Friday, January 10, 2014

Top 10 Fat Burning Tips


Triggering your body fat is not difficult task.While you are doing physical activities daily, particular areas such as waist,thighs,hip,underarm skin may remain fat because of food you are choosing.Whether you are participating in physical activities or not below tips will helps you to burn fat.I will suggest you body transformation tips that will help you to burn unwanted fat in your body.

Top Fat Burning Tips:

Green tea: Sip two cups of green tea everyday will help you to burn fat and also reduce risk of cancer.Green tea is rich in catechins which helps to promote your metabolism and speeding up the brain chemicals.


Fill your body with proteins: To get desired lean body better to eat 3 ounces of lean meat,egg white,nuts,prefer low fat yoghurt.Better to add this for every meal in a day.Protein rich food will help you stay longer duration and control food cravings.


Eatless but don't starve: If you want to loose fat instead of skipping meal,eat at regular better to plan 6 meals in a day.Every meal should consist of a palm-sized protein source with a palm-sized carbohydrate source.A fist sized portion of tablespoon of condiment.


Try low GI food: Add low GI food in your diet. It helps to burn fat quickly. Note you are cutting only bad carbohydrates to achieve great fat burning results.


Healthy fats: Choose a diet good in fat.It will helps you to burn fat quickly.Consuming monounsaturated fat such as avocados,walnuts,olives etc...not only reduce your bad cholesterol and also helps you to burn fat quickly.


Drink Plenty of water: Drinking plenty of water is good for health and also helps to reduce fat.Suggest you consume 6-8 glasses a day.Cold water changes the body internal temperature.As your body works to heat it, increase in metabolic rate and more calories burned.


Avoid sugar: If you want burn body fat strictly avoid sugar.Replace sugar with healthy sweet options like veggies,proteins,cinnamon etc...Cinnamon helps you to stabilize blood sugar levels and burn fat.


Choose solids rather than juices: Choose apple rather than apple juice.Even juices are good for health but they are not choice if fat burning goal is in your mind.Having fruit is more beneficial than juice.Fruit help you to fill up more efficiently.


Add fish in your diet: Most of the fishes are good source of omega-3 fatty acids.Which helps you in so many ways.It helps you to maintain your heart healthier and helps to burn fat quickly.Salmon is rich source of omega-3 fatty acids among all other fish.But don't choose farmed salmon it may increase the risk of cancer.Except this almost all fish are good for health and helps to burn fat quickly.


Sleep well: Sufficient sleep is very helpful to burn fat quickly and easily.Improper sleep may alter your hormone production that can cause belly fat.It can ruins entire effort you put on to burn fat.


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