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Disclaimer: -The Postal Assistant/Sorting Assistant Examination Key is prepared by Akula. Praveen Kumar, Sub Postmaster, Papannapet SO-502303 (Medak Division Mob no. 9849636361), Telangana State, in good faith of Postal Assistant exam aspirants. Author of blog does not accepts any responsibility in relation to the accuracy, correctness of answers or otherwise, of the contents.

Question Series Booklet-A
1. As per the constitutional provision, who has the absolute and ultimate powers regarding the passing of money bills?
 Ans:-the house of the people

2:- As per the constitutional of India, the reports of the comptroller and auditor general of India relating to the accounts of the state shall be submitted to?
Ans:- the Governor of state

3:- The governor of a state is appointed by?
Ans:- president of India

4:- when cripps mission came to India, who among the following was viceroy of India?
Ans:- lord linlithgo

5:- which sikh guru was executed by Aurangzeb?
Ans:- Guru tej bahadur

6:- the most common measure of estimating inflation in India is
Ans:- whole sale price index

7:- this is an apparatus for measuring increase or rate of growth in plants?
Ans:- Auxanometer

8:- About what percent of are of our country (India) is the plateau region possessing rich reserve of minerals, fossil and forests?
Ans:- 27%

9:- The planet nearest to the sun and closest to the earth are respectively?
Ans:- Mercury and Venus

10:- Identifiy the mismatched paire
A:- smallest ocean —– Arctic ocean
B:- lowest point on earth —– Mariana trench
C:- largest ocean ——- Pacific ocean
D:- smallest continent —- Australia
Ans:- smallest continent —- Australia

11:- which country won ICC world cup T-20 match?
Ans:- Sri-lanka

12:- the amount of oxygen required by bacteria to break down the organic matter present in a certain volume of a sample water, is called?
Ans:- BOD and COD both

13:- who is the present governor of the state of Rajasthan?
Ans:- Smt. Margaret Alva

14. Who was recently appointed as interim president of BCCI board by the Supreme court of India
Ans: Sunil Gavaskar

15.Which of the following countries has become first to pass climatic Act
Ans: Canada

16.The winner of the Sahitya Akademi Award 2013 for writing Rajasthani language
Ans: Ambika dutt

17:- The chief election commissioner can be removed from office only?
Ans:- Through impeachment by parliament

18:- Hindi movie “Shahid” won two awards in 61st national film awards. This film is based on the life of?
Ans:- A murdered right to information activist

19:- who represent India in recently concluded the 2014 Nuclear security summit held in Neatherlands
Ans:- Salman Khurshid

20:- :Bharat Kesri” award is given in the sport?
Ans:- Wrestling

21:- India’s first credit bureau through which commercial banks will share credit history of the customers?

22:- The outer part of a railway track near the bend or curve is generally raised?
Ans:- To produce the necessary centripetal force

23:- The number images of an object formed by two mirrors inclined at an angle of 60 is?
Ans:- 5

24:- What is the “ motto” of Olympics 2016?
Ans:- Live your passion

25:- Pungency in chillies is due to?
Ans:- Capsaicin

Question Series Booklet-A
26The smallest number which should be added___
Ans: C : 47

27. Find the sum of first 57 natural numbers
Ans: 1053

28. 8 X 4 X2_____
Ans: B : 64

29. 57.75+7=?% of 30
Ans: C : 27.5

30. If ¼.828______
Ans: A : 2071

31. Squareroot 70-_________
Ans: c : 8

32. In a class there are 80 students_________
Ans: B : 32

33. The average age of 5 members of a family____
Ans: C: 21 ¼ years

34. Radhika, Sanya and Devika can do
Ans: A : 48 days

35.Shailendra gets Rs 380____
Ans: D: 23 days

36. There are sufficient food for 900___
Ans: D: 18 days

37. A sum of moneybecomes 5 ½___
Ans: B : 15%

38. A certain sum at a certain rate of simple interest amounts to Rs 1200___
Ans: D:  100.5%

39. Find the compound interest for a sum of Rs 9875___
Ans: A : 1429.9

40. Present age of Alka is 8 times___
Ans: D: 32 years

41. Perimeter of a rectangle is 50 cm and the length___
Ans: C : 150 Cm2

42. The salary of a worker is first increased___
Ans: A : 1 % decrease

43.By selling a table for Rs 400____
Ans: C : Rs 1000

44. A person covers a certain________
Ans: B : 32 Km/hr

45. A motorcycle is twice as fast as a car___
Ans: C : 9 minutes

46. The average speed of a car is 90 Km/hr___
Ans: B: 81 Km/hr

47.A tank is 7 m long and 4 m wide___
Ans: A : 10 km/hr

48. The total cost price of mobile set__
Ans: A : 7040

49. A vendor sells lemons at the rate____
Ans: c : Rs 24

50. The volume of a cuboid is 3840____
Ans: B : 12 cm

Question Series Booklet-A
51.An adverb is a word which modifies____
Ans: A : Verb,adverb

52. In the following question identify ___
Ans: B : Friendly Neighbors

 53. Four sentences are given, Identify the ___
Ans: B : This is a very sweet manago

54. We travelled ___Mr.Joshis Car
Ans:B : in

55. Ram goes to the office__foot
Ans: B : on

56.He lives___45 Dalal Street
Ans: B : at

57. I have been living___Panipat__twenty years
Ans:B : at, for

58. Identify the correct sentence where conjunction___
Ans: A:He visited not only Agra, but also Delhi

59. He took off his coat ___he entered the house
Ans: C : As soon as

60. Identify the sentence with subordinate conjuection___
Ans: B : I would die before I  lied

61. I will forgive you___you do not repeat the offence
Ans: B: On condition that

62.  Identify the noun having singular and plural alike
Ans: C : Sheep

63. Identify the incorrect sentence
Ans: B : His means is small but he has incurred no debt

64.The correct plural of the word “ Commando” is
Ans: A : Camandos

65. Identify the incorrect plural form of noun among the following
Ans:D : Maids-servant

66. I said to him” your brother is a brave boy”
Ans: A: I told him that his brother was a brave boy

67. The girl said “I must go to Delhi tomorrow”
Ans: B: the girl said that she had to go to Delhi the next day

68. Manish said that he was busy then
Ans: Manish said “ I am busy now”

69. I am Speaking
Ans: B : Ishall/ will have been speaking

70.  Identify the wrong sentence
Ans: C: Fortune favoured the brave

71. I ___my exercise when Hari came to see me
Ans: A: Had done

72. Vindictive
Ans: B: revengeful

73. Sycophant
Ans: C : Flatterer

74. Arrogant
Ans: D : Humble

Ans: B: Cruelly

Question Series Booklet-A
76.7,15,32,67 ?
Ans: C: 138

77. 7,9,13,21,37?
Ans: B : 69

78.A 1000,E 512, I 216,M 64,?
Ans: A : Q 8

Ans: D : 8

80. Which is the following is a pair of teachers
Ans: b: QU

81. How R is R related to U
Ans:A : Brother

82. Which of the following is a pair of husband
Ans: C : PR

83.A and B are brothers . R is the father of B_____
Ans; C : Wife

84. Three of the following four are alike in a certain ____
Ans: C : Knowledge

85. From amongst the given alternatives_____
Ans: A : 7,12,22

86. Which one of the given responses would____
Ans: C : (iii), (i), (ii), (iv)

87. Which of the following diagrams indicates the best relation___
Ans: C

88.If 841=3,932=5, 625=8, then 828=?
Ans: C : 12

89. Manju walked 30 meters towards east____
Ans: C : South East

90.  E is between
Ans: A and C

91. Whom is C facing
Ans: B : H : publisher:: Film :
AnsL C : Producer

93. 99346622
Ans: A

94. When it is 10.00 am in the cologne__-
Ans: C : 11.00 PM

95. IF “ GENERAL is written as “JHQHUDO____

96. One circle and three capsuls____
Ans; B : Z

97. Five boys A, B,C,D and E are sitting___
Ans: D : C

98. If water is called air____
Ans: C : Rain

99. If 18 January 1989 falls on__-
Ans: B : Friday

100. Which digit will appear on the face ___
Ans: A : 3

-Akula. Praveen Kumar, Sub Postmaster, Papannapet SO-502303 (Medak Division Mob no. 9849636361), Telangana State

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