans :D : Madhya Pradesh

2. The latest addition in fundamental duties under Article-51A of the constitution Ans: A: Providing opportunities for the education to the child or ward___

3. 21. As per the constitution of India, the state legislature shall consist of 
Ans: D: Either A or B

4.  If for a period of __ a member of either house of the parliament is without the permission of the house absent from all meetings thereof the house may declare his/her seat vacant
Ans: C:60 days

5. Which amidst the following was not a fort of the Maratha ruler Shivaji?
Ans: D:None of these

6.  Among the Following Who introduced the vernacular press Act?
Ans: A: Lod Lytton

7. Who was the founder of Vijainagar Empire?
Ans: C: Harihar and Bukka

8. Ten degree Channel is situated between?
Ans: C:Little Andaman and Nicobar Islands

9. The equator does not pass through which of the following countries?
Ans: B: Maxico

10. Earth is made up of more than 100different elements. Arrange the following four important elements in order of their importance (High to Low). Which constitute in the combination of earth ?
Ans: D: Oxygen, Silicion,Aluminium,Iron

11. Match the following

Ans: A
Poise - Viscosity
Farad – Electrical Capacitance
Kelvin – Temperature
Calorie – Quantity of Heat

12. Three of the following four are alike in a certain way and so form a group. Which is the one that does not belong to the group ?
Ans:B:  Argentina

13. Brass contains 
Ans: A: 70 % copper and 30 % Zinc

14. The atomic number of carbon is 12 it means that carbon atom contains
Ans: A: 6 protons and 6 electrons

15. Freezing form of water is same on these scales
Ans: Centigrade and Reaumer

16. BOD is measure of
Ans: D: Biochemical oxygen demand

17. The waterborne bacterial disease cholera caused by
Ans: A:Shigella

18. which of the following act governs the foreign exchange rules in india
Ans: A: FEMA

19. BIFR Stands for 
Ans: B:Board for Industrial and Financial Reconstruction

20. What is the motto of the Olympic games 2020
Ans: D: Discover Tomorrow

21. Who among the following is not a Padma Vibhushan awardee 2013?
Ans: D: Rahul Dravid

22. Find the Odd one out ?
Ans: A: FIFA world CUP

23. First women who was to be inducted in ICC umpires panel belongs to which country ?
Ans: D:New Zealand

24. BIMSTEC summit was held recently at
Ans: C:  Myanmar

25. Which of the Following does not involve chemical reaction?
Ans: D: Melting of candle wax on heating


26. If 12276 ____
Ans: B : 7.92

27. The value of [(1/4)....
Ans: C : 3

28. 5 5/8 / 6 3/7.... ?
Ans: D: None of these

29.The average age of man and his son is 28 years. Six years hence the ratio of ages is  12: 5
Ans: B: 14 years

30.Tthe average of the middle....?
Ans: C: 43/90

31.If 8 men or 12 women can do a piece of work in 25 days. in how many days can the same work be done by 6 men and 11 women
Ans: 15 days

32. Rs 782 divided into three parts proportional to the fractions
Ans: A: Rs 204

33.  Sum of two numbers is equal to sum of square of 11 and cube of 9. Larger number is (5)2 less than square of 25. What is' the value of the sum of twice
Ans: C : 420

34. A well has to be dug that is to be 22.5 m deep and diameter 7m. Find the cost of plastering
Ans: C : Rs 1980

35. A metal cube of edge 12 cm is melted and formed into three smaller cubes. If the edges of two smaller cubes are 6 cm and 8 cm
Ans: B: 10 cm

36.A sum of money at simple interest amounts to Rs. 815 in 3 years and to Rs. 854 in 4 years. The sum is:
Ans: C: Rs 698

37. A policeman sees a chain snatcher at a distance of 50m. He starts chasing the snatcher  who is running wit a speed of 4 m/s while the policeman chasing him with a speed of 6 m/s. find the distance covered by the chain snatcher when he is caught by the policeman
Ans: B: 100 m

38. A cistern is normally filled in 8 hours; but takes two hours more to fill because of leak in its bottom
Ans: C:  40 hours

39. The average of four positive integers is 73.5. The highest integer is 108 and the lowest integer is 29. The difference between the remaining two integers is 15. Which of the following is the smaller of the remaining two integers
Ans: A: 71

40.If the difference between Simple interest and compound interest on certain sum of money for 3 years at 10% is Rs 15.50. find the sum
Ans: B: Rs 500

41. A publishers sells copies of books to a retail dealer at Rs 5/ per copy but allows 25 copies to be counted as 24
Ans: c: 25%

42. If the radii of two concentric circles are 15 cm and 13 cm respectively, the area of the circulating ring in sq cm is
Ans: A: 176

43. A farmer travelled a distance of 61 km in 9 hours. He travelled partly on foot @ 4 km/hr and partly on bicycle @ 9 km/hr. The distance travelled on foot is:
Ans: C: 16 km

44.A rectangle is having 15 cm as its length and 150 cm as its area. Its area is increased to 1 (1/3) times the original area by increasing only its length. Its new perimeter is
Ans: A : 60 cm

45.A radio is sold at a gain of 16%. If it had been sold for rs 20 more, 205 would have been gained. The cost price is
Ans: C : Rs 500

46.Two cyclists start from the same place in opposite direction, one goes towards North at 18 km/hr. and the other goes towards South at 20 km/hr. What time will they take to be 47.5 km .
Ans: 1 ¼

47. The length and breadth of square are increased by 40 and 30 respectively. The area of resulting rectangle exceeds the area of square is
Ans: C: 82%

48. A car travels a distance of 840 km at a uniform speed. If the speed of the car is 10 km/hr more, it takes two hours less to cover the same distance. The original speed of the car was
Ans; C: 60

49. The area of hexagon with one side is 2 m is
Ans: C

50. In an examination, a student scores 4 marks for every correct answer and loses 1 mark for every wrong answer. If he attempts all 60 questions and secures 130 marks, the no of questions he attempts correctly is :
Ans:B:  38


51. Benevolent
Ans: C: Helpful

52. Clemency
Ans: D: forgiveness

53.sita sings well sita reads quite clearly   Sita speaks very softly  Sita runs quickly
Ans: C: 

54. Adverb
Ans: C: Gloomily adverb

55. The sea is very stormy
Ans: C: adverbs of degree or quantity

56. Preposition joins a noun to adjective
 Ans: D: 1,2,3

57. Kate, Sit__ your granny, will you?
Ans: A: Beside

58. I kept __ gazing at him till i remembered
Ans: C : on

59. It is dangerous to intrude __ the enemys camp
Ans:C : on

60. Crowded opposite in meaning
Ans: A: deserted

61. Revealed opposite in meaning
Ans: B: Concealed

62. Find the odd one
 Ans: Deer

63. Plural among the following
Ans: C: Shorts

64. The plural of the cloth
Ans: A: cloths

65. Noun which vave two meanings in singular but one meaning in plural
Ans: C: Spectacles

66. Either he is mad, or he feigns madness
Ans: C: Disjunctive or alternative conjunctions

67. We_love__honour him
Ans: A: Both and

68. R.P Sing__ Amit Mishra__good bowlers
Ans: B: And are

69. By the end of this year Ram ___ saved a lot of money
Ans: B:  Will have been

70. Had the Govt made a mistake
Ans: C: Past perfect tense

71. There ___a garden in this place long ago
Ans: B: Used to be

72. I spoke to him correct passive voice
Ans: A:  He was spoken to by me

73. Do not pluck Flowers correct passive voice
Ans: B: let flowers not be plucked

74. The tourist said “Where is the booking office” reported speech
Ans: B: The tourist enquired where was the booking office

75. He requested her to wait there will be returned
Ans: D: He asked her “ Kindly wait here till I return


76. Which of the following combinations persons in group c
Ans: C: WSV

77. Who earns less than only X
Ans: A: U

78. How many of the earn more than V
Ans: A: Two

79. The one who earns the least in which grade
Ans: C: C

80. Kavitha is mother-in- law of Beena, who is the sister-in-law of Asish_______
Ans:D : Mother

81. If 1st and 26, 2nd and 25,3rd and 26_______________
Ans: C: JQ

82. “C” is place which is located 2 km  away in the northwest direction____
Ans: B: West

83.  Five friends are sitting in a row_________________
Ans: B : L

84. A$ B means A is the father of B
Ans: B

85. Sukanya remembers that her bothers birthday____
Ans: B : 17th

86. In a row of girls Deepthi is 18th from____________
Ans: C : 23 girls

87. If southeast becomes North_____
Ans: A: South West

88. Segregate : ?::  reapir : damage
Ans: C : Unify

89. Detective: Information:: Reporter :
Ans: C : News

90. Income: Profit:: Expenditure:
Ans: B : Loss

91. Ans: B

92. Ans: B: 2

93. 136 vehicles are parked in a parking lot____
Ans: B : 63

94. A train leaves Mumbai with half the number of _____
Ans: C : 45

95. If INFRASTURUCTURE is written as____
Ans: B : 543769

96. In a certain code language____
Ans: C : na dana cro

97. Arrange the following in a meaningful order
Ans: D: 4,5,1,2,3

98. Arrange the following words according to dictionary
Ans: C : 1,5,4,3,2

99. Odd one out
Ans:B : C

100. Odd one out
Ans: B : Silver

As per my opinion the cut off would be as follows (Not sure, approximately as it is depend on number of posts available, competition and question paper)

General - 70 to 75 marks

OBC- 65 to 70 marks

SC/ST- 58 to 65 marks

-Akula. Praveen Kumar, Sub Postmaster, Papannapet SO-502303 (Medak Division Mob no. 9849636361), Telangana State

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