Monday, July 14, 2014

Why do you want to join a bank ? Or why a government job

During IBPS Interview, one of the most frequently asked question is why a bank? or why a government job?

You should answer these questions very carefully as these are critical to your selection and your answer can make or break your chances of final selection.

Well, motive of asking these questions is whether you have clarity in your thoughts and you are well aware of - why you are preparing for a bank job. Many a times, candidates just prepare for exams, as their friends are doing the same or there is some family pressure. If a interviewer comes to find out this, they consider the candidate as immature and unsuitable.

Interviewers are looikg for smart & confident candidates, who are well aware and are ready to take responsibility of their actions.

Why do you want to join a bank?
Banking sector is a sunrise sector of Indian economy. It is one of the fastest growing sector as banks are expanding their reach across the geography. As probationary Officer role is a multi-dimensional role, it offers unparalleled opportunities for learning and growth. Many of the chairman of the PSU banks had joined the bank as Probationary officers only. It gives us a glimpse of opportunities in a PSU Bank. Moreover, Banking is a very respected profession in India and we get a social status and respect as a Banker.

Why a government job?
A government job provides job security and commands much more respect in society than a private job.

By any chance, if some of your relates, parents etc are associated with a government job or bank, you should cite the example of such cases and mention that you have seen these poeple and they have been your inspiration.

What NOT to say in a IBPS Interview -

  • My friends were preparing for IBPS, hence I also prepared for the same.
  • One can earn a lot of money in government jobs (by any means)
  • My family want me to join a bank or government job
  • I want to prove to my family and friends that I can crack bank exams
  • I want to take some experience in a government job and then will move to private one
  • There are no jobs in private and hence government job

Essentially, do not tell the interviewers their you are an unaware person or you are doing it just for fun or you are being forced to do it.

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