Friday, November 8, 2013

Joint Memorandum on SB/RD new accounts Targets

A joint memorandum was issued to CPMG on 5.11.2013 in c/w  SB/RD new accounts 

Andhra Pradesh Circle, Hyderabad – 500001.

No.NUPE-APU-III/APCC/SB-RD Targets/11-2013                                                        Date:  5-11-2013

The Chief Postmaster General,
Andhra Pradesh Circle,
Hyderabad – 500001.               


Sub:- Suggestions from the unions to improve the growth of SB/RD accounts-Reg.

             We wish to bring the following suggestions for improvement of SB/RD accounts in our Circle. SB/RD Accounts Opening Drive: The objective behind the great intention of the Honourable authority to self sustains the BOs with ample number of accounts has been supported by the trade unions unconditionally as it helps in improving the concept of financial inclusion.  But the following issues/practices are remained unsolved which are giving results in contra and unrest among staff.

Workload: On an average there will 8 to 10 BO for every account office hence every Account office will be added with 4000 number of RD accounts i.e., on an average 153 deposits/subsequent transactions may take place per day.  It works out to 230 minutes (153X1.5 minutes) – about 4 hours of additional work load.  Already 99% of the account offices have been working with shortage of staff due to various reasons.  Account offices are already assigned/over burdened with the works of incentive/honorarium based works like MIS, SSP, NREGS compilation of SSP and NREGS work of BOs.  This much of burden will certainly effect in dealing with the regular customers of Post Office which is not healthy news for improving the customer base. To encourage the BPMs an assurance has to be given that the review of the TRCA will be taken up irrespective of the periodicity as a special measure.

Outsourcing: - The orders of the authority for providing outsourcing for opening of accounts has not been followed uniformly by the Divisional Administration. Some of divisional Heads giving oral instructions to the staff to claim as honorarium @  Rs. 1 to 2 rupees per account.  But as per the work norms it takes 1 hour to open 8 accounts at AO i.e., 65 accounts per day (8 hours), i.e. around Rs.250 has to be offered per 65 accounts ( 4 to 5 rupees per account).  Orders of the authority are not communicated clearly up to Divisional Level unless until there is speaking order, circulating the directorate orders of 2009 in this special drive did not serve the purpose.

            The target of Opening 500 accounts by each PO in 2 months is over patronized by the middle level administration.  The middle level administration is just forcing to achieve the targets within weeks forcibly opening of smaller denomination i.e Rs.10/- which is unuseful and unproductive. We are enclosing some of the irregular accounts opened in the divisions for your information. The same practice is being done  in almost all subdivisions/divisions.

       The utmost motivation skill used by the middle level management is making phone calls/conducting meetings to the BPMs ordering to open accounts within weeks at any cost under any circumstances.  They are not interested in showing the possible means and to accompany with the field staff to promote healthy business, they are just interested in numbers. In their prudence they did not justify how to run the DET when there are more than hundred accounts per that particular day.

             As we have discussed in the 108th RJCM, staff side suggested that for opening of 100 SB/RD accounts, an outsider can be engaged as per the rates fixed by the concerned District Collectors. It is requested specific orders may be issued on engagement of outsiders.

           The union desires orders from the competent authority on the above issues in order to make the self inclusion a success.

A line in reply about the action taken on the issue is solicited.

                                         Thanking you

DASV PRASAD                                                                                          SIVAJI VASIREDDY

C/S AIPEU III                                                                                            C/S  NAPE GR-C                  

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