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Eligibility for promotion : - It is necessary to fix suitable standards for promotion from one grade to another, including minimum length of service in the lower grade. As far as possible, the minimum length of service in the lower grade prescribed as a condition for promotion to the higher grade should not markedly be different from that prescribed by other Departments for promotion to similar grades involving the same nature of duties and responsibilities. 

The qualifying service for promotion from one grade to another is necessary so that there is no premature promotion or undue jump in pay and also to ensure that the officer has sufficient opportunity to demonstrate his competence/potential for holding the higher post. The period of qualifying service varies from post to post depending upon the scale of pay and the experience, required for manning the higher post. Broadly, the following qualifying service for promotion from one grade to another may be followed:

Field of Promotion 
From Grade Pay 
 (in Rs.)
To Grade Pay
 (in Rs.)
Qualifying Service 
(in years)
180019003 Years
190020003 Years
190024008 Years
200024005 Years
240028005 Years
2400420010 Years
280042006 Years
420046005 Years
420048006 Years
420054008 Years
4200660010 Years
460048002 Years
460054003 Years
460066007 Years
480054002 Years
480066006 Years
540066005 Years
660076005 Years
6600870010 Years
760087005 Years
760089006 Years
870089002 Years
8700100003 Years
8900100002 Years
10000HAG3 Years
HAGHAG+Scale1 Year
HAGApex scale2 Years
HAG+ScaleApex scale1 Year

(DOPT OM No. AB 14017/61/2008-Estt. (RR) dated 24.3.2009 and dated 12.3.2010)

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