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This model paper prepared and compiled by Akula. Praveen Kumar, SPM, Papannapet Sub Office-502 303, Medak Division, Andhra Pradesh(9849636361,8019549939)

Disclaimer:All questions/Information provided in this post are Compiled by A. Praveen Kumar for in good faith of Postman/ Mailguard exam aspirants. The types of questions, number of questions and standard of questions may be vary in actual examination. This is my predictions only. Author of blog does not accepts any responsibility in relation to the accuracy, completeness, usefulness or otherwise, of the contents. Utmost care has been taken to prepare the model cum practice paper as per syllabus prescribed by India Post.

This is a practice paper only.

Best of luck to all Postman & MailGuard Exam Aspirants.

                                    MODEL CUM PRACTICE PAPER

Marks: 100                                             Duration: 2 hours

Instructions to Candidates

1. Answer All the Questions
2. Each question Carries “1” Mark
3. Round off the appropriate choice in OMR sheet


                      GENERAL ENGLISH-PART-C(I)

76. In the following group of words, only one is wrongly spelt. Find the wrongly spelt word

1. Amateur              2.Embarrass                3. Ignorance               4.Millenium

77. In the following group of words, only one is correctly spelt. Find the correctly spelt word

1. Definitely            2. Bureucracy                3. Consenses            4. Questionaire

Directions: 78-79. Choose the correct one word substitution

78. A person who travels to a sacred place as an act of religious devotions

1 Hermit              2. Pilgrim                      3 Saint                         4 Merchant

79. A house for storing grains

1 Cellar              2. Store                        3.Godown                    4. Granary

Directions: 80-81: Choose the word which is most opposite in meaning to the word for the below.


1. Sinful                 2. Guilty                    3. deadly                        4. Corruption


1. Suspect             2 harm                      3. Reject                         4. Hurt

Directions: 82-83: Choose the word which is most same in meaning to the word for the below.


1. Defective           2. Untrue                  3. Incorrect                     4. Inaccurate


1. Clever               2. Enthusiastic           3 curious                         4. Devote

Directions: 84-85 Fill in the blanks with suitable form of verbs given in the brackets

84. The bell ___ (ring) and the children are all in the class

1. rang                   2 . Ringing                3. is rang                        4. ringed

85. we____(live) in this farm since 1981

1. were living          2. have been living    3. lived                           4. live

86. Arrange the list of nouns in order of their greatness

word, sentences, letter, paragrapgh, phrase

1 letter, word, sentence, phrase, paragraph

2 word, sentence, , letter, phrase, paragraph

3 paragraph,phrase, sentences,word, letter

4 phrase, paragraph, \sentence, word, letter

87. 'The heading' in writing a letter includes?

1) the greeting                            2) the writer's address

3) the address of the person to whom you are writing

4) the writers address and date

88. Choose the appropriate question to get the reply. I am from Delhi.

1) Where you are from?                2) Where are you from?

3) Where do you from?                4) From where do you come?

89. She saw me. The negative form of the sentence is---

1) She don't see me                    2) She is not seen me

3) She doesn't see me                4) She didn't see me

Directions: 90-91 Ccomplete the sentence by choosing the correct answers

90. An Aeroplane

1. Hoops                 2. Zooms                  3. Swings                4. Chugs

91. A whip____

1. cracks                 2. Roars                    3. rings                    4. bangs

Directions: 92-93. Correct the sentences by checking the underlined word

92. I met a student who hate mathematics

1 hating                  2. hated                       3. hates                  4. will hate

93. Abhinay is senior than meghana by 2 yeras

1. senior to           2. senior as                   3. senior than            4. None

94. choose the correct part of speech for the underlined words

Rama was blind   too 

1. Adjective, adverb    2. adjective, verb     3. adverb, adjective    4. verb, Adjective

Directions: 95-96 Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles

95. I saw ____boy and ____ girl riding on ___ ass

1 A. a,a,a                 2. a, the,a         3. a,a,an          4. the,the, the

96. Sri Lanka is ___Island in ___Indian ocean

1. the, the                2. an,a              3. an, the              4. the,a

Directions: 97-100 Read the following passage and answer the questions

Snake charmers present a very colourful picture, but the reality of their own life is quite grim. They wander in many places displaying yheir skills but due to new forms of entertainment, their earnings have gone down. With a little planning, their skill can be used for their better livelihood. They are very skilled in tracking and catching snakes. They can easily obtain snake poison which is used in the preparation of some medicines. They are also aware of medicinal plants which can be used for providing remedies for snake bite. They can be involved in breeding snakes in captivity to obtain their skins. This will help to check the illegal trade in snake skins for which many snakes are killed. This will prevent cruelty to snakes.

97. What are snake charmers skilled in?

1. in killing snakes                          2 in cooking snakes

3. in catching snakes                      4. in eating snakes

98. How do snake charmers earn their living?

1. By displaying their skills              2 by catching snakes

3. by killing snakes                         4. by begging

99. What type of life do snake charmers lead in the present time?

1. They live a happy life                   2. They live a life of sin

3. They live a hard life                      4. They live like snakes

100. How do we obtain snake skins?

1. By killing snakes                        2.By breeding snakes in captivity

3. By arresting snake charmers       4. By feeding the snakes on milk


1- 4, 2-1, 3-2, 4-1 , 5-3 , 6-2  , 7-4, 8-2, 9-4,10-1,11-2,12-4, 13-3, 14-3, 15-4,16-2,17-3,18-2,



55-4,56-2,57-3,58-1,59-1, 60-2 , 61-2,62-3,63-3,64-3,65-2,66-2,67-1,68-4,69-2,70-3,71-1


90-2,91-1,92-3,93-1,94-1,95-3,96-3,97-3 ,98-1 ,99-3 ,100-2

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