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Questionnaire on CBS.

No: 16-01/2013-Inspn.Government of India ,Ministry of Communications & IT ,Department of Posts (Inspection Unit) , Dathavan, Sansad Marg, New Delhi 110001. Dated: 15.05.2014
1. A11 Heads of Postal Circles,
2 A11 Unions.
3. A11 Principals, Postal Training Centres,
4. Director RAKNPA Ghazíabad,
5. Army Postal Directorate, New Delhi
Subject: Supplementary Inspection Questionnaire of HO / SO and BO relating t0 CBS.

Department of Posts has launched Core Banking Solution (CBS) in several Post Offices across the country as part of IT induction programme. The application is presently working satisfactorily in nearly 300 HOs / SOS and will be expanded further in due course of time. 
2. Inspection Division in support with FS Division has developed a supplementary set of questionnaire on CBS to monitor its performance for proper implementation. The copy of the questionnaire is enclosed. This set of questions is supplementary to existing Inspection Questionnaire of HO / SO / BO. It is reiterated that these questions are in addition to existing questions laid down in the present questionnaire.

3. 4Circles are requested to circulate the questionnaire to its subordinate units for using the same While inspecting the units Where CBS has been rolled out. It is also requested that Circle may forward suggestions / recommendations to further improve the questionnaire. 
4. Receipt of this letter may be acknowledged. 
Enclosures: Supplementary Questionnaire on CBS Wm .
 Director (PO & Inspection) Sh. Víneet Pandey, DDG (FS), Dak Bhawan, New Delhi Supplementary Inspection Questionnaire On Core Banking Solution (CBS) .
See reconciliation report provided by Infosys at the time of migration is available? Whether Copy ofthe same has been provided to SBCO and Divisional Head? Examine exception report if any given by Infosys at the time of migration and suggest remedial action. 
See as to whether, Manual Records have been migrated to CBS / Finacle Application? lf no, make a note of it and take remedial action. Have all Signatures (Digitized & Manual) been migrated to CBS / Finacle Application? See signatures of at least 10 accounts in Finacle CBS Application. 
4. Talk to the Concerned Staff and See if any issue observed with the migrated data. This section is related to the smoothness of the daily operations and support being provided to Post Office. 
Whether staff working has been adequately trained in operating Finacle CBS. Any Suggestions for improvements? 
 Whether supervisory staff is regularly verifying pending transactions during Whether job Aids are available on the desktop of all Counters? lf not, take remedial action to get from FSl Vendor and install the same. Whether process documents circulated by Directorate are available in soft or hard copy with Counter Pas and Supervisors? lf not, ensure that the same is made available. Whether Post Office staff is aware of the Infosys Help Desk number and mail iD'? How many important issues are pending for soiution? Ensure that post office staff is raising only genuine issues and mentioning their names, designation and Mobile number While raising issues through e-mail. 
Hand Holding support team: 
What is the feedback on the support provided by Infosys Hand holding/support? Any Suggestions for improvements? Whether Postmaster is taking print out of office accounts ledgers and cross verifying transactions with LOT on daily bases? lf not, direct Postmaster to do it on daily basis and ensure compliance. 
Physically verify Certificates stock with stock available in Finacle CBS Application and record results. 
Physically verify stock of blank POSB Cheque Books with Finacle CBS Application and record results. 
Verify physical cash with one or two counters with his/their Teller Cash account in Flnacle and record results. 
Educate staff Whether all active MPKBY/PRSS Agents have been given training for operating Agents Portal? Whether Agent Portal is functioning properly? See some of the agent lists Created by agents through Portal and Check results through Finaole CBS Application. See Consolldatlons of all schemes for 4 working days and verify with total of all LOTS available in the Post Office. 
13.Whether ATl\/l is installed in the Post Office premises? lf so is it working? 
14. Number of instant ATM Cards/Welcome Kits lying in stock? 
15. Collect some Passbooks from the counter and verify balance available in Finacle
CBS by using menu HACLl. Record results. 
16.Whether New Account opening Forms and CBS passbooks are available in sufficient numbers? lf no, take remedial action to ensure adequate supply. 
17. Whether SS Book is being maintained to paste Specimen Signatures of newly opened Savings accounts? if not, get the same started in your presence. 
18.Whether new Account Opening Forms (AOF) and KYC documents are being sent to CPC on daily basis and bundles received back from CPC are being preserved securely? 
19. If any pending AOFS rejected by CPC are lying in the office for rectification? 
20.Check pending N04 (a) against which NSCs are still not issued in Finacle CBS Application and ensure that NSCs have been delivered tc the customers. lf adequate stock is not available, take action to make stock available in the Post Office. 
21.Ensure that no undelivered NSCs are lying in the office
22.Have a discussion with the staff and list out major issues pending with the Helpdesk of Infosys and send to Circle SPOC for taking up further. 
23.8ee pending tickets on the part of post office where solution has been provided but tickets are pending for Closure on the part of Post Office. 
24.Whether SBCO is tailying 100% Vouchers with LOTS and writing objections in  Memo Pad for manual Corrections in LOT and Consolidation? How many memo Pads are pending foreoiosure? 
Note: - These questions are in addition to existing questions and laid down in present
questionnaire till new questionnaire is circulated. 

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