Monday, November 18, 2013

Encouraging employees for more contributions

1.Understand your employees. 

Being the leader of the subordinate employees, the manager must be fully aware of the characteristics of each person. By having conversations every day, the manager can find our their thoughts and wants as well as changes in their thinking to help them overcome obstacles in their personal life and their work. Also, the manager should frequently ask himself if he has provided his employees with adequate information and if he deserves to be the person for them to rely on.  

2.Create the desire to make a breakthrough. 

Encourage employees to make great changes to improve if you want them to do a great job. 

3.Connect employees' responsibilities. 

Not all employees in the same department can understand their colleagues' duties. The manager has to explain clearly the role of each person in the big picture, especially when taking a new task. 

4.Focus on new activities. 

The manager himself has to try to do something new and appear to be passionate so that his employees must also be engaged. Find out what makes the employees feel excited and empowered and create conditions for those motivators to take place. 

5.Emphasize the bright side of the job. 

Ask the employees what they like about their current job, by which cleverly remind them to keep on moving up. Help them to change the thought of trying to finish their job into a desire to accelerate to get the job done. 

6.Always be optimistic. 

Everybody often observes the manager to predict the situation and decide on their actions. The manager shouldn't seem too worried but should be smiling to cheer up the employees. 

7.Practice how to present issues clearly and decisively. 

The manager must be able to get the information across to his employees in a succinct and precise way. If there is still a misunderstanding among the employees, think that you are not good at presenting and improve yourself right away. When the manager takes his own responsibilities, the employees will be no more afraid of their ideas being dismissed.  

8.Eliminate absurd thoughts of employees. 

Many employees want to be promoted without any changes. The manager has to make it clear to them that only efforts to improve to have better performance and make more contributions for the business will bring about fast promotion. 

9.Highly appreciate those who bravely face obstacles. 

When a tough task scares many employees but one person is willing to take the challenge, the manager should immediately praise her and give her a lot of support to complete the new task. On preliminary or final summing up the performance of the department, those employees who dare to think, to do, and to take responsibilities must be generously rewarded. 

10.Accept some exceptions. 

There must be favorable conditions for all initiatives to be realized. As a result, on seeing suggestions that promise to bring about good results, the manager should consider and make decisions quickly, which can include exceptions for idea applying. If such decisions are not made, initiatives may die easily in their infancy. 

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