Tuesday, January 7, 2014

I don't think I'm going to come in today, tomorrow, or ever.,

 Postal delivery truck driver won California Lottery  worth nearly  Rs.2000/- Crores

A delivery truck driver unaware for weeks that he was a new multi-millionaire has come forward as the second winner of a huge Mega Millions jackpot, California Lottery officials said. Steve Tran of Northern California will split last month's $648 million jackpot — the second largest in U.S. history — with aGeorgia woman who already claimed her share. If he chooses a one-time payment, Tran will pocket $173.8 million before taxes.   According to the news release, Tran said he added the winning ticket to a pile of other lottery tickets he had purchased in other towns on his delivery route. The pile wound up, "just sitting in my house, on top of my drawer,'" the release quoted Tran as saying. Tran's family then went on vacation without checking the tickets. Tran told lottery officials after he returned from vacation, he "woke up in the middle of the night" and remembered: "I think I went to San Jose."   At 3 a.m. Monday, he checked his tickets and found the winner.  Tran said he phoned his boss and left a message that went something like this: "I'm really sorry boss. I hit the jackpot. I don't think I'm going to come in today, tomorrow, or ever “ and resigned his job. //nbc news//

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